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Jan 9, 2017
HP laptop. Bought on EBay and it has a password locked to it. The seller will not respond. Is there any way to reset?


Nov 2, 2015
Ive tried to ask similar questions before, you are gonna get turned down because this could be someone secretly trying to break into another persons pc. You will have to look elsewhere for help unfortunately.

Shaun o

Given the laptop was either locked from booting via either a password needing to be input on the power up of it.
And the advert, or auction set up to sell the Item on eBay as public or private.

If it had failed to mention the accurate state of the laptop being password locked via the system bios or a hard disk password lock.

Then you should always be able to get your money back off the purchase of the Item through E-bay dispute.
It is even better if you used the Pay pal method of payment to the seller.

If anyone asks to be paid direct, or by western union type payment instead outside of the E-bay customer payment protection set up.

Avoid purchase of the item or bidding on the item for sale.
Always remember the saying, "That if it looks too good a price to be buying it or true to believe " It usually is Wareagle. !

Not that it helps you in your current situation.

But it is the reason why toms hardware and it`s forum members refuse you any help in the manner where a laptop is bought that is password locked.

As it is the strong indicator that you just bought a laptop second hand that was stolen from some other poor person who actually owned it .
Or could in fact be the person who stole it.
Because a password locked laptop is useless to anyone who currently has it ! even the thief.
If currently in there hands.

And we have to bear that in mind for every person asking about password locked laptops.

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