Solved! Alcatel 3L sd storage issue

Jul 16, 2020
My Alcatel 3L froze last night and when I turned it back on my SD card could not be found.

I had formatted it as internal storage to allow more space but now cannot access the data on it.

When I try it on another device it is found but says it needs to be formatted. (will this clear all the data on it??)

I have some irreplaceable photos of my dog who recently died and google back up hasn't seemed to be working so hoping there is someway I can get the images on the SD card back.

I have tried multiple recover software but getting nowhere.

I had thought about clearing the external storage cache but again worried this will clear the settings and mean the files are lost forever.

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Keep in mind that the card may be encrypted, when formatting as internal storage the phone most likely encrypted the card, so any other device that you try to read the card at would just see scrambled data and will tell you the card needs to be formatted. Without a backup or finding a way to get the original phone to read the card there may not be a way to get anything off that card. This is why having backups of files is important, once the storage fails it's too late, unfortunately many people end up learning this the hard way.
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