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  1. R

    Dell XPS 13 FHD Non-Touch or QHD Touch

    Hi. I will be purchasing a Dell XPS 13 soon from ebay so I could use it in university. My direct response is to purchase the fhd version however, on ebay, the qhd touch is less expensive than the fhd non touch (I live in Canada, prices are sometimes weird). As of writing this, the qhd is...
  2. A

    I'm trying to sell my PC,any good places to sell?

    I am trying to sell my PC and I don't know exactly where you sell it at. Craigslist?Ebay? Or go trade it in somewhere?
  3. H

    Asus Zenbook black screen problem

    I just got my Asus ZenBook UX305FA through ebay today. I plugged in my charger and tried to turn the computer on. The Led light for the power button turned on, but there is nothing displayed on the screen. Also, I tried to take off my charger and turn it on, but the power button won't work. I...
  4. M

    Will this ram stick work with my compaq 615?

    Ebay link...
  5. S

    Tablet under $30

    Hello, i am currently have a used tablet that i bought on ebay for $30 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/151979583591?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT ) It is a Insignia 32 GB Tablet Black . The only purpose I have is to play flash video on chrome. I am just looking for a...
  6. izoli

    Ebay vulnerability to hackers?

    I'll start with saying that my passwords at least for important sites are different and have a combination of lower/uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters when available. I use Bitdefender Total Security 2017. I'm confident in my ability to browse the Web in a relatively safe manner...
  7. 3

    Will Vizio Wireless Subwoofer pair with any new model Vizio Soundbar?

    Specifically, I am wondering if I purchase the base model SB2920-C6 or SB3820-C6 without the wireless sub, and I purchase the sub unit separately that comes with SB3851-C0 (the 5.1 model w/ surround sound speaker inputs on sub), through a third-party like ebay, can I expect them to pair? From...
  8. J

    Buying a laptop from Ebay???!?!

    I live in Australia, Brisbane and I'm looking for a new laptop with a 1060 GPU, however, I'm on a very tight budget, I do not wish to exceed $2100 AUD, including shipping and GST. I just looked on Ebay.com.au and they seem to be selling a dozen deals offering Asus/MSI/even Alienware all of which...
  9. Odonix

    How To Sell A Gaming PC?

    This past summer I built my first gaming rig for around $1200. I am unsatisfied and want to sell it. Where can I sell it? There is nothing wrong with it either. I have it on craigslist and all I've gotten is scammers. I can't use Ebay because when I try to sell something it says I can sell 0...
  10. TwistedFury

    Did this guy screw up on Ebay?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/262674249003 Did he make a fatal error?
  11. K

    Looking for an afordable gaming laptop

    I want to buy a used laptop on ebay or newegg referbished Ive got 400$ to spend on it theres alot on ebay just i dont know the good deals. Ive suffered from mental illness for a long time and times have been hard for me what got me thrlugh days was my computer and gameing i meed to find one...
  12. SecretG

    Laptop with gtx 960m for $500?

    Lately i been hunting for gaming laptop for myself, usually checking on amazon deals or ebay newest listing. And whats funny, is that there was one listing a few days ago on ebay for used Asus rog with 960m for $340 that was put up less than 1 hour ago. The problem is the seller himself didn't...
  13. Myronazz

    Are HP Laptops good?

    Hello, So yesterday i found a HP 630 Laptop on ebay for 120£ in my country (greece) this laptop costs 670€ so i thought it's a nice deal and without any second thoughts i rushed and purchased it. It has an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of Ram and a 500GB HDD These specs should be enough for my...
  14. C

    would you pay 1000 for this laptop?

    hi, i will be upgrading to a desktop and am thinking of selling my laptop (before it brakes or someone scratches it). the laptop is a Alienware m17x with: intel i7 4700 MQ running 3.2 Ghz. 16Gb ram. nvidia gtx 770m. 750 Gb HDD. the laptop has nothing broken and 0 scratches. i checked ebay and...
  15. J

    Is this laptop good for gaming?

    I found a laptop on eBay that I really like and was wondering is it good for gaming? I don't mind Windows 7. https://postimg.org/image/4d84ucrad/
  16. R

    How much is my jvc lt-40tw51 worth?

    Purchased this TV not that long ago and have just bought a 4k. As I cannot find anything on eBay or gumtree etc. Wondered if somebody could give me an idea of what I should be selling this for? Thanks
  17. S

    Things to check on a used laptop?

    So basically, I needed a quick replacement laptop and I ended up purchasing one out on ebay that looked like it was in good condition with the specs I wanted. Obviously with the rampant spyware and viruses out there that who knows what may have inadvertently let onto there from the previous...
  18. S

    Best cheap PCs in europe (website)?

    My brother needs a new PC (200-250€) and I don't know where to buy it. I think on ebay.de they're the cheapest.
  19. Beleg_Jr

    High Speed HDMI from Ebay

    Hi, I'm considering these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PREMIUM-HDMI-Cable-v2-0-0-5M-1M-1-5M-2M-10M-High-Speed-4K-UltraHD-2160p-3D-Lead-/111732051327?var=&hash=item1a03bfcd7f:m:mk_PqlkRoEFKDAWSDV2lcfA For my home theater, I sometimes want to play my games from my computer, and I'm wondering if I...
  20. S

    Questions about selling an old laptop

    I have an old laptop I've been wanting to sell. This being the type of laptop: https://www.amazon.com/Asus-Q301LA-BHI5T17-Touchscreen-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B00NB7L59O Of course mine isn't refurbished though. So my questions are, 1. How should I go about selling it? (eBay, Pawn Shop,etc.)...
  21. R

    Bitdiffender total security 2016 ? for 1pc 3 year

    Hiii Geniuses, I Just Wanna Know..where should i buy this... from bitdiffender website - $79 or from ebay - $48 please give your time and solve my problem
  22. F

    Replaced Battery, Battery Light still flashing

    I have an Asus N53 notebook which is now a few years old. The original battery kept charge for about 2 minutes, so I decided to buy a replacement of the net. I settled on a generic ebay battery replacement, which had good reviews both on ebay and elsewhere on the internet. I noticed that when I...
  23. L

    I really need a Laptop Battery, well two of them.

    I really need a Laptop Battery, well two of them. Yes I know that you can buy them on Ebay but is there a website that specifically deals with Batteries? I mean, It's hard as h** l to see the model number. I could us a lot of help here. Thanks
  24. L

    Thick black line on tv

    I just bought this tv from ebay at a great price, the tv is working great but i am seeing thick black line on the screen, tv model is LG 65UF9500, it was purchased an year ago by the seller on ebay snd when i asked him he said he never noticed it and the line is only visible when background is...
  25. C

    Thinkpad General discussion

    This is a thread for the discussion of Thinkpads I have question about thinkpads I want to purchase a thinkpad second hand on ebay, under £300-350 recommend me a thinkpad !
  26. H

    eBay Loading Forever

    I have an iPad Air 16GB. A while ago I used to use eBay on the iPad, then I reset the iPad. A couple of days after I reset the iPad I smashed the screen. Now when I want to use eBay it just says loading for ever and doesn't load the page. I can still browse the internet fine. Is there anyway I...
  27. Z

    Should I buy this desktop

    Well Im in a budget and this desktop seems to good to be true!http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ULTRA-FAST-Quad-Core-4-2Ghz-16GB-1TB-Desktop-Gaming-PC-Computer-AMD-RADEON-R7-/191124576369?hash=item2c7fe99871:g:o00AAOSwXj5XF3BB I just want to know would it be able to run fallout 4 40fps at all time low...
  28. G

    Where should I buy my camera from?

    I wanna buy a camera, a DSLR to be specific. But I don't know where to buy it from. On Amazon it seems like they have good deals. On Ebay however, they have GREAT deals. But as we all know Ebay is quite "sketchy". I wanna buy the Nikon D3300, on Amazon the price is $446.95 new, but on Ebay the...
  29. R4DIO4CT1VE

    Selling a laptop

    I have a laptop with a cooling stand, original box, and power cord. Due to getting a desktop and wanting a more mobile laptop there is almost no reason for me to keep my current one. I have an offer on the table for about $600 USD, I'm not sure what I should be aiming to get, it was originally...
  30. ajsski99

    Is this speaker on ebay legit?

    hey guys is this Kitsound Boombar 2 i found on eBay legit...
  31. S

    can a unlocked us cellular phone be use with att carrier

    I purchased an unlocked Samsung note 4 on ebay . It was with us cellular network. How do I switch it to my AT&T network.
  32. E

    want to buy second hand go pro + black version

    Hi there, I have decided to buy a go pro black hero 3 plus. Is ebay the best deal in UK ? what's the average price for go pro in uk ebay ? I have checked for a while and most of them from 200 to 300£ any ideas? Regards
  33. R

    I bought a sprint iPhone from Ebay that is black listed .

    What are my options. I have been using it as a iPod for 2 years. I did not know it was black listed till recently when I checked the IEMI # before I tryed to sell it. Can I have it unlocked? Jail broken ? Are will sprint give me PUK #
  34. X

    If I buy a cell phone from ebay that is "AT&T Unlocked" will I be able to use it with other networks too?

    I live in Greece so I don't use AT&T. Here's the link: http:// Thank you for your time.
  35. L

    Is this the real deal?

    Sup. I was just surfing about in ebay and came across this RAZER HAMMERHEAD EARPHONE. http://www.ebay.com/itm/One-Set-Razor-Hammerhead-In-Ear-PC-Music-Gaming-Headset-Headphone-Earphone-New-/321894916855?hash=item4af26ea2f7:g:IVgAAOSwAYtWIKku is this one or any other RAZER HAMMERHEAD on EBAY...
  36. K

    HP M6 1232ea Value

    Hi, I wanted to know what the value of my laptop would be as I am considering selling it on eBay. Before you say just type it on on eBay and look at sold items I already have and found nothing :). Specs are as follows CPU: Intel i5 3230m HDD: 500gb Optical Drive: DVD+RW Ram: 6gb Graphics...
  37. B

    too much bass going through aux cable

    so i have recently purchased aux cables from eBay. it was buy one get one free and only £1. so i got 2. the audio quality is incredible for the price. there are 2 problems though; the first problem is that when the cable turns in the port, it makes a scratching sound. the second problem is that...
  38. avil172

    do new, unused batteries wear down even if you don't use them?

    hello. i imported a new battery from ebay for my asus k450jn(laptop) because i thought that my battery is dying. but i was wrong. if i keep the new unused battery for long enough(without using it), will it reduce its capacity? or it will still remain the same as a new one?
  39. L

    How much is my laptop worth?

    I'm planning on selling my laptop and getting a desktop for the money. How much do you think I could sell it for on eBay? Alienware 18 Screen 18.4" Intel Core i7-4810mq @ 2.8GHz GPU: Dual 860m 2GB 1TB Hard drive 10GB SSD 16GB RAM
  40. C

    Unsatisfied with Laptop, Should I sell it and buy the one I want?

    A while back, I ordered a used GE60 2OE-003us off of Ebay for 625 USD. It came with a decent processor and GPU, but it didn't have the features I was looking for. The battery life was too short, the keyboard didn't light up, and it only had 1 2.5" bay and 2 RAM slots. I felt like I rushed buying...
  41. M

    Logitech rare headset????

    I'm on ebay right..and I'm browsing Logitech G430s and I see this listing called "Logitech G430 Orange/Black Headset Quakecon Exclusive - Rare." What is Quakecon and did logitech make this as a limited edition?
  42. BlueMihai

    Looking to buy a used laptop.

    So basically I have been looking for a laptop with small footprint, long battery life, good screen, and enough performance to play LoL. I really like the Dell XPS 13 2015, but it is too expensive for me so I tried to look for it on ebay etc, with no luck, this is probably because it is such a...
  43. W

    Wiping Alienware M14X laptop

    Hi, I recently sold my Alienware m14x R2 on eBay. I need the computer to be like brand new with none of my previous information on it. Completely cleaned for the new owner. How can I do this so I can ship the laptop off to the new owner?
  44. D

    Recommend me a good laptop 400£

    Hello, I'm looking for a laptop which will cost around 400£ and has shipping available to UK. The laptop's main use will be photo editing and storing files. No gaming whatsoever. Programs I use: Photoshop, Lightroom, Browsing the internet. So what are my expectations: ■ 6GB to 8GB of RAM ■ At...
  45. N

    Toshiba Sat C50 Screen Part Number (need a screen detective?)

    Hi I have a Toshiba Satt Pro C50 (bought on ebay) which needs a new screen but there are no markings or model number (all been removed) it has a guenuine Window 8 sticker underneath so I am assuming its fairly new (if that makes any difference) Sorry, may I point out it came without a screen...
  46. J

    Need help estimating the current value of my gaming laptop!

    I have an old unused gaming laptop that i am looking to sell but i'm not sure how much it would be worth now or where the best place to sell it would be. The only problem with the laptop is a faulty DC Jack that i have been told is a fairly cheap repair. Laptop details are below. Medion...
  47. fiigaro

    Laptop battery mah/mwh

    So i just bought new laptop battery from http://www.ebay.com/itm/7800mah-Batterie-Pour-ASUS-A72-A72D-A72J-K72-K72D-K72F-K72J-K72Q-A32-K72-A32-N71-/191218654883?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_71&hash=item2c85851ea3 It arrived few days ago. On battery it says 7800 mah On ebay title it says 7800 mAh, on...
  48. M

    Look on eBay

    my iPhone wont charge or turn on its Ben like this for a day or two it just shut off and won't come back on
  49. G

    Audio-technica ATH-AD900X off of ebay

    Hi guys, compared to amazon these headphones can be found significantly cheaper on ebay, the seller has a good rating but am unsure why there is like a £60 difference. -Bear in mind these are listed new. My current mindset is they were sent from hong kong to a UK warehouse (shipped from UK, but...
  50. Coputernewbie

    Only one speaker working in new headset??

    I bought a brand new pair of Logitech G230s off of Ebay. Finally getting them, I discovered that only the right speaker works. Before I send them back Id like to see if its my error. Ive tried going into Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Manage Devices>Properties>Levels and no combination seemed...
  51. Y

    I have headphones with a mic but i have only one audio jack

    I was wondering if anyone could find me one of those things on ebay for 3$ or tell me what their called because im not sure if im looking at the right thing. for laptop
  52. P

    (URGENT) Need battery for HASEE Laptop

    Laptop from China...here's a couple pictures...The laptop works but only with the charger plugged in...trying to look for the battery on ebay.
  53. T

    I bought a Pioneer ct-w208r double tape player on ebay. I rec the unit and put a tape in but there was no sound. what am I m

    Pioneer ct-w208r Tape deck with no sound what do I need. The deck has 2 tape players with auto reverse and a radio.
  54. T

    m15x overheating or motherboard?

    I saw a M15x for sale on ebay and the seller said it turns off after 20 mins. Seems to me like its overheating, think i can just clean out the vents and throw some new thermal paste on it ?
  55. P

    Suggest me laptop from these listings.

    I would go straight. I will run following apps: vmware with xp,8 as guest adobe after effects adobe photoshop android,php and more ides browsing Gaming:gta 4,witcher 3 Multitasking: vmware+browsing+music/video+after effects+photoshop Laptop in flipkart and ebay has same CPU i5 4210U difference...
  56. rodion15

    What's this code to identify a macbook? (example: A1278)

    When I look for parts for a MacBook in ebay etc, I offend find this codes, what are they? I don't see anything similar in macs labels nor Apple websites. example: A1278. Another example: Apple Macbook Air A1370 Bottom Case Screw Set That "A1370" is neither a serial number nor a part number...
  57. I

    Lenovo Y50/70 Screen options?

    I recently purchased a Lenovo y50/70 for an amazing deal a good chunk lower then ebay sellers. It is in perfect condition and here are the specs: •Processor 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4720HQ Processor (2.60GHz 1600MHz 6MB) •Operating system Windows 8.1 64 •1920x1080p tn panel touch screen...
  58. U

    Potential security issues when browsing the web

    I have been using the internet for years and I know what sights are dangerous and safe. but what is happening now is when I got to a sight that I know is safe for example ebay it will take me to a totally different sight. and I didn't type in the url wrong chrome has it saved as it should be...
  59. C

    Upgrading an Alienware M17x-R2

    I recently bought an Alienware M17x-R2 from ebay for gaming, but its kind of slow and can only run games on low settings, sometimes medium (Modded Minecraft, GTA IV Etc..) i know those are kind of big games but even my old Toshiba satellite could run the games decently. Im kinda clueless about...
  60. X

    Ebay Pop-ups Happening?

    Hey guys, let me start off by saying - I keep my computer very secure. I never download things, go on dirty sites, or even browse sites that Im not completely familiar with. Yesterday whlist browsing Ebay, I got an odd popup. Not necessarily a popup, but it redirected the whole ebay page to a...