USA ads driving me nuts on eBay

Dec 15, 2018
I'm consistently seeing American adverts when I login to eBay on my Samsung J5. For example; Walmart stores, US dealerships etc. Although I am a UK citizen, I do not travel to the US, so does anyone know why am I should be seeing these ads?

I use an eBay app called eBay Mobile installed from Google Play store downloaded earlier this year when my phone was new.
I use on my desktop and have no issues with USA ads, however on the app on my phone it is difficult to tell if its, I suspect it is and is a paired down version of for android phones, therefore open to interference from USA ads. Which is a pain in the proverbial, as I can't seem to stop them & it doesn't allow the user to click on the little ad arrow in top right-hand corner of each offending ad to remove or mark as inappropriate etc.
I have an ad blocker running on my phone, but it doesn't isolate USA ads unfortunately.
Other advise from eBay forums suggested I stop using the app and login to via Google.
Any advice would be welcome please.
E N Joy
Sounds like they already gave you good advice.

The only other thing I would suggest is to contact ebay about the problem. They may not even know that the app is having the issue.