Question Where can I buy an iPad?

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Feb 4, 2021
Is it a good idea to buy an iPad on Ebay? Or will there be after market parts in it?

Where is the cheapest place to buy an iPad online in USA?

As a first time iPad buyer, which generation should I buy?

Should I buy refurbished?

Should I buy a Wi-Fi or 4G iPad?

What screen size should I get?

What release year should I get?
Depends on on the exact one you are looking at, if it was repaired it should say so.

Cheapest place to buy them should be a used one on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace or similar sites.

I would not buy one older than 5th gen since there is a good number of apps that don't support older models. I would go maybe 6th gen or newer, depends on your budget, get the newest on you are OK paying for.

Up to you if you want a used one, depends on your budget.

Up to you if you want 4G service.

Up to you what size you want.

See your generation question about release year.


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Dec 4, 2019
Don't forget to also check Apple for refurbished devices. They're not always in stock but sometimes you can score good deals. -

With Apple refurbished you have warranty, returns and more:

All refurbished iPad models come with a new battery, new outer shell, are backed by a one-year warranty, have free delivery and returns, and also include:
  • Full functional testing, genuine Apple part replacements (if necessary), and a thorough cleaning
  • The original Operating System or a more recent version
  • All refurbished devices are repackaged in a brand new box with all accessories and cables
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