Solved! Toshiba Satellite is stuck on System Recovery Options at boot

Nov 1, 2018
Toshiba Satellite [running Windows 7] is stuck on System Recovery Options at boot. Starts to "Load Windows" then gets to this stage. No Operating System to choose from, only the two restore options, one of which is to load drivers. I have found the 'recovery partition' but nothing loads. I'd like to escape out of this and back into the windows boot but every reboot loads right back to this screen. Recovery CD long gone. Help!



This issue is often due to a failing hard drive, or some update that was interrupted. The fastest way to get the system going is to replace the hard drive and install Windows clean on that. You may need to contact Toshiba support to order a set of disks or check locally with some computer shops.

You can stick your current drive in a USB enclosure to copy out your files if the disk is still usable.
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