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  1. C

    Solved! Alcatel 3L sd storage issue

    My Alcatel 3L froze last night and when I turned it back on my SD card could not be found. I had formatted it as internal storage to allow more space but now cannot access the data on it. When I try it on another device it is found but says it needs to be formatted. (will this clear all the...
  2. Crystallynn88

    Solved! Alcatel TCL LX

    According to the manual i can only use a 32gb SD card with my TCL LX. I was wondering if anyone has tried to use a 64gb SD card with it and what the outcome was? I need to buy a replacement SD card and really want to upgrade to a 64 but I'm not sure if it will even work considering the max in...
  3. P

    Question Alcatel A574BL not detected by computer (USB)

    Hey, this is my first post. So I want to root my A574BL with KingoRoot, but when it gets to 90%, it hangs there for a few seconds and then returns an error: ROOT FAILED 0x14f5d1. When I search the error nothing appears. They then suggested me to use the PC version. So I went to grab my...
  4. E

    Solved! accidently deleted photos off alcatel onetouch pixi3

    accidently deleted photos off alcatel onetouch pixi3 how do i get these back please if anyone knows
  5. C

    Solved! Google locked alcatel7

    So I just bought a used phone from somebody on Craigslist, well when I paid for it he just kind of rushed the transaction later on I was trying to set up the phone and it's Google locked!!! Does anybody know how to get passed this please! I've tried looking it up but it is not helpful
  6. C

    Question Transfering photos to pc

    unable to transfer photos from my alcatel 3v to my pc. When I try and transfer my photos via it connects with my phone but can't find any photos!
  7. S

    Solved! Need some help

    My Alcatel 1t7 screen froze and I have tried turning it off but it just went into safe mode. How do I fix it?
  8. R

    Solved! I have a Alcatel TCL LX got to cold and died and now it won't power on or even charge

    My Alcatel TCL LX died from getting to cold while I was out side the other night. That was almost 2 days ago. It still won't power on or even charge. It seems to not even register when I plug it in because it won't vibrate like it use to when I'd plug it in
  9. S

    Unlock Alcatel phone A577VL

    Can I unlock my straight talk Alcatel phone, model no. is A577VL?
  10. F

    Solved! Can't find my number on a Alcatel 2038x

    How do I get my number up on a Alcatel one
  11. F

    How do I unblock a punk block on a Alcatel 2038x

    How do I unblock a puk on a alcatel one
  12. C

    Sim network unlock pin for att Sim with Cricket phone

    Need sim network unlock pin for my a tt sim card with my cricket Alcatel phone
  13. L

    Solved! Alcatel 3V phone I cant find the delete BIN

    I know the Bin is there somewhere but I cannot find it again
  14. S

    Solved! My Alcatel Fierce 4 won't turn on battery died light blinking up in the left corner and Battery cannot be removed what do I do

    My Alcatel Fierce 4 won't charge battery died and now whenever I put it on the charger that indicator light just blinks at me it's a non-removable battery what do I do???
  15. G

    Alcatel One Touch 768T does not see all folders on SD Card

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, but my phone is not a smartphone and I couldn't see any options for classic flip phones. So I have an old Alcatel One Touch 768T. I put some music on the SD card and at first everything worked properly. However yesterday I've added some more folders...
  16. J

    alcatel onetouch A621BL "straight talk" unlock?

    How do I unlock a alcatel onetouch A621BL from "straight talk" ?
  17. M

    Solved! Android Jailbreak free

    How can I jailbreak my Alcatel _5044R 7.0 version
  18. M

    Solved! How do I send my photos and apps to my sd card on my Alcatel _5044R

    How do I send my photos and apps to my sd card on my Alcatel _5044R
  19. G

    why is my alcatel cell phone that I just got is overheating????!!

    why is my alcatel boostmobile cell pone is overheating???? is supposed to be new!!
  20. A

    Solved! Questions about troubleshooting my at&t phone

    My phone Keeps saying access denied when I try to go to a website and can't watch any videos on my alcatel AT&T phone
  21. K

    Solved! replacing glass on Alcatel One Touch Flint

    How to replace the glass on Alcatel One Touch Flint
  22. C

    Unlock metro Alcatel for att

    I need to unlock my MetroPCS phone it's an Alcatel Fierce I needed to work on AT&T prepaid because when I went into the service they told me I would have service at my house I have coverage and I don't so I've already bought the phone I need to use it on another company
  23. C

    Solved! SD picture storage.

    Hey there. I have an Alcatel 7 and am running Android version 8.1.0. I'd like to know how I can set my SD card as the default location for all my download, camera, and screenshot pictures. I've already checked to see if I could do this in the gallery settings and there's no option. I also went...
  24. M

    How can I set a password on my Alcatel phone?

    I have a new Alcatel 1 phone. What kind of security can I use to prevent unauthorised use of the phone?
  25. V

    Solved! How to find an alcatel 0700 wifi security key

    I would like to access a connection security key for ALCATEL 0700
  26. D

    Solved! My tablet wont let me do anything keeps asking for e card

    I have an alcatel tablet 8063 i didnt have a memory card in i want to transfer my photos onto my computer how do i do this.It keeps coming up asking for an e card dont know what that is.
  27. A

    How do I find out how much credit I have on my phone?

    I have an Alcatel Onetouch 1016G phone but I cannot find how to check my credit.
  28. T

    my alcatel go flip isn't detecting my 64 Samsung microsd card at all, why?

    it's a Alcatel go flip phone. with an 64 class 10 evo Samsung micro sd card. the phone isn't detecting it.
  29. B

    My "i"key and"r"key will not respond when pressed

    My "i" key and "r" key will not respond when pressed on my Alcatel pixi4
  30. S

    alcatel fierce 4 lights up when charging but won't turn on

    i plug my phone in to charge, charge light lights up, try to turn phone on on, nothing
  31. J

    Alcatel Cameox Phone... Researching Rooting Possibilities

    Have just one manual for rooting this phone... Filled with caveats. Additionally there is little to be found on actually rooting this phone. Not in a hurry but it is embarrassing how few responses come from posting. My reading suggests that "KingoRoot" would be the leading solution but the...
  32. Q

    Alcatel sprint unlock

    Sim unlock code
  33. M

    How to switch to system memory with my Alcatel 5044R

    How do I switch to system memory with my Alcatel 5044R
  34. A

    hisense tv and is not a smart

    Have a hisense tv and is not a smart how do I mirror my Alcatel one touch to the tv without WiFi. I have mirascreen
  35. L

    My alcatel raven lite safelink phone

    When i call my family inmediatelly is a message that the phone i am calling dont anwser the calls right now, i call 10 times and is the same. Please help me, i had assurance service before never had problems.
  36. A

    How can I find a plan for a phone I don't know the previous carrier? Phone is A621BL model Alcatel Onetouch

    How can I find a plan for a phone I don't know the previous carrier? Phone is A621BL model Alcatel Onetouch. The phone does not have a SIM card and will not show me anything on the phone.
  37. J

    Solved! Does my alcatel one touch A564C have a SIM card?

    Does my Alcatel ONe Touch A564C have a SIM card? Can it be unlocked?
  38. A

    Why my phone alcatel pixi 4 internal storage running out?

    I just only usage 3.9GB, why already running out? The capacities is it 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM? Please advise how to smooth my problem.
  39. J

    Lost ring for incoming calls and messages on Alcatel idea xcite.

    Phone worked fine for first couple of days then all notification sounds stopped. Only one week old. Never dropped or gotten wet. Can someone please help.
  40. 1

    My Alcatel One Touch pixi Avion won't register my sim card at set up and I have no Wi-Fi to get past the menu screen. What can

    I'm trying to get a new Alcatel One Touch pixi Avion to boot up and it won't read the sim card. I have no Wi-Fi to get get past the menu screen so what can I do?
  41. P

    Solved! Compatable what network

    Is alcatel a30 fierce metro pcs is it compatible with straight talk
  42. X

    How to fix Alcatel tablet

    My tablet started flickering then it just turn blank and it won't come back on
  43. B

    How to get my Alcatel to go past the attached sysble

    Get my phone pazt attached symbol
  44. C

    Solved! Five digit texting

    How to text to a 5 digit number with Alcatel 564C phone?
  45. A

    Texting with Alcatel 3XL

    Why do my text messages from my Bank come with the heading from Tesco Mobile? I see a message from Tesco Mobile ... open it and it's actually a message from someone else. Eg My Dentist or Bank or Littlewoods. Why aren't my Littlewoods texts being notified to me with Littlewoods? Please help if...
  46. I

    It want let me download more apps to my Alcatel phone why?

    It want let me download more apps to my Alcatel phone I. I wanted know if I add a memory card will it let ne add more apps
  47. A

    How to get network key for alcatel T mobile model OT-606A

    Looking for network key for alcatel t mobile model ot 606a
  48. M

    I had to factory reset my son's Alcatel phone and how its asking for a Google account and we don't remember it. What can I do.

    It tells me thst I need to put in a Google account and we don't remember it.
  49. I

    how can i open my alcatel phone

    i forget my password on my phone that s why i cant open my phone
  50. G

    Solved! Micro SD Card

    Is Micro SD Card Formatted by alcatel does not recover its data even after using recovery software? Help Please i put a 8gb Micro SD card in it that was full my Cell said to format if i want to use it and me like a idiot that i am thought ok format it i will use recovery software later so i...
  51. W

    Need help with WiFi

    I have an Alcatel Pulse I was wondering how can I merge my service on my phone to my vizio smart tv? I don't have WiFi? Can I.still b able to connect it to my TV?
  52. B

    What if all you have is black screen cant Navigate you do anything

    I realize that Alcatel aren't the best phones but this black screen on my phone just got there without me knowing i set it down to charge an went to check messages an now ive been 24 hours without phone
  53. E

    How to turn off safe mode on my Alcatel tablet

    How to turn off safe mode on my Alcatel tablet?? I tried to turn on and off the tablet that didn't work
  54. G

    Alcatel Revamps Its Smartphones with Supersized Screens

    With ultra-wide displays and advanced cameras, Alcatel’s budget smartphones are guaranteed to turn heads. Alcatel Revamps Its Smartphones with Supersized Screens : Read more
  55. C

    Alcatel A463BG phone

    What does default mean under the SOUNDS setting on my A463BG phone ?
  56. C

    What's the best backup procedure before factory restart on Alcatel a30 Fierce with Android 7.0 nougatt

    What is the best procedure for system backup without a laptop or computer before a factory restore on an Alcatel a30 Fierce running Android 7.0 nougat
  57. B

    12vdc charging problems

    My inexpensive Alcatel Fierce2 phone's battery will last for 2-3 days easily if just left in the car not attached to anything. However if I hook up the 12vdc charger to the phone, it will charge while the car is running but if left overnight (still attached to the 12vdc charger), the phone...
  58. A

    Okay so I have an old Alcatel and a Sony CD cfd s50 how do I make my phone work to play music on it

    I need to know how to hook up an Alcatel to a Sony CD player it's a cfd s50 I just plug in the auxiliary cable and it doesn't work