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  1. Boutchoo

    Dell E7450 Battery Voltage matters?

    Greetings! I recently bought a Dell E7450, but after a few months, my battery began to be defective. I ordered a replacement from Dell. Old Battery : 54Wh - 7.4V 6986mAh - 8.7V New Battery : 54Wh - 7.6V 7340mAh - 8.8V I was simply wondering what pushed Dell to make this revision on the...
  2. E

    Powerbank For my Msi Laptop

    Recently i bought a leptop (Msi ge60 2oe) its specs are awesome for the price till i started to think about it how am i going to use this 3 hour lasting battery at school whole day so i came up with the idea that i need a powerbank which bring 19 V for my leptop at high Mah and i found this is...