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  1. D

    Solved! Restore camera's gallery storage

    I changed a lot of settings in my Samsung Galaxy, and messed up the photo storage. Now when I take pics they go straight to the DMIC (whatever) card, and not to the gallery. How can I get the phone to store them in the gallery again? Thank you!~
  2. M

    Google Play Services

    Google Play services has taken up around 2.5GB of storage in my phone. So, is it fair to CLEAR ALL DATA under Google Play Services? What type of data do these services store and what will happen if I Clear all data stored by these services? Solution Please....
  3. mrhotsharkable

    Solved! Help on deciding a laptop please!

    ASUS FX504GE-E4031T - £699 CPU: i5 8300H GPU: 1050ti RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Screen: 60Hz 15.6" ACER Predator Helios 300 - £749 CPU: i5 8300H GPU: 1050ti RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Screen: 144Hz 15.6"
  4. H

    How to fix " sd card unavailable " ?

    How to fix " sd card unavailable " ? I was transferring some files from phone storage to my 64gb sd card and the card was suddenly/unexpectedly removed ( i don't know why). Don't know what to do so I turned off my vivo y53 phone and turned on again, and it says "sd card unavailable. Can this be...
  5. A

    Solved! Sandisk sd card storage issue

    I have 32GB sandisk sd card in Lenovo phab 2 .. in internal storage there are applications allowed only .. while in SD card media to be downloaded is allowed .. but problem is that I have no media in card but still it shows 20 Gb filled and 9 gb available space only .. what is in this 20Gb data
  6. R

    Solved! SD card in Marshmallow on Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F

    Now that you have the external SD card set as internal storage on "Marshmallow"., how do you know how much storage you used and how much free space? I did this on my Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F and can see that data is going on the SD because the normal internal storage was reduced, ????????? What do...
  7. S

    Solved! HP Envy x360 13z Ryzen Additional Secondary Storage?

    Hi. I'm thinking of purchasing an HP Envy x360 13z with AMD Ryzen 2500U. It comes with a 256 gb SSD. My question is if I can add a secondary 2.5" SATA HDD and still retain the 256gb SSD? Is there space for a 2.5" HDD? Thanks
  8. I

    Solved! I go setting but i dont find

    I dont find three dots in storage
  9. M

    Solved! Why it is my internal become storage full? Although my sd card is 16gb.

    My internal storage always full. Although my sd card is 16gb when i move may apps to sd card does'nt move the other apps.
  10. W

    Solved! SD saying not enough space

    Please help me. I cant move apps to my SD card, says that I don't have enough storage on it but only 359 mb out of 1.80 mb used. I don't have spce on my internal storage(3.99 out 4.00). My phone is Qnet Levin V1 Android 7. 0 Nougat. Please. Its very laggy as I type this.
  11. M

    I purchased a song on Google play but it doesn't show on my library even when i try to search it from my file storage it's not

    I can not locate the songs i purchased on Google play store on my library and on my file storage. How can i find them?
  12. D

    Solved! How to change my sd card to internal storage on my zte nx573j

    hi im using zte nubia m2 lite , how to do it
  13. M

    Solved! How do you format SD card if it does not show up under storage?

    I added my 64GB SD card to my On5 Android 6.0.1 phone. My phone does not show SD card under Storage. How am I supposed to format the SD card????
  14. A

    Solved! How to set my sd card as internal memory in my samsung galaxy tab j

    How can i set my sd card as internal storage on my samsung galaxy tab j,,please help me
  15. N

    Solved! SD card as Internal storage

    I followed the instructions to use my SD Card for additional internal storage, now I can not see anything again in my gallery, tried to check its contents on desk computer, also found nothing, please how do I get back my data
  16. M

    Solved! Storage default settings

    What's wrong with this Samsung Galaxy Grand prime cause I can't find how to set storage to sd card.anybody got an idea on how to do it
  17. W

    Looking for a low storage game

    I need to get my games with no storage
  18. I

    devise storage not working

  19. W

    Solved! ZTE Phone problem

    My is saying storage is low , click here to do some cleam
  20. E

    Solved! i changed my harddrive do i need to put bthe shield back

    the harddrive in my Toshiba had a shield over the harddrive is this nessicary
  21. F

    Solved! About make faster loptop

    Hello ! I need talk about How to make Faster loptop Why i quescion it ? Pretty Understandable :) I got very old, slow loptop Hawleet Packward (Hp) or Compaq Presario C500 So please help me how to speed my loptop (Very Low Budget) : D
  22. L

    Solved! Looking for an answer

    Im having trouble with setting my sd card and use as internal storage in samsung j2core. Any help and suggestions from you?
  23. T

    Solved! How do I move anything toî my SD card, to free up my low 16 GB internal storage?

    I just want to move anything I have to storage. My cm security is being used 4 times a day, due to having no GB memory! I just want to keep anything I can on my Memory card. How do I do this from an Android PREMIER PRO PHONE? THANK YOU.
  24. N

    Solved! internal storage setup in

    I'm running in android 8.1.0 oreo version I want to set my sd card as internal storage, my phone is moto one power
  25. M

    Want to upgrade ssd

    Is it ok to upgrade ssd with samsung 970 evo 250gb - nvme pcle m.2 2280 ssd on my lenovo y520 151kbm i5 gtx 1060 3gb. 8gb ram?
  26. J

    Solved! Android 7.0 change default storage location to SD card for play store

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab a6, the storage is very low so I got a 64GB SD and I need to change the default download location to the SD but NOTHING I have found comes close to helping me.
  27. M

    I need help on how I can decode the memory card

    I was using a memory card as internal storage and I update from Android 7 to 8 so now the card doesn't work. How can I get it to work? I updated from phone's settings and update
  28. E

    How can I free up memory ? (i already deleted cache & apps, and I moved apps to SD)

    It seems that my Samsung J2 (android 5.1.1) phone just gobbles up memory (even when I dont do so much). I have 8GB internal memory. * Half is used by the system. * Almost half is used by me; even though I dont have that many 'apps' installed. * 450mb used up on miscellaneous files. (but...
  29. D

    Solved! Sd card malfunction

    My sd card reads and has music and photos but won't let me store anything now and i have over 15gb left of storage. How do i correct this problem?
  30. D

    Can't save images anymore

    I've got an Xperia XA2, when I try to save an image or gif from Google for example, a little window appears, telling me that the image was saved successfully (as it was before), however, it doesn't show up in my gallery/album. In none of the folders. It's been like that for a couple of days now...
  31. fernandaraihan

    How to Fix my Adoptable Storage (Samsung Galaxy J5 2015)

    Yesterday, i was flashed with this custom rom.. And then, in my notification bar, there was a notif "set up sdcard". i'm corious what is it, so i click it, and then i click format sdcard to internal storage. And then, my smartphone is normal and the storage up to be 32gb (i have sdcard 16gb). I...
  32. C

    Can I increase internal storage

    My sd card has been formatted as internal storage, can I get a bigger sd card and format it to be my new internal storage on Samsung J7
  33. R

    Which unnecesary software to safely remove from storage. As you can see i don't have much to begin with but would like see if these Toshiba programs can be uninstalled safely. I'm aware about MSI Afterburner and Acronis, well, Acronis suposedly makes the Crucial SSD i installed perform better...
  34. B

    SD card saying not supported

    I had an Samsung SD card formatted as internal storage and after resetting my device due to software failure it not says that it's unsupported is there anyway to get it to recognize it or to be able to recover the information off of it. I've tried taking it out and reinserting it and restarting...
  35. G

    Amazon 1-Day Storage Sale: Save Up to 78 Percent Off Flash, SSD Drives

    Amazon is slashing the prices on select SanDisk, G-Technology, and WD storage drives. Amazon 1-Day Storage Sale: Save Up to 78 Percent Off Flash, SSD Drives : Read more
  36. H

    i have an old samsung galaxy model sgh-t599. how can i use my sd card or merge it with the phone internal storage?

    how can i merge my sd card storage with my phones internal storage. i have an old samsung galaxy exhibit. model sgh-t599.. any advice?
  37. D

    To download movis from showbox to your internal storage instead of sd

    Hello om using a app thats called show box to watch movies but i like to download them to but every time i try downloading the screen says no room on sd card but thetes plenty of room because its brand new.So im wondering if you know how to make the downloads go to my eternal instead of to the...
  38. A

    Storage Problem Oppo A3s

    how to set up SD card as my default storage in Oppo a3s
  39. J

    What Storage do I Need?

    I’m currently looking for a laptop but don’t know what type of storage or how much of it I need. Over 5 years I’d probably have 100ish photos/documents in total. I wanted to try playing a few games as well (maybe 10ish) on my computer around that time as well. 1. Do I need SSD or HDD or both...
  40. D

    How to find 'hidden' used memory.

    How can I find 'hidden' section of memory that is still being used? When I open the phone (attached to my PC), I only get one folder labeled 'Internal Storage' . I went into the 'DCIM' and 'Pictures' folders and transferred all my pics and vids, but the phone still says only 3.75gb out of 8.15gb...
  41. L

    Lenovo Legion Y530 1TB HDD and 128G SSD stopped working, SSD only has 27G storage after Windows Reinstall

    I recently bought a Lenovo Legion Y530 (1TB HDD, and 128G SSD) After about a week of using it, I tried turning it on and it wouldn't leave the booting screen with the Legion logo. After attempting to get it fixed going to automatic repair and factory reset, nothing seemed to work, and I finally...
  42. F

    my samsung galaxy prime plus continues to say save social network content to sd card to free up internal storage

    my samsung galaxy prime plus continues to say save social network content to sd card to free up internal storage when i insert my sd card and everytime i unlock my phone it gives the same message,when i try to move the content the phone crashes
  43. M

    SD Card on Amp 3

    I have an sd card for storage in my Samsung Amp 3. Until last week, I could very easily move apps to the sd card to free up internal storage, without any problems. Now, I am getting an error message that the apps cannot because there's "not enough storage space". But the sd card has 30 gb of...
  44. D

    I want to change the storage location and move the stalled apps from phone to sd card OPPO A3S

  45. C

    SD picture storage.

    Hey there. I have an Alcatel 7 and am running Android version 8.1.0. I'd like to know how I can set my SD card as the default location for all my download, camera, and screenshot pictures. I've already checked to see if I could do this in the gallery settings and there's no option. I also went...
  46. S

    How to make sd card the main storage

    Please.How can I make sd card my internal storage to be able to receive files.My phone storage is filled and can't make my phone work normal again.if I try to move file to the card,it won't move but if some succeed to move it won't work or function again and to move it back to the phone storage...
  47. D

    Solved! sd card problems

    Hi i have formatted an SD card so it is internal storage but when I download something it says I have no room what can I do about this?.
  48. B

    LG Aristro Phone having storage space issue, any way to save it?

    Okay, here's the thing. I've recently been having Messenger issues (the chat head would crash in the middle typing a sentence to them, 2-3 tries to get it to work again) and someone told me it was a storage space issue. Yeah, I get that, had that issue for awhile now. However, the phone I have...
  49. A

    What is the storage identified as 'System' on my macbook Pro?

    I'm trying to significantly reduce what is stored on my MacBook Pro as I'd like to replace the 1TB hybrid drive with a 500GB SSD. At the moment, in About This Mac, the storage tab suggests that I have 220GB of storage occupied by 'System'. Can anyone tell me what this stuff is? The OS would be...
  50. S

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime issues: Storage space; 4G; can’t call out

    Hi, First-time poster here, hoping to find some advice. For a while now I’ve been experiencing some rather confounding symptoms with my smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. For one, there’s been a really irritating ongoing space issue. Even though I haven’t had the phone for all that...
  51. R

    Can't delete anything from my Android's SD Card! No space!

    Android HTC Desire, Sandisk Micro SD Card After downloading episodes through the Netflix app my phone and SD card ran out of storage. (14/16 GB Phone, 28.9/29.2 SD Card) I tried to delete the downloads through the Netflix app but I could not access my downloads, as the feature isn't available...
  52. K

    How to free up space and storage on my Elipsis 8 Android Tablet. Verizon wireless??

    How to free up storage on my Elipisis 8 Android Tablet Verizon Wireless. Have no room for updates
  53. R

    Using SD card as internal storage

    I'm trying to follow these instructions from user webworkings: How to turn external SD card into internal storage on "Marshmallow". NOTE: Please be sure you start with a blank SD card. It needs to be blank because when the card is converted to "Internal" storage, it will be formatted (wiped)...
  54. R

    storage upgrade hp 450 g2

    hey all, I've got an oppurtunity to purchase a hp 450 g2 (the i7 version), however it comes with a 1TB HDD. I could get a 500GB SSD through my work, but I have no idea if it will work with the laptop. Anyone knows if it's suitable? I believe it would be a PCIE 2.0 SSD
  55. S

    I am using Tecno W3 and the internal storage is very little. Given that, i want to change the storage from internal to the ext

    I am using Tecno W3 and the internal storage is very little. Given that, i want to change the storage from internal to the external SSD card. Can someone guide me please on how to do that. I will appreciate
  56. G

    Amazon 1-Day Storage Sale: Save Up to 65 Percent Off SSDs, HDDs

    Save big on SSDs, external HDDs, and memory cards. Amazon 1-Day Storage Sale: Save Up to 65 Percent Off SSDs, HDDs : Read more
  57. J

    How do i format my sd card to my internal storage on my ZTE Z917VL

    I am 14 years old and agree to to abide by the site's rules
  58. M

    How to transfers files from internal storage to SD card on mobicel R6

    How to copy files on phone to SD card on my R6 Mobicel????? Android Smartphone
  59. P

    Best site for photo storage WITH option for FOLDERS

    Hello. I am trying to find the right place to place this thread and this seems to be the best fit. I am really frustrated with Google's inability to store photos in separate folders. I have photos from ancient times that get stores in recent months that really shouldn't be. It clutters my...