Issues with app installation into external storage on Alcatel Elevate


Nov 13, 2016
I have an Alcatel OneTouch Elevate running Android 5.1.1 with a 32GB microSD external storage. Despite having 330MB free space on the phone and 27.44GB free space externally, i keep getting prompted with a menu to delete apps when i try to install an update for chrome. The menu lists all the apps on my external storage so im very confused as to why my phone thinks i need to delete any of them and why i cant just install into the 27Gigs of free space i actually have. Any help would be appreciated
That is very odd, as unless you have rooted the phone, you should not be able to install apps on the card. To run apps from the SD card requires you be running "Marshmallow" aka 6, unless, as I said, the phone is rooted.

If it is rooted, standard assistance won't help you. You would need help from the "Rooting, Jailbreaking & Unlocking" Forum.