Alienware 18 worth it or not?


Feb 3, 2014
Hey guys I am looking at an alienware 18 on eBay that’s has a fault but does work here is the listing and info

FAULTY Alienware 18 Laptop 16GB Ram i7 4700MQ, 512GB SSD, twin Nvidia GTX 765M's For Spares Or Repair.

The fault is that when the laptop is cold and turned on, the screen remains blank. If you leave it on for about a minute, then turn it off and back on again, the laptop works fine.

It will then continue to work perfectly with no problems until turned off and left to become totally cold.

While warm, it will sleep/turn off and come back fine. But once cold, it's back to the above.

Also needs a new battery.

Everything else is fine, it's had a new LCD screen fitted, which did not fix the problem.

Complete with power supply.

Main spec is as follows:

16gb ram
i7-4700MQ 2.4ghz processor

2X Nvidia Geforce GTX 765 M

18" 1920x1080 screen

Killer E2200 Ethernet adapter

Crucial 512GB SSD hard disk

Windows 10

I’m guessing maybe a faulty sli cable? Or even one gpu is faulty?

Any suggestions would be great :)