HP DV8T 1000 - Keeps on shutting down and restarting at startup!


Feb 10, 2012
Hello, I'm having a very annoying issue with my laptop - HP Pavilion DV8T 1000 notebook. The problem is that whenever I shutdown or restart my computer, it constantly restarts after the windows 7 logo appears. There's a black screen for a few seconds, then it shuts off all of a sudden as if the power goes out or something. Also, there is no error message or blue screen. Sometimes a disk check will usually pop up after the logo disappears, but it also shuts off at that point and restarts as well. Usually the process repeats itself where it continuously shuts off and reboots its self after the windows logo disappears and eventually I get lucky, and I can log on to windows and the computer will work fine.

I've alread sent it in for repair to HP - it cost me $270.00 - and the problem was not fixed. All they did was changed my keyboard, clean the heatsink, and re-imaged the hard drive. Prior to me sending it in, I tried some things to see if I could remedy the situation. I thought that my OS could be corrupt, so I tried to do a factory restore with the recovery discs from HP. That didn't even work because at a certain point in the installation, where the computer reboots itself and it gets to the "windows is updating registry" phase, it would shut off constantly. So I was there with a useless PC, pretty much. I then went out and bought a new hard drive to see if the problem could be that my current HD was faulty. Turns out, that didn't solve the problem and the same thing kept on happening. I even returned the new hard drive and switched it for a different one - thinking it could be that I had bought a faulty one - but the problem still remained. So I decided to send it to HP and pay the $270.00 repair fee, as my comp was not under warrantee. It came back withing a week. They even made it look brand new again. So I booted up the computer and it booted up okay...until I had to restart it, and the problem came back. I was very disappointed, but it took only 2 tries to get it back on and working again. I didn't want to resend it in, as I needed my computer for use, as I'm a college student.

This issue has been a pain and it's annoying that my problem wasn't fixed after i paid so much money. Right now I have to try to avoid turning off my PC so I don't get the probleml. I honestly don't know how HP thought they repaired it. I'm pretty sure it had to shut off on them too even in the installation at least once. But who knows. It's been maybe about a month since I got it back, and my computer restarted today due to some windows updates, and the problem was back. It took forever for me to get it to log on and work normal. I even tried to do some trouble shooting steps by removing the RAM, reseating it, try starting the laptop with one ram chip in, in different slots, and the problem still persisted. I even tried getting a new charger, thinking it may be the issue, but that didn't solve my problem. I also tried booting with only the battery in, without the AC adapter being connected AND vice versa, where I tried to boot the system up with only the AC adapter without the battery and the problem still happend.

Right now, I guess I have no other choice that to resend it in for repair ( I have a 3 month warantee where I can resend it in, if the problem happend again or if it wasn't fixed).

I just want to know what anyone might think the problem is?I'm leaning towards it being a motherboard issue, but I could be wrong. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the long drawn out post, and here are my comp specs if needed:

OS Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
System Model HP Pavilion dv8 Notebook PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz, 1600 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.25, 5/31/2010
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce gt 230m


Mar 8, 2011
Hi JerJer,

I am sorry to hear about your experience with your repair. Have you re-sent your machine back in for repairs?

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If it suddenly reboots there may be an issue with ram memory. try opening memory lid and remove each bank in turn or replace with friends' one do discover if one of them has defect.


...to discover if one of them has defect.

But it seems you've got some other issue, maybe video hardware or driver, you may try loading it with cpu or gpu behchmarks/calculations/bitcoin to see if there any stability problem (ie with power circuits). Do not forget to control temperature. That disc checks caused by not shuting down windows correctly during boot up.


Oct 7, 2012
I have the same model computer it has many issues and it is a real shame because it could be a great laptop!

My HP Pavilion DV8t-1000

The issues usually start with the wifi, it will drop and turn back on again till it drives you insane! The issues is caused by a faulty ground wire under the keyboard that losses conection with the ground plate! (Solution-use electrical tape to tape the wire to the ground plate) This works I have tried it! Second issue with the computer, the Video card and CPU have 1 heat sink that is used for both chipsets this can cause your computer to over heat and either ruin the CPU or motherboard or both as well as burn out diodes on the board (This has happened to me as well) it costs big bucks to repair these componets as well as time to have it fixed. In addition to those problems I also replaced my RAM because the riginal also burned out. Lastly the battery needed to be replaced (it would not hold a charge) and the AC adapter broke within 4 months of owning it! HP should recall this computer it has other issues as well and the consumer gets the shaft computers are investments in our lives and something should be done about it!!