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  1. R

    How to Fix Amazon Fire TV License Error

    In addition to the interesting and cool set of features, the Amazon Fire TV also ensures that the users can easily fix the interface errors themselves. The product allows the user's to watch the internet streamed content on the big screen with a lot of additional intuitive features. Here is how...
  2. S

    App data restore without after update, same phone and OS.

    The app in question is a game, Asphalt 9. Been playing for 2 months and i cant connect the game with Google Play Games because I'm living in China and using XiaoMi Mi 5, even with VPN. Recently the game got updated and i cant update the game with an error said different application signature, i...
  3. P

    pdf edit and merge?

    Have to use and submit .pdf files for our work portal. We are a small company, and due to the "per seat" license the boss doesn't really want to use Adobe Pro, and yes, I know it's $14.99 a month. I work with pdf escape and pdf merge, which have been free online tools. Not long ago escape put...
  4. M

    What is mean by Windows OS embedded in the laptop? What are the pros and cons?

    Hello, I asked a manufacturer how to move all the pre-installed software including Windows OS to a higher capacity SSD which I plan to upgrade. They said that Windows OS is embedded in the laptop. How does it work? What are the pros and cons? They said that if I want to upgrade from Home to Pro...
  5. T

    event viewer scam

    I fell into this scam completely because they seemed to have my windows license no. I let them control my PCfor some minutes. I even filled in a form including my VISA allowing them to collect 8 USD. In the end, after 1 hour, they said they would install a new license, then they would have to...
  6. S

    Solved! FIx It Utilities 15

    I have a multi license copy of Fix-It Utilities installed only on two computers. But I can't seem to get the anti0virus to install on the second computer. Please help. Avanquest knowledge base has no reference to this subject.
  7. C

    How do I register Malwarebytes lifetime key with My Email

    I bought Malwarebytes lifetime key that works with the latest version v3.3.1, and I would love to register it with my email if possible, I know this option is available on Yearly subscription, but is there anyway I can do it with Malwarebytes lifetime key ??
  8. P

    Windows !0 Pro activation

    A pop up states myWindows license will expire but itis digitall entered with my organization and now in Microsoft Word my office will be disabled in 3 days when I was under the impression it is automatically upgraded
  9. A

    avast premier subcription

    hello i bought avast premier subscription from some guy online and he gave me the activation code, not the license file. When i checked it was Licensed by some random spanish name (maybe, i dont know, i am from sea country) for 4000 days and I also get a lot of other subscription like avast...
  10. I

    Bought malwarebytes on ebay lifetime license

    So I bought a lifetime license on ebay for $20 and I was like alright and they mailed me the code on my ebay account within 30 minutes. So I tried downloading malwarebytes trial on malwarebytes website but the serial did not work so they gave me a download link to a malwarebytes corporate...
  11. M

    How Good is W10 Security at Real-time Malware Protection?

    I'm wondering if W10's built-in virus & threat protection is adequate, or if I need to use something like Malwarebytes to catch real-time attacks. I have Malwarebytes (real-time) protection on my other machines, but it is a grandfathered-in life-time license that allows for 3 machines. For...
  12. D

    I have my CD, but lost my activation code. What can I do to avoid buying a new license

    I have my CD, but lost my activation code. What can I do to avoid buying a new license
  13. R

    microsoft office license ?

    Hi guys. Can you please help and advise how can i check all of my MS office is licensed or not ? im working in an SMB envierment there is a 260 MS office. Witch tool can help me scan my network and solved this issue ? Thanks a lot.
  14. clutchc

    Malwarebytes Suddenly Dissapeared

    I had a licensed copy of MB installed on my machine until recently. Today I noticed the icon in the tray is no longer there, it doesn't show up in TM/startup, and when I go to the MB folder and try to run the malwarebytes.exe file, nothing happens. I can't seem to access it any way possible...
  15. D

    Recover/get Windows license for laptop that has been wiped clean

    A very nice company donated more than a dozen windows laptops to our school. But all of them have been wiped clean, no OS, no nothing. We don't have the Windows disks or license keys. How can we get or recover the Windows licenses? We are a non-profit, if that helps.
  16. TStahler

    Best Deal Between Webroot Secureanywhere Internet Security Complete or Kaspersky Total Security

    I can get either a 5 device license for Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2017 for $14.99 or a 3 device license for Kaspersky Total Security 2017 for $14.95. Which is the better deal and why? I do have 5 devices that ultimately need protection. Is the Kaspersky that much better...
  17. D

    Solved! Kaspersky License Reactivation

    If I upgrade my pc to windows 10 from windows 7 how do I recover my Kaspersky license.
  18. clutchc

    Need Malwarebytes Alternative

    Does anyone know of a good quality Malwarebytes alternative? One that.... 1) has a lifetime license 2) can run real time 3) is US based 4) if not free, at least isn't $40/year like Malwarebytes 5) isn't a resource hog that will slow down my PC
  19. N

    I will uninstall my kaspersky internet security now i want to reinstall kaspersky using previous license. How?

    I want to reinstall my kaspersky without losing license
  20. xFeaRDom

    Cheap/Free Intranet Software

    Hi Community, I have recently been requested to start looking into software to create an Intranet at work, and I'm sort of stuck, as we have many computers that would need to use this Intranet, buying seperate keys would rack up to be quite the expense. Could any of you recommend a cheap and...
  21. F

    need to find license plate on the car in a video with low quality

    its a avi video i have capture with my security camera ..someone have broking into my house and i have its video but i cant see the plate number for the court plz someone tell me how to do it or help me with it [img]
  22. Ralston18

    "Windows Services" license expired scam - Telephone call

    Just received a telephone voice mail message that got past my "Nomorobo" protection. Voice message call from "Windows Services" claiming that my license key for Microsoft Windows has expired. And that Microsoft Windows has been stopped on my computer. [Not True.] Female voice claimed it...
  23. C

    Frustrated new member messed up download

    About an hour ago I attempted to download PowerDVD 14 with a shareware license. Your site confirmed a download, but I could not find it in my computer. Who do I contact?
  24. G

    Question How to recover HDD Files?

    i have accidently deleted drive E. Now i want to recover those files. ive tried Easeus datarecovery but it only recovers 1 GB and need to purchase license to recover more I am Using Windows 10
  25. Rogue Leader

    Trend Micro vs Bitdefender

    So the time has come to renew my AV. Last year I went with Trend Micro multi user license (5 users) and I'm happy with it, seems to keep the baddies out, no PC performance issues that I know of, etc. This year I need 6 licenses, and so I basically need to buy 2 3-user Trend Micro maximum...
  26. D

    It's ok what I'm using ?

    Hello ! :) I have some security programs and would like to know if do you think are useful or not. I'm using Windows 10. On my desktop I have Bitdefender Total Security 2016, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, SpywareBlaster for browser-cookies and in browser I have these extensions...
  27. S

    AVG License and Error Issue

    My AVG has worked just fine until a couple days ago, now when my PC boots up it tells me; "AVG License Error AVG is not able to recognize you License Number." I don't think the license needs re upping since my dad buys it for I think 3 other computers excluding mine and hes not getting this...
  28. X

    Can't install any antiviruses due to errors

    I don't know whats going on but avg says that it is having a license error so I tried to reinstall it. I got an error of "internal error" or please connect to the internet when I was defiantly connected so I tried to install avast and got the same issues. This is really damn stupid but there is...
  29. Vox

    Kaspersky - is virus protection really disabled?

    Hey there, Is virus protection really disabled when the license expires in Kaspersky? I heard somewhere only the extra "gadgets" safe money, popup blocker, etc are disabled, so if you stick a virus-infected pendrive (for example) Kaspersky will still alert you even if the license expired. So...
  30. Rahid Rahaman

    Kaspersky Internet Security...3 User??? Kaspersky license period is about to finish...So now I have to buy a new license code...that's how it works always... But I have an another pc & it has also Kaspersky installed in it... So I want to buy a 3 user Internet Security package ...but the thing is it has more than 200 days...
  31. My Life Is Tech

    Does Mo'Slo Require Online Activation?

    If I were to purchase one "seat" for Mo'Slo Deluxe and/or 4Biz, would the program require online activation? How does the registration work exactly? On my old DOS and Windows 9x computers, obviously, I do not have internet connection, thus online activation is out. Also, for my many old...
  32. Lekingmoonya

    Problems with C4D student version

    So after using Blender for a few weeks, I decided to try C4D. As I am a student, I clicked on "Student license" and got confused. I live in Japan but I primarily speak English and wanted C4D in English as well. But when they make me choose a distributor, there's only one Japanese one. Will this...
  33. Pink Jazz

    Wrapping software into a suite of unlockable sub-applications via product keys

    Not sure if this is the site to ask this, however, I am a software developer for a company that is developing an Android app for our customers to use. Our app is pretty much feature-locked now, so what our company is proposing now is to wrap the application into a suite of three different...
  34. L

    Questions about and Opinions of Bitdefender Total Security

    My Avast Internet Security license is expiring in two weeks. While I generally like avast, I've been using it for a few years now, and I want some change after dealing with many GUI glitches and false positives. I read that BitDefender is really good, but before I commit to the switch I had a...
  35. S

    .dll files missing

    Hello. I downloaded "Dll-Files Fixer" and used a crack (it was probably a keygen). It worked fine and installed the required .dll file like a charm. However, when I opened it the second time, it gave the error "Your license is invalid. Please contact support." So, i unstalled it and installed a...
  36. N

    Trying to enhance a still picture from a license plate from a CCTV video

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to read a number plate from a video. So I searched in the Internet and I came up with this website. I'm a senior engineering student and I was driving in the highway a month ago when a Hyundai car( maybe Santafe) hit my car(actually my mother's car) badly and then...
  37. D

    no curser after factory reset on acer aspire 5734z

    Did a factory reset, no curser , can't agree to end license agreement
  38. Gdourado

    Mcafee Internet Security VS Karpersky Internet Security?

    Hello, how are you? I am writing this because I need your help on deciding on the proctection software for my computer. I bought an Asus ROG Tytan. It came with a 30 day license of Macfee Internet Security. When the 30 days expire, I don't know if I should buy the year license for it or...
  39. M

    3ds Max Student to full?

    Hello 3ds max pros. I'm trying to get a new license for my 3ds max (well, basically, cheat, but who said I'm not going to the university after college? How about master's degree, doctor's? I'm a student, right? Right??) but can't figure out how to (re-)activate it. I tried deleting the RegInfo...
  40. Y

    Avast antivirus blog

    I use avast antivirus which has all latest updates...I restored my pc few days ago and since then,whenever i start my pc,it shows avast antivirus database outdated and need to be updated.And when i click on update,it stops showing an error that your antivirus is updated. Last Encountered Error -...
  41. M

    can I move an old HDD with an AutoCAD license to a new desktop

    I am buying a new desktop but wonder if I can use the AutoCAD currently installed on my old desktop by simply moving the HDD from the old to new machines
  42. T

    Looking for a chat software on website

    Looking for a chat software which can be integrated on multiple websites and web pages on one time payment, as most of the software provide license depending on the number of web pages and sites count.
  43. jpishgar

    PhotoDirector 3 Full License for Free

    Hey there Tom's users! Here at Tom's, we like free stuff. We know you like free stuff, too. We particularly like free, decent software that comes with a full, permanent license. Our friends over at Cyberlink mentioned that had a bunch of their PhotoDirector 3 copies laying around, and asked...
  44. Mojoe134

    Dxtory water mark removal

    Ello! I just bought Dxtory because i really liked the quality of it from using the free version. Though when i bought it and registered my license and recorded it still left me with a water mark. Idk what i should do. PLEASE HELP
  45. E

    3D Max student license

    3ds Max student license, Hi all, wanting to learn 3Ds Max and looking at the student license. I am not currently at Uni and am looking to self learn (Have taught my self TRuesapce and Adobe CS so certainly will be able to get up and walking with 3DS). My Question is has anyone got the latest...
  46. Q

    Who can use Office

    Question about Microsoft Office 2010 Office Home and Student License. What is the registration process like? More specifically, if you get 3 users (3pcs) do you have to have the same family name? Many members of households have different last names these days. Thank you
  47. M

    MS-Office License Key Location in Registry

    I've got a friend who's laptop's HDD is failing, to the point where it cannot load Windows, even in Safe Mode (it repeatedly blue screens after the Windows Home Premium logo comes up). I was able to copy most of her data to my PC by putting her HDD in a disk cradle/caddy (took 8 hours for 150...
  48. Ubrales

    Office 2010 to Office 2013 (Home & Student)

    I recently purchased a 3-license version of Office 2010 Home and Student. One license is installed on a new desktop computer. The Office 2010 came with an offer to upgrade to Office 2013 free of cost. If I redeem this offer and upgrade the desktop to Office 2013, what happens to the other 2...
  49. C12Friedman

    MS Works license/use

    I was recently going through old programs I've acquired and I came across an unopened, not for retail sales (never installed) copy of MS Works 8.5. I have two older machines (95 & ME) which should run it (It probably came with one of those). My question is, since I have no clue which computer it...
  50. A

    Read but cannot copy

    I have Tally environment with multiuser License. I want that users in my environment can read and modify the data via Tally but cannot copy its data anywhere. Is it possible in Workgroup or Domain environment. Will it possible through some 3rd party applications. If yes then which one.
  51. exfileme

    McAfee Founder Arrested Over ''Bogus Weapons Charge''

    John McAfee was reportedly arrested in Belize for having a firearm without a license. His story sounds just as unbelievable as the false arrest itself. McAfee Founder Arrested Over ''Bogus Weapons Charge'' : Read more
  52. A

    Maya 2009 license key

    can anyone help me with the license key of maya2009?
  53. Dark Lord of Tech

    Malwarebytes Lifetime License plus free 8gb flash drive! $14.99 with this code EMCNGHA48 Great Deal
  54. R

    Apple Oled TV

    Does any one think apple is going to license Oled Tech from LG or Samsung to make a TV? If they did would you consider getting one?
  55. P

    Maya is asking me license i have two ethernet how to start my maya

    it was working good but now it is asking me for serial number,license and showing two Ethernet ................. i have copy the one and past it to aw dat file in-front of host id after saving the file i drag it over the another "awkeygen" file a window came and closed rapidly then i restart my...
  56. A

    Reinstalling office upgrade on restored op system

    Hello, I recently had to restore my laptop to it's original state, which included Office 2000. I have the disk and license to upgrade to Office 2003, but it will not allow me without the previous disks, which I do not have. Is there any way around this? thanks.
  57. G

    Marriage Not Covered by iPhone 4S License Agreement

    So, just how personal can you get with Apple's Siri? We already know that Siri is very polite and may even make compliments, if you are treating your virtual companion nicely. Marriage Not Covered by iPhone 4S License Agreement : Read more
  58. exfileme

    McAfee Covers All Your Devices with "All Access"

    McAfee's new All Access suite covers all your devices under one annually-renewed license. McAfee Covers All Your Devices with "All Access" : Read more
  59. R

    License randy travis songs

    I would like to get a license to record the song "I'm gonna have a little talk with Jesus" written by Randy Travis & Don Schlitz. I will probably make 500 - 1000 copies, not for sale, but distribution through myself. How do I do that. I can't find who owns the rights to publishing. Thanks, Randy
  60. G

    Google Announces WebM Community Cross Licensing

    Google announced a cross-license initiative that is designed to support the distribution of its WebM video format. Google Announces WebM Community Cross Licensing : Read more