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  1. O

    how to use the alcatel pop 4 plus back space key in browsing a wesite

    I bought a alcatel pop 4 plus on black Friday from bestbuy. There are three keys at the bottom at the main page. However, when i open a web page, there is only home key in the middle showing there. The other two keys (the backspace key at the left and the square key at the right) are missing...
  2. J

    Solved! How to transfer photos from deactivated Alcatel to galaxy 5

    How can I retrieve my photos from a deactivated Alcatel phone and transfer them to my Galaxy 5 phone
  3. T

    Code Déblocage Alcatel OT-228

    svp clé réseau alcatel ot-228 provider : 228x-2CTZTN1 IMEI : 860504011904794
  4. A

    how can i transfer a at&t to a Alcatel onetouch model A564c that has no sim card

    i have a at&t prepaid phone i want to transfer it to a Alcatel one touch that has no sim card
  5. S

    Alcatel phone says. Can't connect when wi fi says connected. What do I do

    Trying to set up An Alcatel phone with no sims card. Have a strong wi fi signal and says it's connected. When I try to go to next step it says it couldn't connect. WhT is wrong and what do I do
  6. W

    how do i move apps on a alcatel fierce 4 to sd card

    i want to know how to move my internal apps to sd card there is no option in app settings
  7. H

    how i can recover photos of alcatel 6.0

    Last Night suddenly i deleted some photos in how i can recoverd. plz tell me
  8. D

    Issues with app installation into external storage on Alcatel Elevate

    I have an Alcatel OneTouch Elevate running Android 5.1.1 with a 32GB microSD external storage. Despite having 330MB free space on the phone and 27.44GB free space externally, i keep getting prompted with a menu to delete apps when i try to install an update for chrome. The menu lists all the...
  9. N

    My Alcatel one touch goes to a black screen and does not allow me to use the touch pad when making calls. have to turn off the

    My Alcatel one touch goes to a black screen when a call is answered and cannot get the touch pad back up. I have to power off to end the call and if I need to leave a message I cannot press 1 to talk etc. because the touch pad is unavailable
  10. J

    Storing and playing my own mp3 files and podcasts on Alcatel Idol 3

    I'd like to be able to load some of my own music, as well as some podcasts onto my Alcatel Idol 3 phone. I have a 64GB microSD card installed. How do I load those music and podcasts onto the phone, and what app do I use to listen to them?
  11. J

    Storing pictures on Alcatel One Touch Idol 3

    When I take a picture with my Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 and save it, is it stored on the phone's internal memory? If so, how can I get it to be saved to my 64 GB SD card? Can I set it up so that they are saved automatically to the SD card (ideal
  12. antigeekess

    Put a 32 GB SD Card into my Alcatel Pop Icon, still getting "Insufficient Storage." :(

    How do I get the phone to a.) recognize the card, b.) move apps to the card, and/or c.) download new apps to the card. It's as if it's not in there at all. Totally useless thus far. Thanks.
  13. S

    Sim slot permanently. Blocked gow do i unblock it

    Alcatel pop star 5.1 got unlock code from tesco but still says sim slot permanently locked. Any help
  14. M

    Alcatel sprint sim code

    Help me please sim unlocked Alcatel one touch sprint
  15. S

    What size sd card should I use in my Alcatel pop4 need quite a big size for all my apps and downloads.butvlast sd card I put i

    What is correct sd card for Alcatel pop4.last one I put in said it was incompatible..I need quite a bit of storage for my apps etc..
  16. S

    Password bypass Alcatel obama

    http:// can I enter an alternative on SOS or anything without hard reset
  17. C

    How can I move installed phone apps to SD card automatically Alcatel pop c9

    how can I move my phone apps to SD card automatically Alcatel pop c9
  18. D

    How to transfer/download apps to External SD card on Alcatel IDOL 4 Icon?

    How to transfer/download apps to External SD card on Alcatel IDOL 4 ? Andoid 6.0.1.
  19. C

    My Alcatel phone will not charge. The light flashes but it will not power on.

    Will not charge/power on
  20. C

    meed more help moving apps

    I have an alcatel one touch pop icon and I have followed all the instructions including installing Lucky Patcher and I have become a "developer" but it still will not allow me to move anything to the sd card! It shows that it recognizes the sd card and there is a button there but it is not...
  21. A

    Pdf. .doc reader

    I have a relatively new Alcatel 1 touch idol 3. I get documents in my email Like pdf. .doc snd others that i am unable to read I am new at this. Whst do i do to read these? Thank you
  22. S

    why am i running out of memory on my alcatel pop 4?

    I have formatted a 8gb sd card as internal storage but when I try and re download files on to my phone that are only 1gb in size it says I am out of memory?
  23. M

    How to active a Alcatel one touch without a sim card

    Can I active a Alcatel one touch without a sim card model number A622LJBS1
  24. C

    How to switch from internal storage to system storage on Alcatel Pop 4

    How do I switch from internal storage to system storage on Alcatel Pop 4 ??
  25. C

    Alcatel pop 4 system storage

    Hi, I've just bought an Alcatel pop 4 with 8gb of internal memory. I have no photos or videos or music stored in the phone, however the system storage claims to be 5gb. I've got almost 3gb worth of apps stored in the internal memory (they're all the ones I can't move to the SD card for some...
  26. B

    How to get password for Alcatel one touch prepaid phone

    Forgot password to Alcatel one touch phone
  27. S

    Alcatel Pixi One Touch 3(10) not showing move to sd card. Help please

    Hello, I have a problem with my tablet Alcatel Pixi One Touch 3(10). I have a SDcard but when i go into settings and apps there is no "move to sd" button or anything. It just shows clear cashe, disable, etc... I can move my pictures to the sd card tho.. Please if someone has a solution just tell me.
  28. L

    Alcatel fierce One won't read SD card

    My Alcatel fierce One won't read SD card,was working fine then just recently it started saying it's not reading an SD card/ please insert sd card, I can't download sertain apps because of it and won't allow any camera to be used and photo and video is not detected. What do I do? Is it fixable? ?
  29. D

    How to recover browser history of phone

    Trying to recover the browser history on my ALCATEL any help would be grateful
  30. C

    Alcatel One Touch SD slot

    If you CANNOT move apps to the SD card in the Alcatel One Touch Pop Icon, then why is there a slot for the sd card in the phone.
  31. W

    Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 - Any way/best way to move apps/data to SD card?

    I have an Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 (running Lollipop). It's spontaneously restarting more and more frequently - usually when I'm right in the middle of something. How can i move installed phone apps to the SD card to free up internal memory? Many threads recommend removing the SD card and...
  32. Y

    alcatel onetouch idol 3 will not power down

    I swipe the screen to access phone and nothing. I have pressed the power button and the volume key to restart and nothing. It refuses to let me in and refused to shutdown. How can I gain access and or shut it down and restart
  33. F

    How to Update Androi Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ?

    Hello !! I am using a Alcatel Idole Alpha, and running Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. I I'd like to Update my device, because I can't download some apps like " MSQRD " (face swap). It says that my device is too old. The best exemple we found was on Snapchat. I can't make videos longer than 3 sec or...
  34. Q

    Tablet rebooted no battery charge

    After Alcatel pop 7 tablet rebooted, I thought it was charging ok , then realised it was only reaching 5% then totally discharged. Won't come on after powering up using 2 power buttons.
  35. M

    Why no external storage on a Alcatel cell phone

    How do I get more storage
  36. G

    Need help transfering pictures and apps to SD card on Alcatel one touch tablet

    I am trying to have both my pictures and my apps saved to my SD card on my Alcatel one touch pixi 7 tablet I have a 16 GB external SD card in my tablet and it's pretty much useless I have no option of move to SD card on anything even the moveable apps I have tried the app2sd apps and nothing...
  37. B

    how do I root alcatel on pixi 3 (4) with without pc

    how do I root alcatel on pixi 3 (4) kitkat with without pc
  38. L

    My Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL It Shuted Off And Won't Turn Back On HELP Me Please!!!!

    To explain my sitiuation i was watching a movie on my on my phone my phone was getting hot while charging and then poof it shuts off when i try to turn it back on it does nothing i tried everything but nothing work its has a non removable battery please help me please comment your ideas ASAP
  39. S

    install wp on alcatel pixi 3

    hello my name is James wanted to ask if I CAN INSTALL WP ON Alcatel Pixi phone 3 according to the official website Alcatel is compatible with WP
  40. K

    I forgot my user name and password to my Google account my Alcatel one touch and was factory reset it want let me back in my p

    Locked out my phone.. Somebody stole it factory reset it... Well I got it back and it ask me to enter my Google account user name unfortunately I don't remember it and not sure how to retrieve it use in my wife's phone and accounts??? Please help me out thanks
  41. L

    SD storage on pop

    How do I put internal storage to my SD storage on my Alcatel one touch pop
  42. S

    Alcatel one touch idol 2 big problems.

    Hello everybody! First of all thanks in advance for any help I may get! Now let me explain the thing happening with this cheap s**t I bought some months ago. First of all it was almost great for the money I paid, except it was kinda slow.So I found a way and started using apus which actually did...
  43. M

    How to set sd card as default on Alcatel onetouch

    Sd card help
  44. N

    How can I move installed phone apps to sd card to free up internal memory on Alcatel One Touch with kitkat?

    I just bought an Alcatel One Touch Pop Icon phone with very little internal storage and it already has a low storage warning and now many apps cannot be used. I installed a microsd card, but because of the kitkat problem not allowing apps/files to be moved to a card, I cannot move any apps to...
  45. C

    deleted photos from phone

    I have a Boost View 5.0 Alcatel One touch phone and deleated my photos by mistake can any one help me get them back. Regards Cheryl Madison
  46. D

    How do I convert my Alcatel one touch to a galaxy s 3

    It's a Alcatel one touch
  47. J

    My Alcatel smartphone wont turn on or charge.

    I was given an Alcatel smartphone (I dont know exactly what kind of Alcatel smartphone) The problem with the smartphone is that it wont turn on or charge, the smartphone is used, when I received the phone it was already not working and I was told it was the most likely just because of the...
  48. K

    can i lock my alcatel one touch without service

    Trying to lock my alcatel one touch phone it hasnoservice n was stolen by someone i dont want them to have access to all my personal info
  49. T

    Why won't my phone turn on after a factory reset?

    Hi guys, I have an Alcatel One Touch Idol X. I did a factory reset but then it suddenly turned off, the battery was at 75%. I tried to turn it on but the screen won't even turn on. I tried charging it but the LED light won't turn on. Is there a fix to this?
  50. M

    How do I restore my contacts on Alcatel OneTouch.Fierce 2

    I just go a new refurbished phone, the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2, I did backup all my contacts, now I need to know how to restore them on my replacement phone Thankyou Margaret
  51. X

    Alcatel OneTouch storage error

    I have an android Alcatel one touch A654C running Tracfone and I need help. I have a 2 GB SD card and no move to SD button on my phone. I cannot install apps, and I need help. Please help me.
  52. N

    phone Continuously on and off

    hi everyone... I really really need your help.. my phone keeps on turning on and off whenever I place my battery.. When I place my bat, it shows the alcatel logo and then turn off then shows again the logo then off.. then it repeats until i remove the battery.. my phone is alcatel one touch pop...
  53. K

    I lost an Alcatel DL 700 phone can remember my email but u forget my password

    I lost my Alcatel DL 700 phone and I can't get back NY contacts my email address is [email removed] is there anyway I can back up my contacts
  54. L

    rooting a554c one touchtouchà

    Looking to route Alcatel One touch
  55. R

    sim network unlock pin code for ot 990

    wat is the sim network pin code for a alcatel ot 990 fone
  56. K

    Désimlocker mon téléphone Alcatel text edtion 152 by SFR

    Bonjour j aurais voulu savoir si vous pouviez me trouver le code de déblocage pour un mobile alcatel text edition by sfr s'il vous plait. IMEI: 357560040683312 merci d'avance
  57. L

    unblock internet connection from alcatel phone

    Where is it?