Lenovo Legion Y530 1TB HDD and 128G SSD stopped working, SSD only has 27G storage after Windows Reinstall

Oct 22, 2018
I recently bought a Lenovo Legion Y530 (1TB HDD, and 128G SSD) After about a week of using it, I tried turning it on and it wouldn't leave the booting screen with the Legion logo. After attempting to get it fixed going to automatic repair and factory reset, nothing seemed to work, and I finally gave up and reinstalled windows from a USB Drive. Now that I have to reinstall Windows, my SSD where Windows is installed only has 27G of storage, as seen in the image below:

Do you guys know of any way that I can get my 100G of storage back because as you can see I've run out of space to put pretty much any program onto my SSD? I appreciate any responses and suggestions.

Thanks, Lucien