Question Asus X550VX RAM Upgrade

May 9, 2022
I have an Asus X550VX from 2017 with the following specs:

Intel i7-6700HQ
Nvidia GTX 950M
8GB of 2133 MHz Micron RAM (1 slot)
Samsung 860 Evo 250GB SSD

I was thinking of adding another 8GB (2400Mhz) -

I currently use the laptop for typical uni stuff (Computer Science) and Gaming.
I am also planning to start video editing soon.

Is this upgrade a sensible one or a waste of money?

Thanks in advance


Using a simple tool such as Task Manager, you can monitor your PC and see if your RAM is filling up too much. Although many applications will just use more than they need to. In terms of age, in my opinion your PC is not too old for a RAM upgrade as the specs are not bad at all. However, consider that in a few years your laptop will probably not be able to handle modern heavy-duty tasks. That said, $34 is not bad at all.