LG Aristro Phone having storage space issue, any way to save it?

Oct 14, 2018
Okay, here's the thing. I've recently been having Messenger issues (the chat head would crash in the middle typing a sentence to them, 2-3 tries to get it to work again) and someone told me it was a storage space issue.

Yeah, I get that, had that issue for awhile now. However, the phone I have is at least 2 years old, has 16 GB internal storage, has a brand new MicroSD 32 GB Card in, and no matter what I did (transferring apps onto the card and such) it barely even budged the storage space. 14.97 GB used and I only have a bit leftover to really get by on anything.

Even after individually clearing cache on apps, transferring vids/pics to OneDrive, don't have anything running in the background, just got rid of the cleaning apps, got rid of apps I don't use anymore, and it still barely budged on the storage space. Of course, not all apps will go on the SD card, which is annoying as it is.

Even my mom's phone has a similar issue, but her's is a Samsung Galaxy On5 with 8 GB internal storage and is a year or 2 older than mine. She barely has anything or even use it for it to take up so much space!

So I guess what I am asking, is there really no other way to get more storage space on this phone? It's still relatively new and I honestly don't want to buy a new phone just because of this issue. Do I have to do a factory reset or something? This is really frustrating.
Please help and thank you for reading and hopefully solving my problem.

Sincerely, Frustrated Phone User
Oct 25, 2018
When my phone do not have enough space then I put SD card I had done internal storage and migrate data then I go to Google play store for downloading the app but it still shows you don't have enough space but in my device I had download only 6or7 apps and my device is Nokia2
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