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  1. C

    How do I set up the default location of downloads to external SD on my elecost tablet?

    Storage & USB option not showing
  2. S

    How do I send Apps to the SD card?

    My Asus tablet is about 5 years old and I can't get any previous solutions given to work Igo on the apps icon and apart from 3 on the SD card the 'send to external storage' is greyed out . How can I get more apps onto the SD card
  3. S

    Does anyone have MSI GP63 Leopard-428 ?

    I'm planning to buy this laptop Link It's a special laptop from newegg so I can't find much info about it. Does anyone know if it has additional M.2 PCIE SSD slot? I have found some GP63 Leopard that doesn't have extra m.2 pcie ssd...
  4. F

    Looking for Online Photo storage with Location map

    Is there a online photo storage that will show the location of photos in an album on a map? Like Picasa use to do/does but online not locally stored. It would be great to have say 20 pix in a album and a map showing those 20 locations at the same time
  5. E

    I dnt hv any such apps except for wats app nd fb.....still i dnt hv storage to install any apps

    Wen ever I try to install any app it shows no storage space......though i move all d photos nd videos to sd card......nd i dnt hv any apps except for wats app nd fb.....
  6. M

    How can i make my sd card to default storage on oppo A71 that is an android version 7.1.1

    I've been trying other ways but it doesn't work
  7. G

    Moto G4 giving low space when still has loads of space left!

    I've had my Moto G4 for years now without issue. I've always had a 120 Gbt micro SD set up as internal storage to combat the small around 10 gbt stock memory and it's worked great until now. I've googled everything and tried everything and nothing will work ........ So randomly a few days ago I...
  8. A

    storage problem s7 edge

    I have a problem that i moved my apps from internal storage to SD card but the system still saying i dont have enough storage and for example in apps area it says i have 10 GB used while i moved at least 6 GB but still no way i can manage this problem i need enough storage but i cant do anything...
  9. P

    Stylo 2 doesn't have SD card option

    I am trying to put an SD card into my stylo 2. When I go to settings/storage there is no SD card option. It's like my phone doesn't support them yet there is a slot for one. The only option that has anything to do with an sd card is "encrypt SD card"., otherwise I see nothing else pertaining to...
  10. S

    To set SD card as default storage

    I couldn't set SD as default storage in my Vivo Y71 phone.
  11. B

    what is a good forensic software to find hidden / deleted files?

    after 15+ years with none, i've now gotten three calls this year from spouses looking to find nefarious files on their significant other's pc. i know nothing about them, so, i'm hoping for some direction in that kind of software. as always, THANKS!!! berbes
  12. mcan226

    Planning on buying home set of recording cameras. Need Help and advices.

    Hi, everyone. I need to install some recording cameras for my house. I have my eye on this set. My main doubt is about the storage. Some reviews say that it does include an internal 1 tb HD. Others say that it doesn't. In case of the latter, how can I storage the recordings? Do I plug an...
  13. B

    searching for the answers

    i am no able to download apps on my android yet my internal storage and SD memory is 8GB each .how can i do? My storage does not read internal storage it only reads SD memory ?
  14. R

    HD appears and disappears

    I bought an MSI GF63-8RD recently. It has a 1 TB HDD and a 128 GB SSD. 3 weeks after I bought it, I am experiencing some problem with the HDD. When I switch on my laptop, the HDD is there but after a minute or two it disappears. If I put my laptop to sleep then wake it up again, the Intel rapid...
  15. M

    Does my laptop support m.2?

    My laptop is acer e5-575g-553r. But I couldn't find info regarding this model. All I could find was about e5-575g. Does that include mine? and are there different types of m.2 ssd`s that I should consider?
  16. S

    Storage cannot be found under settings onmy Galaxy Grand Prime Plus. Why not??

    I am trying to change my SD Card to be used as internal storage, but don't find the storage file under my settings. I don't have any storage on my internal storage left. Thanks in advance
  17. A

    PIXI4 extended RAM

    Hi, here is the question: When you format SD to internal storage, does it means what it also will be used to extended RAM? If not, is there other way to extended RAM? For example format part of SD to specific partition so that software would understand it as extra RAM?
  18. D

    Note 9 change pic storage --Solved--

    Note 9 how to switch camera storage default location? Option seems missing or forgotten. Older fourms for phones do not work at all with note 9. Can't find ANYTHING on this. Wanting to know how to change taken photos from camera from SD to internal or mostly were the option even is. Seems to be...
  19. E

    i3-6100U with SSD or i5-7200U with no SSD for battery life?

    Hi all, I've been trying to find a new laptop for uni this year and have narrowed it down to two possibles. My requirement s have been long battery life (around 6+ hours for lectures) and minimum graphic capabilities for casual gaming (sims 4 only.) I have a gaming PC at home so I go 'cold...
  20. G

    How to transfer files from SD Card to Nova 3i Internal Storage?

    Can someone help or tell me how to transfer my files from my old SD Card to Huawei Nova 3i internal storage? Thanks :)
  21. J

    Pls help. My app will reinstall the memory in the internal memory eventhough i switched it to the sd card

    I moved my app and all the memory to the sd card but it still reinstalls the memory to the internal storage. So now I have 2 copies of the memory. 1 in the internal and 1 in the sd card. I want my app to be in the sd card.
  22. G

    ASUS_Z00LD failure of using 16gb memory card

    I have ASUS_Z00LD phone and the internal storage was already full and i tried the to use the 16gb memory card but unfortunately i can't set it up. There's no internal storage in the settings of memory card. Your response will be a great help for me and will highly be appeciated. Thank you.
  23. N

    storage space in iphone 5s

    hi. i have iphoe 5s with 12 GB/, 10.3.3 version of IOS/ when i enter the storage space in the settings it tells me i have only about 200 MB free but when i look at the place all the apps takes - the sum is even not 3 GB/ i deleted almost all the music, deleted my mail account and even the mail...
  24. R

    how to move internal storage to sd card

    would like to move internal storage to sd card
  25. C

    can i not set sd card to default storage?

    I've found that people can do this on their phones if they have at least android 6.0. I have android 7.0 and my phone is the samsung galaxy j7 2017 perx model. But when I go to storage, I cannot find any option to set SD card ad default. Does Samsung not allow users to do this? I do not like...
  26. S

    How do I set card as default storage in Android 5.1.1

    No upgrade for Lyf wind 6 So I tried to change default storage but can't do that in Android 5.1.1 Please help
  27. R

    How to Increase Storage in Your MacBook Pro

    No matter how much space your Mac comes with, you’re probably going to want more. Be it pictures, movies, songs, documents or games, you can’t just delete them all. But how do you keep them without upgrading your entire system into a more expensive one? Don’t worry. You can get more space on the...
  28. S

    I have Android 5.1.1 Oppo R7kf, How do I set my SD Card as Default storage when there's no available options to set it?

    I have Android 5.1.1 Oppo R7kf, How do I set my SD Card as Default storage when there's no available options to set it?
  29. Y

    HP Envy Ryzen

    Hello, my hp envy x360 AMD Ryzen's internal storage is 256 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD, I wonder is it possible to upgrade it from 256GB to 1TB?
  30. M

    How to root my infinix note3pro

    I can'move app. From internal storage to SD card
  31. L

    How do you find system storage?

    I am looking how to go on to system storage on my phone
  32. D

    Main Storage Not Available

    On my Android 6.0 tablet, using a file manager, my main (internal) storage shows as "not available". I can't open it to see any files. When my SD card is in, IT shows as the main storage. Thank you
  33. D

    How to setup SD card as default storage.

    Hello, I was having problem with my Lenovo A369i (android version 4.2.2) phone. I can't manage to setup SD card as my default storage. I have about 1.2g on my phone, I put my SD card in in, which has 8G. And when I try to download something it says my storage is full, even tho i have 8G SD card...
  34. J

    I have a Samsung Galaxy tab A Android 7.1.1

    When I go to settings, there is no Storage! I have an st card from my previous Samsung Galaxy tab A 2015 whose battery will not hold a charge, so replaced. That I want to wipe and reformat for my new device. But Storage is not listed under Settings???
  35. D

    Adaptable storage can't find files

    I recently purchased a 128 gb micro SD card for my ZTE blaze from MetroPCS. And I formatted it correctly and made it in to adaptable storage (internal). And I then proceeded to migrate my files over but when it finished migrating over I can not find any of my photos, music and videos. But the...
  36. G

    Synology Hydrid RAID file system recovery

    Hello Everyone, I was running a DS218+ with only 1 disk configuration. Everything works fine. Recently while I was adding a secondary HDD as SHR, my house had a power failure and the NAS rebooted. After the reboot, the previously installed HDD (call HDD A) was not accessible anymore. The...
  37. A

    How to set sdcard as internal storage in Sony Xperia m4 aqua

    Because my Sony Xperia is always no storage I try to reset and I transferred the apps But still no storage
  38. S

    i moved files to sd card .now i cant find pics in gallery . how to fix my problem

    cant find files in gallery after moving files from device storage to sd card. how to move back to device storage . any other way that i can back up all files help me out
  39. A

    Asus X556 Series SSD

    Hello, I have two questions from those who have an Asus x556 and tried to upgrade their storage? first is in those models that have Ssd+Hdd together,like x556uq, where is the second drive? they replaced optical drive or both storage can fit in Hdd place? i searched all related clips in youtube...
  40. N

    A3s oppo storage

    Is there any way I can downgrade my Android a3s to marshmallow so I can have that feature where we can format it to internal storage?
  41. J

    How can I set my SD to primary storage on a Galaxy Grand Prime Plus

    How do I set SD card to primary storage On a Galaxy Grand Prime Plus
  42. A

    I can't figure out why my photos won't be recovered after deleting them

    I went to settings>storage>other, then I selected everything and hit delete. I'm ok with most of what I lost, its just the pictures I want back. The issue is that when I go to Gallery,then to deleted pictures and hit restore it tells me that the files cannot be recovered.
  43. W

    moto g 3 sd card only visible for about an hour after reboot.

    I have an issue where my moto g3 sd card shows up for a while after restart then vanishes without any warning. It is formatted as internal storage. Photos, video on it are visible after reboot then it doesnt appear on 'storage' nor are the photos visible. Previously it used to at least say SD...
  44. W

    SD card has been changed to internal but phone says not enough storage for downloads

    My Android phone is driving me crazy! I have 8gb internal and an 8 gb sd card that has been set as internal. The SD card has over 7gb of space but when I try to download an app it says insufficient space. The pictures and apps I have are on the SD card. I just can't figure out why it won't...
  45. F

    how to change download storage to sd on my huawei lua u02

    cant change thew download storage on my huawei lua u02
  46. M

    how can I activate Android star k23 internal storage of 32 gig to work

    My android star k23 has 32 gig internal storage when I downloaded xender app it detected that my phone has 1.5gig and right now I am expirencing insufficient memory storage each time I want to download
  47. P

    How to change storage setting in infocus vision 3

    How could i change my storahe setting in my infocus vision 3 As i searched i didnt get any way to solve it
  48. G

    How can i get back my pictures that has been cracked after i moved them from the internal storage e to the sd card ?!

    I have a Huawei mate 10 lite phone and the problem happened after i transfer the photos from the internal storage to the sd card .... The photos has been cracked and didn't open again
  49. B

    How do I make my SD card default storage for all photos on LG stylo 3?

    I have a new LG Stylo 3 on Total Wireless. I can not format the SD card as internal storage, it must be restricted by LG for total wireless so it is formatted for photos and files . It does not give me the option in formatting to format as internal. That said, I want to make my SD card the...
  50. G

    Transfer entire Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Oreo to SD storage????

    How can I transfer all images in Gallery on S7 Edge to the external SD card? The images in Gallery include downloaded images??
  51. C

    J5 unable to set SD card as default storage.

    So I just bought an SD card for my galaxy J5 because the internal memory is just 8gb. The system takes around 3.5gb and the pre-installed apps take 3.7gb. I literally have no more space to install any other important apps or music to my device. Even after disabling and uninstalling updates to a...
  52. L

    How do I move my internal storage to the SD card on Huawei Y6

    How do I move my Internal storage to the SD card on the Huawei Y6?
  53. A

    Why my phone alcatel pixi 4 internal storage running out?

    I just only usage 3.9GB, why already running out? The capacities is it 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM? Please advise how to smooth my problem.
  54. M

    I have used my SD card as internal storage and I have removed it from the device and formatted the device now I am trying to f

    i have used my SD card for internal storage but for a certain reason I have removed it from my device and I have formatted my device and now I am putting it back into the device but it is not working so please tell how to reuse it as a portable storge?????
  55. A

    Storage space used by System software

    I looked at the Moto G6 as well as the Nokia 6.1 at our local Best Buy store. One thing which I noticed is that the Moto G6 uses about 6.7 GB for storage for the category "System" whereas the Nokia 6.1 uses close to 11 GB. If the Android in Nokia 6.1 is a purer version of the Android Oreo, why...
  56. A

    How do I set me SD card as the default storage location on Nokia 3

    How do I set me SD card as the default storage location on Nokia 3