Question Spilled water on laptop. Now it turns on on 2nd or 3rd attempt.

Oct 26, 2022
I spilled water on my laptop while working. Immediately turned it off and placed it upside down. Let it dry in sunlight for a few hrs. After that i opened up it up and tried to dry it for like 10-15 minutes with a hair dryer. Then let it dry in air for night. Next morning I removed the keyboard to see if there is any moisture there bcz apparently there was none on the backside, it was dry. Then i tried putting my battery back. It was turning on just fine but stuck after i entered my password. I turned it off and tried turning it on again. It won't turn on for 1-2 times just power light blinked and turned off. On 3rd attempt it turned on just fine. I shut it down after assuring it turns on completely. Didn't open any application and turned it off. After an hour i tried turning it on again but could only do so in second attempt. What should i do now? Let it dry for more time?