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  1. S

    Solved! error 0xc0000225 (winload.efi missing/corrupted) everytime I tried installing windows 10 through a bootable usb drive

    every time I tried to install windows 10 on my laptop with a bootable USB drive, it showed the Asus logo and then BSOD error 0xc0000225 (winload.efi missing/corrupted). I tried googling but it seems like the solution is for people who failed to boot their windows. meanwhile, I can boot windows...
  2. androidman994

    Question How do I install Youtube VANCED on nonrooted device? It worked before, but not since factory reset

    How do I install Youtube VANCED on nonrooted device? It worked before, but not since factory reset (Error Below) java.lang.Exception: Application is incompatible with this device at...
  3. S

    Solved! Deleted Standard PS/2 keyboard by mistake while trying to fix keyboard. Help? How to install it again

    My laptop suddenly stopped working. While searching the internet for solutions, one said delete and use a driver installer to download it again. Well, deleting was successful. Installing again doesn't work. How do I get back my Standard PS/2 keyboard driver installed? I am using an asus Gl702VT...
  4. shad0walker

    Question Strange behavior of my laptop

    Hello. I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50 - 70. Apart from the slow start, many apps do not open them, Google chrome first of all. Some open them only as an administrator. Sometimes it starts the task manager, sometimes not even that starts me. If I try to uninstall / install some programs, it...
  5. A

    How size is windows 10?

    I want inatall windows 10 in my laptop for more features and my work Now i am having a windows 8.1 plus i am a gamer so i need a good os My system info is I3 4405u Intel hd graphics 4400 extreme 4gb of ram 64x bit processer and os and system type And 1tb of hard disk space can i install it...
  6. D

    Need Help To Recover My Life's Most Important Photos From HDD Format

    Hello All, I'm really desperately hoping someone can help me undo what I have just done earlier today. I initially was going to install a fresh copy of Win8 on my PC when immediately after formatting the HDD partitions I realized my incredibly valuable trip photos were not stored in another...
  7. R

    Acer Intel HD Graphics Download

    Hi there, I have Acer E5-411 Laptop and I downgraded win8.1 to 7 32bit. My problem is I already downloaded the Intel HD Graphics but I cannot install, it says it doesnt meet the requirements. Please help me how to fix this.
  8. R

    Windows7 Installation Problem in laptop

    Hi there, Im installing Windows 7 on my acer E14 laptop. Then on the Disk 0 Partition step, it has 5 options, 2 Reserved, System and the Primary. But in this step, i cant proceed because the Next button s disabled to all options. Dont know what to do. Cant use my laptop because no OS. Hope you...
  9. P

    Additional Hard drive added to Alienware m17x r2, now crashing.

    I added an additional toshiba hard drive to my laptop. Now when i try to install stuff on it, mid-way through my computer will freeze and crash. I got a replacement hard drive and still have the same issue so i believe it is a set-up problem.
  10. T

    Black Screen on Boot after Intel HD Graphics install (Windows 10)

    I have an Acer Aspire E1-572P, with an Intel(R) Core i5 4200 processor. It had Windows 8.1 when I bought it. Updated to Windows 10 a few months ago. Since the update, my Intel(R) HD Graphics Family driver has been giving me issues. When playing a game (such as WoW, GW2, or any Steam game)...
  11. J

    Alienwae m550 Geforce go 6600

    I just got a notebook from eBay that currently has no OS installed ad I'm wondering if I can install windows 8 on it,I'd like to order my new OS asap so it can arrive the same time as the computer
  12. T

    Problems with ASUS Smart Gesture

    So, I play lot of video games that require mouse and keyboard to be used at the same time. But since I installed Windows 10 i can't for example throw a grenade while moving in CS:GO or cancel animations on dota. I tried to install the win 10 version from ASUS support but it shows some message...
  13. K

    Can I download the 32 bit Windows 10 Media Creation Tool on a computer that is 64 bit?

    The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is not downloading correctly on my home computer, which has a 32 bit processor. I had thought to try to download to USB on my work computer, which is 64 bit. When I try to do this, I get a message telling me I have chosen the incorrect architecture. Well, yes...
  14. B

    uninstalled a program, now both my screens are zoomed in and showing desktop

    HI, I uninstalled a program. I don't know what program, it had a green icon. now, both my monitors are showing the deskop screen, and zoomed in very large. Where can I see what I uninstalled and just go install it again? Please help, this is my work PC.
  15. J

    create bootable install usb

    Hello, I have a Gateway netbook (no disk drive, only USB) which I'd like to restore to factory settings. The manufacturer (Acer) sent me "Recovery *Disks*". Yes, disks. Three of them. They do appear to contain the reinstall files I need. However, how do I get the files from the disks onto...
  16. C

    Asus X550 Windows 8.1: Clean install (remove bloat, recovery)

    I know that this kind of question has been asked a LOT of times already. I usually know my stuff and if it was my laptop I would just try it, but this is for a friend and for her I have to be 100% sure! There is no trial and error! She bought the Asus X550...
  17. SaltyWetTheorist

    Help with resolution! Win8-Win7

    I got an Asus laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed and I've upgraded it to Windows 8.1. I've been encountering lots of problems since. I decided to change it to Windows 7 but I got some things I wanted to know first. My screen resolution is 1366x768. Will the Windows 7 resolution be the same or...
  18. G

    Program wants to install in appdata - safe?

    So I was installing Clip Converter Desktop (a youtube download software - there is a web and desktop version) until it said it wanted to install in appdata. I don't really know what that folders for, but from experience most programs install in program files. So it makes me anxious to install...