My laptop is trying to recover because I force shut down to stop it updating, but now it's stuck on a never-ending cycle

Mar 16, 2018
Because of an update, I force shutdown my laptop. But, now it stuck on a cycle of the HP(my laptop brand is HP) screen loads, gone then said trying to restore previous installations, and then off, and then repeat the cycle. It has been 10 times more since the cycle begin.
Try this...

1. Turn off the laptop.
2. Turn off your WiFi, or take the laptop to an area where there isn't any WiFi. (If connected via Ethernet, unplug it.)
3. Turn on the laptop.
4. Once it fully loads, then turn on your WiFi again.

It should work now. Sometimes (especially in 10) updates, including those that come after a reset, can get the computer stuck. It happens when an update fails, for whatever reason, and the device continually tries to get it to install over and over. Leaving you 'stuck'. Until you take away its ability to continue trying the update, hence the no WiFi, then it should load.
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