Question Strange behavior of my laptop

Mar 2, 2019
Hello. I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50 - 70.
Apart from the slow start, many apps do not open them, Google chrome first of all. Some open them only as an administrator. Sometimes it starts the task manager, sometimes not even that starts me. If I try to uninstall / install some programs, it gives me constant errors. The IDM extension with browsers no longer works. And many other continuous errors. I have tried various solutions such as fix programs like FixWin, Reset Windows Update Tool. I tried Sfc scan itself through these programs, but nothing. I did a scan with Kaspersky, and I know results 512 Virus .. In fact, he did nothing but bring me all the .exe files as viruses. Weeks ago a similar thing happened to me (app blocked etc), but less intrusive. It happened at any moment, and I do not know what I did, but it came back to work. The other night, since I could not start Wise shutdown for the auto switch off, I downloaded another software, put the timer on. In the morning, I find this situation again. It seems to me that these days the pc has performed an update. I also tried a restore to a previous image, the least recent, but I do not know if it was before the update
I can not format absolutely, so I just have to find a different solution.


Oct 22, 2017
I would just reinstall the OS, if I were you. Find yourself a good and reputable release and reboot. If you have important files, just backup them to a USB or Portable HDD.
Mar 2, 2019
I think I discovered the problem. Virus Neshta and PUP Option (I do not know what it is). I have scanned and cleaned with Adwcleaner, malwarebytes, OTL, cleaned the system and the registry with ccleaner. The virus is gone. Now how do I restore all the .exe / app files? Some I know I'm back to work, for example looking for cortana before it was not anadava, now yes, but software like google chrome still do not start. I also started FixExe, but nothing
If they aren't working correctly, then you may not have removed all of the virus/malware.

The only way to fix it is to remove whatever is still there, or, if it is because part of the program was damaged, you will have to uninstall that program and then reinstall it.
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