Want to upgrade ssd

Nov 9, 2018
Is it ok to upgrade ssd with samsung 970 evo 250gb - nvme pcle m.2 2280 ssd on my lenovo y520 151kbm i5 gtx 1060 3gb. 8gb ram?


That's apparently a fast SSD but unless you use an application that can take advantage of it, which is rare, you would be wasting your money so I'd save on a slower (closer to 600MBps sustained) either to save money or get a larger capacity.

I can't think of many applications that benefit frankly. Some video editing programs?

You can buy a Crucial MX500, 500GB model for about $80USD:

Here's a list of other M.2 2280 SSD's: https://pcpartpicker.com/products/internal-hard-drive/#f=122080&sort=ppgb&m=12,32

You can filter by size then list by price per GB or whatever but IMO the best choices, unless you NEED faster, are MX500 or a Samsung EVO though double-check the specs since I think the Samsung 970 EVO 250GB model is only 300MBps for writes (varies by both model AND capacity).


You can get a 250GB 970 EVO for 7 dollars more, so why wouldn't you? On a laptop I can't imagine most people really need a 500GB drive unless they're storing their game files on the same drive, which might be a really bad idea. I'd put them on a secondary drive and then also back them up on an external drive.

My 970 EVO seems to make everything faster, not just sequential operations. Which it should, since the random OPS are about 200,000 OPS higher than the next closest SATA SSD. I'll concede that not everything is going to be faster using an NVME drive, but it sure as heck isn't going to make ANYTHING slower.
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