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  1. L

    Solved! Difference between storage in Laptop (Asus Rog Strix Scar 15 G533QS)

    Hello, I'm planning to buy the Asus Rog Strix Scar 15 GS533QS. I noticed there are two types of models that have differences in their storage. I'd like to ask the differences between "2 x 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD" and "2TB - 2 x 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD (Raid 0)"? I don't know what the Raid 0 means...
  2. B

    Question How to extend Internal memory on an Android 9 TV ?

    Hi! I have a JVC branded Android9 TV (43LT series). It comes with 16GB of internal memory of which Android etc takes up 8GB. I use the TV for iptv via the Tivimate app. I'd like to have a folder for my recordings. To augment the internal memory I have a high capacity USB attached. I am able to...
  3. NovaBrunswick

    Question Connecting my MacBook Pro's internal HDD as an external drive

    Hi there, Tom's Guide community! Recently, I've started to have problems booting up my MacBook Pro Mid-2012 with OS Mojave. When I press the power button, I hear the usual start-up sound, but instead of an Apple logo, the dreaded flashing folder with a question mark appears. When I looked...
  4. R

    Solved! how to encrypt data storage in pixel 4a phone ?

    Hi guys, There is an option to encrypt the storage in google pixel 4a? besides pin code and fingerprint scan. Thanks for the help :)
  5. S

    Solved! Samsung J7 Sky Pro. How to use the SD card as internal or how to force apps from internal to SD

    This question was asked before. I've seen the response and it doesn't work. I want to listen to more solutions. I can't believe there is no way to use the SD card as internal memory!! The solution I read was going to the SD settings and format as internal. I don't have that option. I can only...
  6. A

    Question Retrieve iPhone 7 plus storage of a dead iPhone

    Hi all, So my iPhone 7 Plus recently died. And I was too late to make a back up of it. The Iphone wont turn on no matter what I try. Even Apple support has given up on me. So I was wondering if it's possible to remove the storage from the iphone and plug it into something so I can retrieve my...
  7. C

    Solved! Alcatel 3L sd storage issue

    My Alcatel 3L froze last night and when I turned it back on my SD card could not be found. I had formatted it as internal storage to allow more space but now cannot access the data on it. When I try it on another device it is found but says it needs to be formatted. (will this clear all the...
  8. shingekichan

    Solved! Is ValueRam KVR24S17S8/8 by Kingston compatible with my Lenovo-L340 Gaming?

    Hello folks, I am planning to buy an additional 8GB upgrade to my laptop, I searched and they showed Kingston KCP424SS8/8 is the one compatible. I can't find it in online stores in the Philippines, but ValueRam KVR24S17S8/8 is available on the market. Is it compatible with my...
  9. J

    Solved! Acer A315-51-34V8 Storage and Memory upgrade

    I have an Acer A315-51-34V8 laptop and want to upgrade the storage and memory. It currently has a 128GB SSD I am planning to leave that there and use the upgrade bay for the secondary drive. I am not sure what would be the best way to upgrade the storage (I'm open to both SSD and HDD) given the...
  10. Norlando

    Solved! I formatted my sd card, how do I move pictures to it

    I formatted my sd card as internal storage on my moto g5 and moved apps to it but I can't move any media Can I not move both? Is it either I format the sd card as portable and only move media to it or I format as internal and only move apps to it
  11. admin

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  12. M

    Solved! Since putting a new fast SD card as adopted storage my power bar won't charge the phone and actually takes charge away. Is th

    Issues with latest Android system update and adopted SD card
  13. G

    Solved! Lost phone want to recover photos

    So I lost my phone on a night out and tried calling it it was turned on and all iMessages and whatsapp messages were delivering and then a couple hours later my data had been turned off but the phone was still on so I text the phone explaining it had all my daughters photos on and videos of her...
  14. X

    Solved! SD card formatted as internal storage but can't install apps

    My 32gb sandisk sd card is already formatted as internal storage.My original internal storage is 2gb but only have 780mb left because of system apps. When I tried to install a 900mb apk file it says insufficient storage. Also there's an option in the apps settings that moves the app to external...
  15. M

    Solved! How to change internal storage to add card on my xamie note 4

    How to change internal storage to sd storage to phone
  16. K

    Solved! How to set default storage settings in realme c1

    I want to set default storage settings in realme c1
  17. A

    Solved! Storage full must download some apps

    Device storage is full .need to download some apps .can't i download the app now .i have an sd card
  18. G

    Solved! Acatel fierce 4 SD issues

    So I put a 16g SD card in my phone to use as storage and my phone is saying it 15 mb but I know its a 16g
  19. A

    Solved! oppo a3s storage

    why my oppo a3s use only 8 gb storage then 16 gb ?
  20. W

    Solved! How to return to pre-sd card status ??

    I allowed android 7.1.1 to move default items to sd card instead of configuring card as internal storage. How do I return things to pre-sd card status so I don't loose anything when card is initialized or am I misunderstanding process? Thanks, Mike
  21. S

    Solved! Samsung Galaxy J5 Internal Storage

    Can the internal storage be increased?
  22. S

    Solved! My acer laptop went automatically went into a windows 10 update when it didn’t have the storage for it and not it turns on b

    My acer laptop automatically went into a windows 10 update without enough storage now it turns on but only stays on a black screen with the acer logo in the middle I’ve tried to take the battery out and that isn’t working what should I do
  23. E

    Solved! Moved photos from storage to SD card; lost chronological order

    I moved my photos from my phone's storage to the SD card. The moved photos do show up in my gallery but now they are all messed up. For example if I want to find a picture that was taken yesterday I have to search my whole gallery since it could even be mixed with my first taken photos from 5...
  24. B

    Solved! How to move aps from internal to sd card on zte z837vl

    Need to know how to move some of my apps from my phone internal storage to a SD card. It is a TracFone ZTE z837VL. I will also need to purchase the SD card.
  25. W

    Solved! Moto G 3rd Gen

    I use a Moto G 3rd Gen as my wife does. My wife and I have been with CC now for about a year. As you know the Moto comes with 8 GB internal memory/storage. When we first got the phones I added a 16gb SD card for more storage. I have never had a problem using my Desktop PC to download photos...
  26. C

    SD Card (formatted as internal storage) no longer recognised

    I have a HTC U Ultra with a 32GB Strontium card inside it formatted as internal storage. Last night my phone died and when I went to turn it back on the SD card was no longer readable. Is there any sort of fix for this? I can't access the SD card anywhere else to recover the files as it is...
  27. J

    Storage space required?

    My LG Tribute 5 phone says I need 88Mb to update or install apps. I show 380Mb in internal storage. Why is this?
  28. S

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite M645 - S4047 battery change

    I got this laptop since ~ 2014 and the battery passed away. Here are the specs of it: The codes of the battery are: pa3817u-1brs , pa3818u-1brs Voltage: 10.8, Storage: 4400mAh, 48Wh Unfortunately I...
  29. R

    How to Optimize the Storage Capabilities on a MacBook Pro

    MacBook are without a doubt some of the best PCs available right now both in terms of user accessibility and features. However, even the most powerful PCs can be slowed down due to being overburdened with files. Ensuring that your PC always has sufficient storage capacity remaining is crucial...
  30. C

    Solved! My LG-AS330 phone is running very low on internal storage.

    Hello, I have a LG-AS 330 cell phone. My phone runs on Android 5.1.1. My phone has a capacity for 8GB of internal memory, but I only have 300 MB of internal memory available. I have cleaned the cache, and I have very few apps on my phone. I do have a SD card installed but my phone doesn't use...
  31. T

    Solved! Apps and all downloads saved to Internal storage and not across shared (formatted) SD card

    Hi, I recently got a budget phone running Android 8.1 Oreo Go edition. It has 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. I didn't mind the limited storage because I intend to expand it using an 16GB SD card. I formatted the SD card as shared internal storage because it was a lot easier to have "one"...
  32. E

    Solved! Laptop won't turn on

    I've got a little aspire laptop and I've tried everything and it just won't charge or turn on anymore. I got a better one and id like to transfer music and pictures without buying a battery for my old one. Can they be connected somehow and can this be done without it coming on?
  33. W

    Solved! Oppo A3s Problem Storage

    how can i move my apps in the sdcard? and my android is Oreo 8.1.0
  34. R

    How to Increase the Internal Storage Capacity on your Amazon Fire Stick

    Amazon Fire Stick is a very important and successful product released by Amazon. This has excited the youngsters to a great extent as it gives them the opportunity to watch their TV shows or the movies on the big screen as well as play video games with the Fire TV Remote control. To accommodate...
  35. J

    Solved! My phones internal storage

    My phones internal storage is always full no matter what i do i moved every thing too my sd card but it still shows myy internal storage is full so i wiped my phone but it still shows my phone is full i dono what to do anymore my phonr is Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime +
  36. A

    memory saver stopped unfortunately

    my mobile showing an alert box like unfortunately memory saver has been stopped. And having internal storage issues
  37. G

    Amazon Storage Sale: Save Over 50 Percent on Samsung SSDs

    From USB drives to SSDs, save big on these Samsung storage devices. Amazon Storage Sale: Save Over 50 Percent on Samsung SSDs : Read more
  38. T

    Solved! internal_storage to sd_card

    Am using oppo a71k mobile.The mobile has Android 7.1.i cant change application in internal storage to sd card. S there is no option to change application.please help to resolve the problem. Give me any way to change application to sd card
  39. J

    Solved! How to transfer music from internal storage to an SD card for an Android smartphone

    I use mostly Pandora premium, you tube music soundcloud, and Google play
  40. T

    Did I damage my audio CDs with my space heater?

    I have a large collection of audio CDs stored in CD storage cases under my bed. I spent about 10 to 20 minutes doing some reorganizing in the bins after I had bought some new audio CDs and ripped them to my computer. I like to keep my CD collection properly categorized and alphabetized...
  41. R

    Solved! Internal Storage Running out

    My device name is Injoo i1s. it's saying that it's running out of internal space. In the storage sitting its total space is 2.95 gb, apps are using 465 mb and available space is 10.7 mb. I want to know what's gone wrong with the other space. I have moved all photos and videos to my sd card.
  42. R

    Solved! Samsung Storage issue

    Hi there! Please help me I have here a problem regarding storage issue particularly the Sd card issue on Samsung galaxy prime It always say's unsupported SD card and then ask it to format it and then when I formatted it, it says command failed partition disk, Combined with changing numbers from...
  43. Z

    Solved! How to change storage locatiin from phone storage to sd card for default storage

    Finding default storage in Oppo A3s
  44. L

    Linking SSD's caused huge increase in storage?

    Hi - I just connected a new 256GB SSD into a SATA chain along with a 128GB SSD (same brand and model). I formatted the drives as a single dynamic NTFS drive and now the total storage is saying 931GB. Have I done something incorrectly and should I reformat the drives again? If so how should...
  45. C

    Solved! Cannot update G50-80 to Windows 1809

    Running Windows 10 Pro, Windows Update does not display option for 1809 when checking for updates. How can I determine what the incompatibility is, Lenovo scan is showing all drivers as current.
  46. S

    Can I put 2.5” HDD on an SSD slot?

    I have H500p as my case and I want to upgrade my storage so I'm been wondering whether I can put a 2.5 inch HDD (from Seagate) on an SSD slot because I'm thinking of doing raid 0 set up with the two other hard drive bays. I need another HDD so I can put important documents in it without the...
  47. C

    Solved! i can't able to use SD card on other device since it is used as internal storage in past

    i can't able to use SD card on other device since it is used as internal storage in past on my device
  48. E

    Solved! how to set Internal storage to sd card Huawei y360-u31

    so i have my android device that is above in the title and when i put an SD card in and tell it to write to it it isnt working. is there any other option to set internal storage to sd card? because i cant find any.
  49. M

    Solved! I can't format SD card as internal storage

    I have infinix x559c hot 5 pro Nougat but this set is not showing format as internal storage I cant find At the bottom of the list you should see the SD card's details, including the option to format it and make it "Internal" storage. i find format only please help my.
  50. L

    Solved! 20 Gigs of Data in my internal memory?

    I have 32 Gigs of internal storage, it says that 29 Gigs are used. All of my apps, photos and videos are stored in my external Sd 16 gb card. I have 173 apps installed, all of which I downloaded to my external Sd card, which has 3.10 gb used of 15.93 gb. My default write disk, is my Sd card...
  51. J

    My computer won't update due to not enough space no matter what thumb drive or SD storage I try . How can I just start fresh a

    My computer won't update due to not enough space no matter what thumb drive or SD storage I try . How can I just start fresh and delete everything on it
  52. S

    Tablet Storage Full

    Heya, basically, I've had my android tablet for a good few years now, but for the last few months, it's been out of storage for no reason, to the point where it's barely usable, I've deleted nearly all my apps, only have some apps that I use, it says I'm using up 1.70GB on apps, nearly nothing...
  53. T

    Solved! How to set sd card as international storage in android nouget 7.0

    I can't set my sd card as international storage in android nouget 7.0 version( there is no option in sd card format as international)
  54. T

    Solved! In marshmallow that 3 dots are not available what can i do

    In marshmallow 3 dots are not available in storage>sdcard to convert the sdcard into internal storage
  55. R

    Solved! how to move apps from internal storage to external storage in micromax q391

    I cant move apps from internal (phone)storage to external (S.D card) in micromax canvas doddle 4 (q391) any suggestions or solutions can I get.
  56. L

    Solved! Can't have space

    In my mobile in internal storage there is no space and there are no files or apps even to move to sd card.but I have much space in sd card if I need to download app it suggests to clear a space what to do
  57. I

    Solved! Looking for a great helper

    Guys help me with my problem, I have an sd card and i want it to direct the download files to sd card or set my sd card as my internal storage. But neither of these is working. My phone is oppo a83 How to turn the "External" SD card into "Internal" storage - Option A NOTE: Please be...
  58. O

    I need to upgrade Asus Notebook K53SV

    I need to upgrade only 1.CPU now is intel core i5-2410M 2.30GHz can i change to intel core i7-2760QM 2.My SDD now is 500GB 2.5"SATA 5200rpm/7200rpm but didn't know what brand in side , I need your help so I can buy the right one. I just want only 1TB 3.Do I need to change Graphic card now...
  59. A

    Solved! how do l use sd card as internal storage on my samsung galaxy win

    how do l use my sd card as internal storage on my samsung galaxy win