Question Installing windows on formatted hdd


Oct 21, 2013
I really messed up my friends laptop…
He had windows 11 installed,
I took the harddrive and hooked into my DELL laptop, hard formatted all of it.
connected it back to his HP and black screen appears while the laptop is restarting itself endlessly.
I tried all options on boot/recovery menu to load the windows 10 installation I have on an external hdd but no success.
  1. On the option “use another operating system” of the recovery menu there are 2 windows 11 option and i dont understand why since I wiped the hdd completely.
  2. “Use a device” brings me to locate an EFI boot file, I tried all of them and they give me 00x00000e error msg or they endlessly restart the laptop.
Any rebuilding command in the cmd tells me to contact the software publisher.

please help and thanks !


You need to create a NEW Win 10 (or 11) USB to install with.
A blank 8GB flash drive.