Bought malwarebytes on ebay lifetime license


Dec 23, 2012
So I bought a lifetime license on ebay for $20 and I was like alright and they mailed me the code on my ebay account within 30 minutes. So I tried downloading malwarebytes trial on malwarebytes website but the serial did not work so they gave me a download link to a malwarebytes corporate version 1.80 and according to the seller it still gets update and I just updated to the malwarebytes data base and it went through but the application is the old application that it used to look like back in 2015 or 14? I am just asking was it safe to install it because there is no way there going to offer a refund.
Well you probably bought as said an old corporate license and it might not be very updated, but you'll get database updates and that's the important part of any scanner.

But they want $40/year for the software normally, so for $20 for life, you should have known there was a catch.


Feb 7, 2018
the scam could be that they don't tell you that is an corporate program and not the clasic retail. please consider that the corporate program does not have all the security features like the MBAM and the good news is that the key that you have can be reused on other devices :)