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    Hp windows mixed reality Is it any good?

    Is it any good as I don’t have much space for the sensors from the vive or oculus. Looking to use it for gaming........
  2. A

    New Windows laptop - memory, speed, SSD- what is needed?

    Hi, I am actually looking to buy 2 new laptops. The ones I have are "Ancient" and not worth, time, money aggravation to try and upgrade. I have been on all the major brands websites trying to compare, contrast, build, the memory, speed cores, ssd, ddr, dedicated/not card, How many usb ports...
  3. Y

    Laptop not turning on

    My laptop was on hibernate. When I started my laptop after windows logo it shows blue screen with 'Please wait' message and wi
  4. S

    Solved! Good Windows program to use USB camera as surveillance camera?

    Hello. I just want a free program which can run on Windows, turn USB camera to a surveillance camera, having motion detection, and take/save a picture every time something moves. I searched and tried so hard, but they either have severe limits on unpaid versions, or don't work at all... Can any...
  5. F

    Hard drive won’t boot

    My pc was showed up with an error when booting and said to press crtl alt delete so I did so it restarted and worked fine then the same thing happen the next day but this time the boot took 5 hours and was so slow I couldn’t even get the windows button to work so I ended up restarting and it...
  6. N

    Laptop can t find wifi

    I have a Dell inspiron 15 3000 series and i changed my windows from 10 to 8.1. Now the problem is that the laptop doesn t detect any wifi signal. It connects to the internet only through cable. Before changing the windows it worked fine,but now it doesn t detect any wifi,mine or others around...
  7. K

    using certain area of a broken lcd

    hi i have a old hp laptop with faulty screen in bottom side . it's not a lot but it covers the taskbar. i want to know if there is a way for me to make the windows 7 to use a certain area of a monitor. this way i would be able to ignore the faulty section of the lcd and use the rest of the...
  8. L

    Lenovo Legion Y530 1TB HDD and 128G SSD stopped working, SSD only has 27G storage after Windows Reinstall

    I recently bought a Lenovo Legion Y530 (1TB HDD, and 128G SSD) After about a week of using it, I tried turning it on and it wouldn't leave the booting screen with the Legion logo. After attempting to get it fixed going to automatic repair and factory reset, nothing seemed to work, and I finally...
  9. V

    HP Laptop Bad System Drive

    HP Pavilion 17 Notebook w/ Windows 8. I performed the built in HP diagnostic to find out the hard drive is bad. I prefer to buy a new SSD and install Windows 10. But of course HP has their own media recovery discs that I would have to order. Do you think I could just install my own SSD and...
  10. S

    Solved! disable incognito on chromebook

    all info seems to refer to windows. i need to disable incognito on my chromebook
  11. S

    can i download windows to my rca viking pro?

    can i download windows 8 or 10 to my RCA viking pro?
  12. A

    Solved! I can't turn on windows defender, Win 10

    I cant turn on windows defender before that i accidently gave some viruses admistrator rank (dont ask how that happened
  13. T

    Solved! Slideshow created by Windows Media Center can not be played

    Hello I have been trying to make a slideshow( a video with pictures while a song is played) with Windows Media Center. I managed to create the file and if I open Windows Media Center and find the file there is is played perfectly fine, but when I find the file inside my computer it does not...
  14. S

    USB BOOT do not start.

    Hello, I have a USB stick that I used to install windows on my desktop and on a friend of mine's computer. (meaning it's not USB stick fault) I was trying to make a fresh install on my laptop ( ASUS k50IN) but it doesn't start. When I turn on the computer i click ESC multiple times, but the boot...
  15. R

    All photo's + recordings have been taken away by ????

    Last week a windows came flashing across my screen + told me it me l needed to ring some number as my laptop had been hacked, anyway now all my recordings + photo's are gone , can l get them back?
  16. D

    please help! my gateway laptop's fan stops and then continuous beeps follow during boot, it beeps for a long time and then fan

    fan starts, stops and laptop beeps for a long time beeps stop and then windows starts help me please
  17. Z

    Performance much slower than 2 years ago.

    Hi, in the end of 2016 I bought this laptop. It's a used laptop, but it was like 2 years old when I bought it. But the problem is... it's very slow. GTA 5 used to play at ~50fps avg on 1366x768 medium, but now it gets ~30fps avg on 800x600 medium. Also Rocket League, used to play it at 60fps+...
  18. X

    Gaming Laptop starting to underperform

    I own an ASUS gaming laptop with the following specs: GTX 1050 Ti GPU i7 8750H CPU 16GB Ram 120Hz Monitor I bought it one month ago, and it was working fine. Now, after a few window updates and stuff like that, it started underperforming (low fps) where my fps would drop about 20-50% (50 avg...
  19. S

    New SSD error in Windows

    Hi. I here have a laptop: Compaq Presario CQ62-a10SD Just replaced the old, damaged HDD with a brand new SSD, from Kingston: Kingston A400 120GB SSD Now try to install a new Windows 10 installation, using the DVD. After starting setup, I encountered an error: I am not able to install windows...
  20. S

    Help with Windows Battery Energy Report for Battery Drain

    My laptop's battery seems to be draining way too quickly. I am only running Edge with about 3-5 tabs max, Windows Power Savings power plan with Battery Saver enabled. I have Microsoft Word open and that is about it, but it seems that every 3 minute my battery drains 4-5%. I personally find...
  21. S

    S-1-5-18 windows accounts on spybot S&D?

    I am using Spybot search and destroy feature that allow you to disable cookies on windows accounts, but when I select to disable there are many profiles that showed up for selections (other than my own). They have names like s-1-5-18, 20, 21.....And I don't rememeber uninstall windows that many...
  22. Y

    Latitude E5400 Bluetooth unavailable

    I own a Latitude E5400 with Windows 10. There is no option to turn on or use Bluetooth.The Bluetooth Troubleshooter tells me that this device is not Bluetooth capable,which is not true since I have used Bluetooth with Windows 7 on this device .The problem has been present ever since I installed...
  23. W

    New windows blocking TV signal

    I recently replaced my windows with more energy efficient and UV protection. My simple flat indoor antenna with suction cups no longer works. The windows completely block the signal. Anyone else having this problem? Solutions?
  24. E

    Lenovo y50-70 doesn't start

    Yesterday it was all good. Laptop was running, everything seemed fine. Today, when I pressed the launch button, it went to a message, saying: "Windows Error Recovery Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. If Windows files have been damaged or...
  25. P

    where is start key and windows key

    cannot find start key or windows key on this keyboard, nothing in manual describes how to get to them, wanted to change speed on pointer
  26. A

    screen is not working, but can hear the Windows sound

    I pressed the power button to resume my laptop from sleep, the blue lights on the machine indicated that it does wake up, but the screen is not working. I pressed the power button again to turn it off. And then turn it on again, the screen shows this, DELL Inspiron 1525 series BIOS...
  27. N

    Asus fx503vm eSupport folder

    Hey, I own a asus fx503vm and Since i reinstall Windows the Performance ist too Bad. I have deleted the esuport folder. Can anyone Upload the folder? Sorry for my Bad english im from germany.
  28. I

    System Uncharacteristically Slow [Lenovo Ideapad 520]

    Hey folks, For the past six months I've been using a Lenovo Ideapad 520 laptop for general purposes, and I've been suffering from some ridiculously slow speeds for... pretty much everything since I bought it. It's got decent specs; an i5-8250U CPU CPU, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a GeForce MX150 GPU, so...
  29. J

    looking for a solution

    I think my windows is not processing after restarting my laptop i cannot input my password, my screen only shows my lock screen. the screen keeps blinking everytime i input any character. help please!
  30. S

    Solved! Application open problem

    When open the application windows shows " there is no com port! Please check out the line correction and device driver installation
  31. G

    Solved! WIndows Defender not Launching

    Hey guys,please help.I will tel it to you form the start.Windows defenders proceess Name -MSMPENG.exe was taking 100% usage of cpu so i tried disabling Widnows defender anbdd 100s of way until i deleted its folder.Now whenever i try download an antivirus and install it there is an error (with...
  32. Paul Wagenseil

    Best VPNs for Windows 10

    Based on our testing, these are the best VPN services for protecting your privacy on Windows PCs. Best VPNs for Windows 10 : Read more
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    Finger print scanner stops working after a few hours of inactivity. Code 43

    Hi there, Reinstalled Windows on my Acer laptop A715-72G-71GV, had issues with trackpad but managed to fix it. Recently been having issues with the fingerprint scanner now. Uninstalled driver, reinstalled driver, disabled and enabled the fingerprint. Don't know what else I can do? It works...
  34. C

    HELP!! Lenovo screen broken, I cannot see anything

    Hi, I’ve got an All in one Lenovo, but the screen is broken, I tried to re-install windows, but, when I pressed the button “re-install” I cannot see anything, this is because I cannot switch to another screen and I cannot finish the re-install procedure, can anyone help me? Thank you very much
  35. T

    Headphone sound quality decreased after I threw them

    I threw my headphones a bit too hard in rage when windows froze my pc for "scheduled update" i and lost with 1 person left on PUBG. Now the sound quality is really bad and uh, have I totaled my headphones or can i maybe fix them?
  36. E

    After Updating Bios Windows Goes BSOD Which Is INACSESIBLE BOOT DEVICE But Its Getting Worst

    Ok I Just Update My Computer BIOS To newer But While I Boot To Windows a BSOD Come Out With Stopcode INACSESIBLE BOOT DEVICE And Then The Computer Restarted Itself But Its Still Went BSOD Its Getting Worser I shutdown My Computer At that time But When i Turn The Laptop On The Screen Is blank and...
  37. O

    Asus ROG 750jm random power off? What could it be?

    Asus Rog Laptop that I’ve research quite a bit. I don’t know if it’s overheating within minutes, a fan malfunctioning or other hardware failure but this power off has no blue screen instantly kills the power to the computer and upon restarts it barely wants to sometimes I may link a video...
  38. D

    Cannot install Windows on a laptop

    So my friend had Kali Linux on his laptop and wanted to switch to Windows 10. He couldn't boot to the Windows installation with his USB because he would always get a GRUB like this but he only had Kali Linux option there. He asked me if I could help him out and I tried everything but couldn't...
  39. L

    Windows wake problem

    Hey, I don't know if this is the correct board for this thread but anyway, here is my problem: When I put my laptop to sleep, it immediately wakes up. When I put it to sleep the second time, it stays sleeping. I have no idea what wakes it up and why it always works the second time. I have...
  40. L

    Need Special Windows?

    I have a Sony VAIO E Series. the hard drive had an irrecoverable crash. I can pickup a new hard drive, but do I need a special Windows 8 made for a laptop?
  41. K

    Hi My hp laptop’s keyboard is not working only few keys like caps, space bar, shift and windows are working.

    Hi My hp laptop’s keyboard is not working only few keys like caps, space bar, shift and windows are working.
  42. M

    my h envy lato wont tye the letter after o. what do i do

    Ive udated windows 10 ive redownloaded the driver, ive removed the key (the one after o, a synonym for urine) and relaced the key (outside the aostrohe, theres one letter missing in all the misselled words). ive ran the windows troubleshooter, ive restarted ive IDK what is wrong here!
  43. O

    asus laptop with black screen starts itself when plug in the power cable

    hi everybody, first of all,i am sorry if my english is too broken. i have a huge problem on my laptop.I would like to start from beginning to end of the issue.I have changed the cmos battery on asus n55s laptop but then i saw windows asks me to set the time after i plug out the power cable and...