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    Need help with missing partition

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 110s and I can't install windows on it. The whole partition was deleted and I don't know how to recover the partition on put windows back on the eMMC flash storage. I've tried everything possible but nothing seem to work. Any suggestion?
  2. G

    Solved! Laptop won’t boot windows

    My MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004 won’t boot into windows. When I go to boot, it either just takes me to a black screen (skips MSI splash) and does nothing no matter how long I leave it, or shows the MSI splash then goes to BIOS about a minute later. Earlier it was getting to windows, then getting...
  3. M

    No sound from headphones after reinstalling windows

    I own a pair of DT 770 Pros with a SMSL SD793-II Dac/Amp plugged into a Asus Xonar DGX PCIE card via optical cable, because my motherboard doesnt have optical. Before I reinstalled windows 10 my audio was working fine, now I cant seem to get it to work. I've messed around with audio devices/...
  4. H

    HELP! Monitor won't turn on :(, works fine with external monitor + image when shone with light

    Please help. I have ASUS Zenbook UX340UA and I've been using it for around 7 months now . Yesterday afternoon after using it for a while the screen suddenly turned off. I used an external monitor (using HDMI) and was able to shut the laptop off. I thought by not using it overnight it would solve...
  5. W

    Solved! Is my HD shot? Data retrieval possible?

    Hey my friends, So one of my desktops took a dive, I had trouble getting into Windows desktop (sometimes I could, others not). I took it to a place that I go to that actually recycles PC's, mostly from large businesses but they do cater to individuals. The guy told me my Gateway P6803W HD was...
  6. M

    everything takes forever to load despite antivirus scan

    native german so i try my best Windows 7 64 bit Service Pack 1 Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.50GHz 4 GB RAM ( 2 chips each 2 GB ) hey everyone, i dont even know if it is about a virus everything on the pc takes forever to load no matter what it is - a simple picture or a very short video...
  7. R

    Solved! Help I installed wrong bios

    I installed wrong bios . I went to Toshiba Official website and went to update my bios on my laptop, But when I went to go pick my bios it asked what windows you have and it said 8.1 so I pick you up at my computer windows 10. So i have window10 64-bit and I installed windows 8.1 64-bit bios...
  8. C

    Solved! Cannot update G50-80 to Windows 1809

    Running Windows 10 Pro, Windows Update does not display option for 1809 when checking for updates. How can I determine what the incompatibility is, Lenovo scan is showing all drivers as current.
  9. M

    Solved! Laptop battery drains fast after reinstalling windows

    Hello, yesterday I reinstalled windows for first time since i bought laptop. Laptop is 1 year old, until now, battery would last 3 - 6 hours, but after windows reinstall, battery lasts for 1 and half hour max. Downloaded original windows from microsoft -Tried troubleshooting -1.5 hour max at...
  10. I

    Pc shuts down

    Hello everyone My pc turns off after 10seconds or so.I dint have this problem before,i think it could be some kind of virus or malware as i dont use a antivirus software.If i keep windows on login screen nothing happens.As soon as i enter password and windows opens it shuts down after max 10...
  11. J

    Lenevo thinkpad won’t start up

    I have a lenevo thinkpad x260. It won’t start up. It won’t go past the starting windows page. When starting in safe mode it’s starts loading and stops at classpnp. I have tried everything. I have bought windows 7 on a usb as advised in another forum but it is doing the same thing. Any help would...
  12. Wolfshadw

    VR Games on Windows Mixed Reality

    I was looking for a Descent-like game for my Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset. Turns out there are a couple of teams working on Descent type games; one with some of the actual 1990's Descent programming team. They've come up with a project called Overload. The only problem...
  13. Y

    Solved! How to Stream From Windows To apple airplay

    Hello guys i have this Device Apple Airplay and a PC with Windows 10 i would like to stream the screen from PC to the TV note that pc is connected through Ethernet and the Apple Airplay is connected through Wifi
  14. D

    PC sometimes boots to boot manager (series of other issues)

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this as I've never used a forum of any kind before and no threads seemed similar but sorry in advance if there is. Anyway details below and thanks in advance for any help: Laptop: Lenovo Yoga S1 from 2014 i7vPro First issue: I turned on my laptop...
  15. T

    Solved! Laptop gets blue screens after format

    I formatted my Lenovo b5400 from Windows 10 to Windows 7 64bit ultimate and for some reason I get constant blue screens (didn't get any before) and I can't install Windows updates. I run chkdsk /f/r and sfc /scannow and the windows memory diagnostic tool.
  16. M

    Solved! Laptop fix using s9+?

    Can I download a windows ISO file and transfer it to my locked laptop with my S9 Galaxy plus? Or use my S9 plus to make a thumb drive media tool.?
  17. TRE IzDOPE

    sppextcomobjhook.dll trying to create file to keep it from loading but dont have permission

    so, i use bitdefender and for ever now its been saying that sppextcomobjhook.dll is blocked on startup.. and I hit the option to DELETE.. i have read in multiple forums that a way to perma block this is by creating a text file in the c:/windows/temp folder (thats where its at each time i...
  18. Paul Wagenseil

    Is Microsoft Stealing Your Data? It's Complicated

    Reddit users think Microsoft may be recording their activities without their permission. But the explanation may be far less sinister. Is Microsoft Stealing Your Data? It's Complicated : Read more
  19. Maineman

    Speakers/headphones play music from HD but not for steaming music or video

    Common problem but none of the solutions that worked for others did the trick. Have an ASUS laptop, running Win10 and Realtek audio. Sound works with music on HD but not online or streaming video. Uninstalled and reinstalled device and updated driver. No luck. Not sure if Windows Audio and...
  20. W

    Solved! XPS 13 stuck in restart cycle after reset

    I just reset my laptop, and towards the end of the process there was some message about whether I wanted to delete a very specific drive (I don't recall what it was) but I said yes. Then, it said "Installing Windows..." for a while, and then it got to some screen that said "Just a moment..."...
  21. S

    Windows install on laptop after HD replacement

    Laptop info, ASUS ROG GL552VW. Windows 10, i7 7600HQ, 16 RAM, GTX 960, 1 TB HD. It has a DVD ROM. I think I fried my HD after a hard restart by clicking on the power button for 60 seconds. The laptop is not responsive any more. So my question is how to install windows 10 once the only HD has...
  22. T

    Solved! Why can't I get out of Windows, go to the OS, and simply

    … type in something like "Locate *.exe" .... and then delete the ones I didn't want!? It used to be SO easy! Now, we're stuck with this overlay called Windows, which I DO appreciate, but wow, it makes it so difficult to complete SUCH totally simple tasks!! Hundreds of names of for things we...
  23. S

    ASUS ROG gl552vw windows reset conundrum

    So I have this ASUS ROG GL552VW gaming laptop. It has windows 10, i7 6700, 16 ram, GTX 960 and 1 terabyte HD. I had the WiFi card replaced because it was faulty at a repair shop. They wanted me to pay for a windows reset, but I thought I could do that by my self. I took the laptop home, it...
  24. H

    particular keyboard keys don't work

    A few keys on my Acer Aspire V Nitro laptop have stopped working correctly. I took the laptop to the store and they could not help me, they uninstalled the keyboard driver and reinstalled it, the problem was the same when an external USB keyboard was connected and also on the on screen keyboard...
  25. L

    Still getting ads from Tomsguide in my Windows Notification Box in Chrome

    I downloaded a product from Tom's Downloads. Now, everytime I open up Chrome, I get an ad from them in my notifications. How can I turn it off? I have contacted this forum before and I was told to update my profile and cancel notifications/subscriptions. However, it showed that I had just signed...
  26. K

    PC for IPTV

    how to watch iptv on windows comuter.
  27. M

    Solved! any headphones i put into my laptop arent being recognized by it. All sound is just going through the speakers. What do I do?

    Headphones for my laptop have worked before but have suddenly stooped working. Even new ones i just got. I don't know what to do.
  28. G

    Microsoft Killing Edge Browser to Make Chrome-Powered Alternative (Report)

    After three years of poor performance, the in-development Microsoft browser uses the systems behind the world’s most popular browser Microsoft Killing Edge Browser to Make Chrome-Powered Alternative (Report) : Read more
  29. A

    Solved! How do I return my laptop to the original operating system (FreeDos)?

    Hello, I need to return my laptop to the store i bought. I bought wrong version and now i want to return it to the original state, like when i bought it. It came with FreeDos, it was showing the same as it is on the picture which i found it on the internet.
  30. A

    Laptop Crashes Constantly

    I have a sony sve15136cn laptop with i5 3230m and amd 7500/7600m graphics.I tried to reinstall windows on in and now it keeps crashing constantly.At first its\ crashed as soon as i installed the graphics driver but then i tried to keep it on microsoft basic graphics driver but still it crashes...
  31. R

    Solved! Macbook or Laptop?

    I am going to work on web and android app development. I know the perks of getting a macbook can develop both Android and ios.... I am afraid that i would make a wrong choice as i am using my savings on this
  32. J

    Solved! Lenovo won't reset

    I have a Lenovo 110s ideapad. Tried resetting it every way possible without a repair disc. Was going to get one. The only problem is that I don't know which version of Windows I have. I know it was windows 10 but that's just about all I know. Any ideas on how I can know the right disc to get??
  33. J

    Laptop doesn't boot windows/Black screen

    Hey all! I have a 2016 Razer Stealth laptop (6500u) that has experienced sudden crashes since I've had it. I was dumb and never sent it in but thats besides the point. Recently it started giving me a blue screen of death after only 10 mins of being on. I tried a system restore but got stuck at...
  34. A

    Solved! asus x205t, fn and space bar

    my laptop x205t from asus, fn key and space bar is not working., also usually the screen brightness control is not working every time when i re install windows.
  35. K

    Resetted windows Still has virus

    I have some type of virus on my computer where it crashes every search engine/browser and after buying a new hard drive and resetting windows multiple times, I STILL have the problem!! What could be causing this and how can i get rid of it??
  36. Y

    Solved! My windows shuts down when i charge it while its opening

    Sorry for my bad english but i really need a solution for this annoying problem i have here, whenver i charge my lap while im using it it turns off automatically after like 5 to 10 minutes, so do i need to change some settings or what should i do?
  37. R

    How to Run Microsoft Office Natively on the MacBook Pro

    Microsoft Office is probably the foundation of almost everyone’s journey into using a computer for their work-related purposes. Be it MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, the Windows MS Office pack is something one cannot live without. There are two ways to use Microsoft Office on a MacBook. One is...
  38. Z

    Solved! What OS would be the fastest for my laptop?

    I have an Asus K53SC, and there's one thing I'm wondering. What will be faster, Windows 7 or 8.1? Some laptops run better on 10, others on 7... I'm basically looking for fast internet, a decent bootup time & fast starting programs. Windows 10 is not an option (since 1703 there's been a glitch...
  39. L

    How to find the product key on a toshiba satellite laptop

    Getting ready to purshase windows start up disk for reboot but not sure where to find product key on laptop if able
  40. A

    How to download garageband for windows?

    Hello there, everybody I have to know whether GarageBand for windows can be downloaded for nothing. On the off chance that somebody knows please notice your strategy or download connect. Thanks in advance
  41. P

    amd r7 340m 4 giga

    in the first my gpu work good in games but after change first windows whose come with my laptop games not work good the same fps but shake in details like gta v windows and ca,s back every thing just shaking naruto storm 1-2-3 pes 17 cod ghosts i want help his heat just 70c but my cpu 80c at...
  42. W

    Try to load Windows from disc

    Try install Windows 7 from disc it would load from hard drive error I getting try to remove all letters from potential partitions on hdd 0 and x:\Windows\system32》
  43. M

    Solved! Should I be worried? Possible Virus? So I have been having a "How would you like to open this file" Windows pop-up for the past few months every time I first boot up my PC. As soon as I boot into windows this is the first window that pops up. Recently I decided to open it with Word pad just to see what came...
  44. N

    Solved! Laptop CMOS reset only after windows shutdown

    i have a Sony SVF15N17CXB. i recently came across that windows (win10 1809) is showing incorrect times, sometime it goes to 2024!! so i checked the event viewer and saw when the time server is not available the OS syncs the time with hardware ( to a wrong date!) so i checked the BIOS time and...
  45. Z

    Solved! Installing windows from USB

    Hey, I am trying to install windows 10 from usb stick to ASUS E402A laptop (that is using emmc memory). I have 3 different usb sticks, one is official windows, one is kingston datatraveller ,and one is some random usb 2.x stick. Windows iso file i generated from windows media creation tool and...
  46. F

    Solved! screen won't come-on

    My keyboard stopped working a while ago. I checked windows to see if it was still recognized, and windows showed that it was still plugged in and working. I decided to open the laptop to check if there was anything wrong with the keyboard. I disconnected the keyboards plug and connected it back...
  47. E

    Solved! Laptop Black Screen

    I have a laptop that after the Lenovo title screen comes up the screen remains black and wont boot into windows. after many attempts of trying to get it to boot from a bootable usb drive (Even after changing settings in bios to Legacy) it would not boot from Usb. it would detect it but not boot...
  48. N

    Trying to upload my qualifications from Microsoft Word 2010 however, I see file not supported,need assistance please.

    Need assistance on when trying to chose file from Microsoft windows 2010, however it is saying file not supported, how can i fix this problem?
  49. I

    Solved! Alienware 17 R3 - No Boot, No Post

    Powers on LEDs and fans only showing a black screen and shuts back off after about a minute. I have no clue what is wrong I have tried every button sequence I could find after countless hours of research. Nothing is making any progress.
  50. CxRizzle

    Solved! Webroot causing huge PC slowdowns?

    I have a clean install of Windows 10 64bit and wanted to try a new virus security. Webroot gets a lot of praise because it's supposed to be very slim, and gets the job done, so I decided to give it a try. I installed the free trial and it brought my computer to a crawl immediately. Well, not a...
  51. K

    Solved! Dell 5010 new Hdd (windows installtion)

    Hi I had problem with my dell 5010 Hard drive . today i bought used HDD but when i want to install windows this Error will show up.:
  52. D

    how to get rid of pink line on my compurter screen

    my compurter is windows and the pink line it is stregth line allmost in the middle of the screen like to get rid of it ty
  53. S

    Satellite C55-A5104, cannot reinstall Windows 10

    hi i have a Satellite C55-A5104 it will not boot from usb I guess because it does not have uefi boot mode!
  54. Z

    Solved! How to convert my vlc program into a playable windows program

    How do I get my episodes ( that is only in VLC format) to play on my windows media player. It says that it does not support the file .
  55. K

    Solved! Laptop to 3 HDMI TV Screens

    I hooked a Dell laptop with 1 HDMI port to TV HDMI port. Set to show different windows on each screen. Added 2nd TV with HDMI splitter. I want to show different windows on laptop and each TV. Both TV's show same window. Laptop only identified 2 screens.... Laptop #1 and both TV's #2. How do I...
  56. B

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite is stuck on System Recovery Options at boot

    Toshiba Satellite [running Windows 7] is stuck on System Recovery Options at boot. Starts to "Load Windows" then gets to this stage. No Operating System to choose from, only the two restore options, one of which is to load drivers. I have found the 'recovery partition' but nothing loads. I'd...
  57. H

    Screen flickering when booting into Windows

    Hi, im facing a problem on my laptop, that i didnt had before. Recently i purchased an ssd, and for a time all went fine. Then, i noticed that sometimes, when booting into windows, the screen flickered for about 2 seconds, and booted normally after. No problems when using the laptop, no lags...
  58. J

    Sir I need ur help sir here in my laptop something showing Windows error recovery I try all methods but it showing again lik

    Sir I am 16 years old my laptop is showing something like Windows error recovery plz help me out from this problem