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  1. S

    Question Where can I buy an iPad?

    Is it a good idea to buy an iPad on Ebay? Or will there be after market parts in it? Where is the cheapest place to buy an iPad online in USA? As a first time iPad buyer, which generation should I buy? Should I buy refurbished? Should I buy a Wi-Fi or 4G iPad? What screen size should I get...
  2. Y

    Any free online virtual machines?

    Are there any free online Linux or Windows virtual machines?
  3. S

    CreditCard Owners Shopkeepers

    I was recently wondering as I was making online transactions. When you shop from a rather random website and you pay via credit card, does the shop owner actually see and have access to your credit card information? Or is it decoded in some way or used in a 3rd party billing security system...
  4. Tomitsa

    Selling Office 365 licences

    I have a theoretical question about selling Office copies online. If you work in a company and a company gives 5 Office Proplus licences to every worker, is it illegal to sell the remaining 4 online? People contact me and I go to their house or connect via Teamviewer and install it for them for...
  5. D

    Gaming and drawing laptop?

    Does anyone here know a good laptop for gaming, drawing and online servers? Whatever the price, I just need suggestions. Thanks :)
  6. BlueFireZ

    Best headphones under $100

    So ive been using some $30 Sonys for just over a year now and i feel like a need a upgrade. My budget is around $100 give or take a couple of dollars, and im fine ordering online from amazon and NCIX (i live in Canada). I found these headphones, do you think this is a good deal...
  7. G

    Netflix and YouTube Dominate Online Video

    New report shows the two video sites serving the lion's share of videos, with each surpassing iTunes, Hulu and Amazon Instant combined. Netflix and YouTube Dominate Online Video : Read more