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    Question Recovery Image/Data for Sony Vaio Tap 11 (SVT1121A4E)

    Hello, I recently bought used laptop Sony Vaio Tap 11 [Exact model: SVT1121A4E] from second hand and it's still pretty good machine. The Windows 10 is surprisingly pretty smooth. But unfortunately the user before me probably formated all partitions, including the recovery partition... I...
  2. H

    Solved! looking for a solution for windows system recovery

    I have a Lenovo g50-80. when I power it on it shows windows system recovery and in the boot options it is set the default to start windows normally and then the windows boot animation is seen and after the animation ends I can see only my cursor with dimmed out brightness on my screen. I have...
  3. N

    Solved! Lenovo yoga tab 3 stuck on boot screen read for more information

    My yoga tab 3 ytf x50f has had this problem since it received a system update.When i turned it on after the update it got stuck on the lenovo screen and turned on and off.I have tried hard reset and it gets stuck on performing the reset (i believe) its still red when the android system recovery...
  4. B

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite is stuck on System Recovery Options at boot

    Toshiba Satellite [running Windows 7] is stuck on System Recovery Options at boot. Starts to "Load Windows" then gets to this stage. No Operating System to choose from, only the two restore options, one of which is to load drivers. I have found the 'recovery partition' but nothing loads. I'd...
  5. T

    Vista will not load a webpage after system recovery

    I just ran a system recovery on my brother's Gateway laptop. It is a Vista system. Afterward, the network shows connected with strong signal, local and internet access. However when I launch Internet Explorer it always says "Can not display webpage" If I run diagnostics, it says everything is...
  6. J

    My tablet will not pull up the system recovery mode menu

    Google Android kitkat tablet 4.4 stuck in android screen. Powers on and off, but will not respond to anything :-/
  7. M

    Stuck in the Startup and can’t do a system recovery or factory reset

    Help!!! Somehow my settings in my Android X16a10132S was changed to boot up in the startup window. It starts up with the logo then switches to the screen that shows the apps are downloading, then it goes back to the logo. It keeps repeating this and won’t log on. I tried to do a factory reset...
  8. N

    System recovery mode samsung tab p1000

    While in "android system recovery mode" it says in bottom : "E: can't mount / dev / block / mmcblkOp1" "Your storage not prepared yet. Please use UI menu for format and reboot actions"
  9. M

    My telefunken tablet is stuck on a system recovery mode any solution

    Tried to hard reset my tablet but now its stuck on reboot System Recovery mode
  10. N

    My laptop is trying to recover because I force shut down to stop it updating, but now it's stuck on a never-ending cycle

    Because of an update, I force shutdown my laptop. But, now it stuck on a cycle of the HP(my laptop brand is HP) screen loads, gone then said trying to restore previous installations, and then off, and then repeat the cycle. It has been 10 times more since the cycle begin.
  11. G

    Solved! android system recovery mode

    My Samsung Tab A will not go into the Recovery Mode even though I have pressed and held the Volume UP and Power keys together for 20 seconds until the second Samsung word is fully displayed. By this time my fingers are going numb so I release the buttons! I do get a display saying "Android is...
  12. G

    How can reboot my nextbook if not going to the system recovery

    Its a nextbook tablet
  13. D

    Windows 7, Start-Up Repair black screen with only mouse cursor.

    Computer: Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5109 (Laptop)  OS: Windows 7 Home  My computer is asking me to, "Launch Start-Up Repair" because Windows failed to launch. But when I select this option, I'm brought to a black screen with only my mouse cursor. If I select, "Start Windows Normally", it just...
  14. R

    Asus: Failed reset now in boot loop

    I will decribe everything that happened prior to hopefully give more info. Left my laptop unplugged last night so it turned off from low battery. Turn it on today and blue screen. Reboot everything seemed fine. Started using it as normal. Free day today so I figured I would move important docs...
  15. M

    Problem with booting, recoverying and fresh install

    Hi everyone I have very strange problem with Lenovo G50-30 1. Cant boot system normally. After splash only black screen (waited around 30 minutes). 2. Cant recovery system from USB drive. After splash on the top left corner five blue squares showed up. Nothing more for about another 30...
  16. S

    Aspire one pro 10.1" system recovery

    Hi! My mini laptop is locked and i get the message - Bootmgr is compressed press ctrl+alt+delete to restart. When i try Alt+f10 to factory reset it, i need a password and i don't know it because i got the computor second hand as a gift. Xp is installed. Don't understand what password the...
  17. M

    Forgotten Dell Laptop log in password

    Forgotten password to log into Dell laptop. Recently run system recovery so nothing to lose. Just want to log on!
  18. M

    Forgot password to log on laptop.

    I changed my password to log on to my laptop and cannot remember it. I had recentl run system recovery so I have nothing to lose but would like to just log in. Can anyone help?
  19. J

    Can't adjust screen brightness, can't do system recovery, can't install programs.

    Hi guys, I have multiple problems with my laptop (hp). For example: I can't adjust de screen brightness, I can't install programs, I can't do system recovery, shut down the pc takes way longer as it takes normally. But the weird thing about these problems is that, it all starts after a few...
  20. A

    Need help in pre-installed Windows

    Hi, I'm in a situation where I have to delete my laptop HDD completly and reinstall windows. But this laptop came with preinstalled and prevaricated windows 7 pro. I'm not sure how I can reactivate new windows after installation.
  21. S

    Memory cannot be written error during System Recovery from DVDs

    My notebook is a Toshiba L655-S5150. I am trying to use System Recovery from 4 DVDs to install a new hard drive. I have tried 3 different hard drives and 2 sets of Ram memory sticks, but every time the recovery install fails sometime during the third DVD. The error messages point toward...
  22. D

    Laptop freezes and locks up when starting using power button, booting into system recover using dedicated recovery works fine?

    Hi, [OS = Windows 10] So when I start my laptop using the power button the computer locks up and freezes straight on the desktop. However when I use the recovery button (provided by lenovo) and start using system recovery it boots me into normal windows mode (not safe mode) and it seems to...
  23. C

    C850D wrong bios ( insyde bios, probably from Toshiba C875D? )

    Hi all, Toshiba C850D-11C (PSCC2E-00h00nn5) freeze after POST, after 0 key (hd recovery), without any info on CSM(just toshiba logo and frozen post, numlock frozen, i can enter bios if i fastpress f2 first 1-2 sec after turning on pc ) and with "no booting device"(picture 1) on UEFI settings in...
  24. lilmommatodd33801

    Dell Inspirion N7010 system recovery

    How to recover or restore back to factory...Had some viruses removed but not sure what sys. files, drivers (outdated), etc are missing. Can I use the Win 7 recovery from my Asus to make a bootable CD for my Dell. Sorry for update delays, wasn't expecting response so quick. Since posting...
  25. M

    Doea system recovery farmat my all partition on lenovo g50-80 which is runnig windows 8

    My lenovo lap top runnig windows 8 and i m trying to install windows7 and i format my c drive. But now i want windows8 and i have not os win 8 cd.i want to recover my win8 os but afraid that it may be delete all my partition.i m confuse does it only recover c drive or all drive.need help i m...
  26. A

    Please help I accidentally pressed erase hard drive then i stopped it and now it says it needs a bootable device and to check

    I accidentally pressed hard ware erase when trying to factory reset my laptop but then 11 minutes in I canceled the hardware reset thing and it said it needed to reboot it. It started over again but its saying to check cable and no booting device in their and and click any key what do I do...
  27. N

    system recovery usb disk for sony windows 8

    recovery system not found
  28. M

    Galaxy Note 10.1 System Recovery Error

    Hi, I have a 2012 Galaxy Note 10.1. It was working fine until a few day ago when something installed on it without my permission. It started crashing after every few minutes and many advertisements and offending stuff started popping up. I tried hard to kill/remove/disable all the suspicious...
  29. S

    Alienware m18x R2 ssd upgrade

    Hi, I have a AW m18x R2 with i7 3920 with 780sli. This hard disk loading time is begin to become a issue to me. I plan to replace all two HDD current install in my laptop. I have alr day bought two 960g Sandisk ultraII. So here are few concerns I have; Will they work fine on my Win7 system...
  30. B

    Looking for help

    My Mobicel shows Android system recovery <3e> ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1
  31. L

    Acer recovery disk

    Need command promt or recovery disk for locked acer 4001cli bios.
  32. D

    Recovery CD Toshiba p55t-b5156

    I live abroad, and Toshiba only mails to US addresses. I went to the Toshiba repair center in Manila, but they do not have the proper discs and seemed reluctant to order them. Is there a site where a set would be downloadable? My email is <Removed by Moderator> Any help will be sincerely...
  33. P

    AlienWare 14 Black Screen W/

    Black screen after windows start up. Woke up this moring opened my book and started the computer and then it happened. Has the logo and moves but no sound. (not even sure if its off mute or not) has the mouse in view and can move it. It was connected to an external monitot when this happened...
  34. I

    Help troubleshooting hp labtop

    My hp labtop was working fine until 2 days ago when I powered it on it stayed on the blue hp logo and didn't go into the Windows login screen then it turned off and on with the same screen the fan also makes a Lot of nose and gets very hot I can get into the bios and all ports work but when I...
  35. S

    password works part time

    Can anybody explain why my password works perfect in safe mode when I select system recovery options? The same password comes up with a error on the log on page not using safe mode
  36. S

    system recovery options - in safe mode

    Been reading lots of the threads trying to find helpful info. I've been looking for my administrator profile only 1's I have found are my own which password has been corrupted I'm assuming & the other I have found is called MoneyGroupUser$ which I have no idea who or why it's there. Anyone else...
  37. P

    Toshiba Satellite c55-a laptop Reboot Loop

    I rebooted my toshiba satellite c55-a laptop. It worked last night but this morning it' keeps looping back to the Microsoft Winodes factory restore screen. How can I fix it?
  38. C

    Factory Reset Problem

    Hello, my name is Cade. I factory reset my computer just yesterday. Today I opened up the computer and now all it does is flash from style note to black screen, over and over again. I tried installing my windows 8.1 disc but nothing pops up. And my power button won't work. I know I have a lot...
  39. K

    Unmountable boot Volume Win 10 blue screen

    I recently upgraded my advent Sienna 700 laptop to windows 10 pro. After a few days, I get a blue screen reading unmountable boot volume. My laptop has been restarting ever since. I tried reinstalling windows with the windows installation drive but that didn't work. How do i reset my laptop...
  40. S

    Factory reset not progressing beyond 33% - Lenovo Laptop, Windows 10

    Hi, I tried to factory reset my laptop (Lenovo, Windows 10). It progressed up to 32% and is stuck there for more than 12 hours. What to do? How can I discontinue the reset and can I start afresh?
  41. C

    I need help with my laptop!

    My DELL laptop will not work right and it all started when I was in the chrome browser and a little pop-up happened in the Corner of the screen saying there was a update that needed to be installed so i clicked it. It shut the laptop down and a screen came up that was moving up down left and...
  42. P

    cryptolocker? .RAD files

    Hi, all my jpg mp3 pdf doc etc. files have an .RAD extension (file_name.pdf.RAD). I formated my pc but nothing changed. I forgot to try out the system recovery. How can i decrypt the files?
  43. A

    Laptop recovery mood (won't start)

    Hi, My Dell laptop will start up, go into recovery mode, it will go trough recovery mode and then say that it couldn't find the problem and that I should try.... I tried all the things in the list and the laptop just reboots and the whole thing happens again. Help please! Thanks in advance!
  44. T

    How can I load my operating system using a system recovery disc to an ssd?

    I have a lenovo z585 laptop and want to switch to a ssd on the laptop. I am trying to do a system install using the manufacturer operating system recovery disc. I changed the boot order to have the cd drive load first. Once I save the settings and try to boot the system it is ignored and brings...
  45. F

    Laptop shutting off randomly

    So i have an asus x551ma laptop and recently its been shutting itself off every now and then, ive had it a year and its my most prized possession (I saved up for it) Ive taken it apart and checked the fan for dust and checked the heatsink, they where both okay, i did a system recovery and that...
  46. S

    Cannot find/ install webcam drivers

    Vaio VPCEH35FM/P- PCG-71913l originally ran windows 7 64bit home premium, within 3mths the webcam stopped working, sent it to Sony for repair & they returned it in worse condition. Since I've had to uninstall & reinstall the os 2x's still no webcam etc, finally we put Windows 7 64bit ultimate on...
  47. A

    how to operation system recovery''sony vaio w8.

    operation system not found,,please give me advice for recovery or repaired operatin system Sony Vaio model svd112a1sp windows8.thnks
  48. R

    I have pressed the Power and Volume Up button and it does not go into system recovery mode

    I bought a new tablet, and I misspelled my password before I had a chance to set up my email account now I cant access the samsung galaxy Tab 4. I followed your steps for resetting the tablet by pushing the power and the volume up while the tablet is off and releasing when the logo appears. It...
  49. J

    Phone is stuck to logo

    I am very disturbed ryt now & don't know what to do. I am telling you in detail again. Here I go.... Yesterday I rooted my device( zenfone 5 with 5.0 version) after that I installed xposed. Till then phone was all right but then I flashed TWRP recovery from her...
  50. P

    do I reset an acer 5532 without having to re install the windows seven recovery

    Knoggin scratcher...Wtf its a acer 5532 lA p top with windows seven. And I don't have the system recovery disk nor do I have the internet. How can I rest back to factory with out having to get on line
  51. Man1ac123

    I need help with system files?

    Hello guys. Lately my laptop (PC Notebook HP ENVY dv6-7280sp ) takes a lot of time when booting but yesterday something happened. On the task bar on the right side(dont know the name) there are less programs then before. On startup some programs dont start like avg for example. My sound icon...
  52. B

    system recovery tool

    i am trying to restore my laptop to factory settings. System recovery is not available and the F11 key is not enabled. what do I do? I have already backed up my system. just need to perform system recovery
  53. A

    my recovery disk doesn't show up after i press power buttion and option for system recovery

    I am trying to reset my mac book pro to factory settings. I followed the instructions of shutting down my mac and then holding the power button and option button. Once the mac is on there should be to drives on the screen according to the tutorial i was following. However only one drive...
  54. E

    find out which system recovery disc needed for toshiba c660-115

    hi i had a virus in my toshiba c660-115 sattelite i restored it to factory settings it completed the restore but i stopped it during updates been added as it was getting very late at night.. When i turned on next day all i get is black screen with press ctrl+alt+del to restart but it just goes...
  55. T

    Why won't my system recovery work for my laptop?

    Hello, I have a gateway pew91 or the nv55c like it says there. It's not in warranty so don't ask. I need help setting back to factory settings. I don't have anything saved so no i dont care that it will erase everything. I'm highly capable of knowing what It means. But my computer won't let me...
  56. J

    CWM Recovery Install Help

    Hello, I want to install CWM recovery on my device, a Blu Studio 6.0 HD, for those who don't know Blu is a phone manufacturer based in Miami Florida ( My device is not supported and I have never installed any type of custom recovery before so I do not know how to install it, it...
  57. A

    How to recover Lotus Notes client?

    There was lotus notes 7.0 on my PC. I install it to enjoy Designer from Lotus 6.5.3. I’ve decided not to install old version. But suddenly my Lotus 7.0 has been removed(uninstalled) . Then I’ve made system recovery before this changes. But client is still doesn’t want to work and says Cannot...
  58. C

    No recovery partition to do a complete system restore

    Hello, Because I had my laptop repaired, it was not until recently that II realized that my system recovery files were no longer present. I had tried the "Copy recovery partition to usb" option when creating a system restore to a usb, but the option was unavailable. When trying to conduct a...
  59. S

    No bootable device

    I performed system recovery on my Toshiba Satellite L870D but I don't think it finished before power went out. Now when turning on I'm getting "No bootable device--Please restart system" Any ideas?
  60. G

    Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key

    This keeps popping up on my laptop when I reboot. I have had little success Things I have tried on reboot that do nothing: F12 Ctrl Alt Del~ just restarts it again F9 The only little success that I have had is I made a recover disk on my current computer. I then put that disk into my laptop and...