VR Games on Windows Mixed Reality

I was looking for a Descent-like game for my Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset. Turns out there are a couple of teams working on Descent type games; one with some of the actual 1990's Descent programming team. They've come up with a project called Overload.

The only problem was, the Steam specs only said Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as being supported. I did come across another forum post saying that as long as Steam VR was up and running prior to running the Overload start up, it worked just fine. I decided to test it out and it worked like a charm!

At least, the little that I've gotten through (still in training) has worked without issue. It got me to wondering what other games that do not include WMR in it's support might actually run and if Steam minimum requirements are like game system requirements; it might still work, but if you run into a problem, we don't support it (officially).

Does anyone else know of Rift/Vive "only" games that work well/ok under WMR and what/how did you get it to work?

Side question, is anyone overly familiar with VORPX?

-Wolf sends

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Aug 18, 2014
hi wolf,

i've also just purchased a WMR, so far have only managed to get Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice VR working. Did you download the Steam VR WMR software? I think you just need to load that before opening a game to enable the WMR settings (but i'm not 100% sure - worth a try).
I remember Descent, so will look out for overload too. i've got vorpx but haven't managed to get it up and running yet hopefully will have time in the next couple of days.

Hey Rusti.

Sorry I didn't spell that out in my previous post. Yeah, the searching I read said to have Steam VR up and running before starting Overload. It's worked without issue so far.

Also, it's just a free teaser of Overload. The training programs and a level or two. Not quite sure as I've always been a keyboard commando and never a console driver (at least not since my SNES days) so I'm still trying to get used to my PC controller and I haven't progressed very far in the game. I still barely have any control over my ship.

-Wolf sends