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    How to make my SD card to be internal

    When I try to format my SD card as internal storage, the phone instead shows me to format it as portable. And my phone does not accept the transfer of files from internal storage to external. Please what should I do?
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    What m.2 ssd is this?

    This is my first time to upgrade ssd to my acer aspire e15 e5-575g-78sn. I don't know what kind of m.2 ssd should I put with it.
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    there is no three dots in the top right corner when i clicked the sd card

    i clicked the sd card in the storage settings and the sd card on the storage preview there was no triple dots on the top right corner
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    My Mobicel Rebel cellphone does not recognize my SD card, I had configured the SD card to Internal storage, weeks later I swit

    My Mobicel Rebel cellphone does not my SD card, this after I had removed the card from the phone and performed a back to factory settings reset. I had switched the off prior to removing the card.
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    How do i move internal storage to my LGL5VL to my SD card on a Android 6 or make SD card to be internal storage for all device

    My LGL5VL Android 6.0 I put 16GB SD card! How do i change it to internal storage, due to the 8GB that is the amount so I am having a storage out of space. Need to use SD card for internal storage. Can someone please help with this solution?
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    SD card issues

    I have a 16 GB SD card formatted as internal storage in my Nokia 3, I have only used 5.43 GB out of the 16 GB yet my device is displaying storage space running out ! I've tried to manually move apps from internal storage to the SD card to no avail. How can I create more storage space or move...
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    Weird SSD disappearing issues

    My laptop, the Lenovo ideapad y700, came with two pieces of storage space: a 100 GB and a 900 GB harddrive. The 900 GB hard drive, recently, has completely disappeared off my computer. It doesn't show up in any folders, and it doesn't show up in Disk Management. However, I will sometimes get a...
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    How do I make the sd card on a samsung J5 internal storage?

    I have installed a 128G SD card and want to set it as internal storage. The phone is a Samsung J5 running Android 6.0.1
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    Move apps to sdcard

    Can I move apps from internal storage to sd card on Samsung galaxy j3 prime, if yes HOW?
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    Looking for more storage on my LGL62VL

    My LGL62VL keeps running out of space. I hava a SD card but it doesn't seem to help. I tried upgrading to marshmallow but it wont work is there anything i can do to make my SD card to be my internal storage? Or how can i stop running out of space? PLEASE. HELP
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    Laptop under 1k $

    Hello everyone. I looking for laptop under 1000 $ with at least 1GB storage. Any suggestions appreciate. (Non topic question) Is Xiaomi Pro laptop worth buying?
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    is there a limit of how much memory is devoted to the sd card for apps to be moved to

    I have a Samsung s7e (32 GB internal storage) with a 256 GB sd card on it, of which only 14.2 GB is used. I had been moving the apps (that would allow it) to the sd card, but now am getting notice that there isn't enough room to move them onto the sd card. I can only imagine that there is a...
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    Can I put a bigger CPU in my aspire es1 731

    It has 500gb storage and 4 GB ram and a 1.6 ghz processor can I put a bigger processor in as a upgrade.. need higher for games
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    Blade X phone and SDcard wars

    Have 16 GB internal memory and a 14 GB SD card. Recently received "not enough storage" alert and many of my photos were gone. I enjoy taking photos and bought a 64GB SD card so i could store them better. I first formatted the card as portable storage and noticed my camera on the phone and a...
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    Storage Problem .internal

    I have a samsung galaxy j2 prime phone...i have only 8gb internal memory..i want increase it by format sd card as internal storage...but there is no option for that... android version is marshmallow 6.0.1 please help me i have only 2gb space to to fix this issue?
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    Vivo Y69 10GB missing internal storage

    Hi. Please help me. My Vivo Y69 has supposedly 32 gb internal storage how ever 10 gb was missing and it turned out that the missing 10gb was transferred to my micro sd card w/c before has 4 GB and now has 14 GB. I really don't how it happened but I am hoping that someone can help me. Thankyou.
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    How to move internal storage to SD card for L58VL 2R

    Want to move internal storage to SD card to free up storage space on STRAIGHT TALK L58VL 2R ANDROID 6
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    Does the acer nitro 5 have expandable storage

    I want to buy a laptop and i chose the acer nitro 5 for its good specs and price. But then I saw its 1050ti version only has 256gb of ssd storage but I want at least a terabyte of storage
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    LG K10 (can't format sd card as internal storage

    Why I don't have the option of format sd card as internal storage. I only can find the format option in "setting" My Android is 6.0