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    Amazon Sale: 65% Off SSDs, HDDs, More

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    Solved! invalid dynamic disk when accessing old 1TB SATA to newer laptop via external dock

    thanks in advance for any help. I have an old desktop machine i'm parting out. I want to keep the data from it's secondary data storage disk drive and access it with a different windows system. There is no OS on this 1TB SATA drive (wd caviar black). So i removed the SATA from the desktop...
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    Solved! how do I fix the download failed because the external storage is full for knights of the old republic on kindle fire

    I was able to successfully download it from amazon but when I got to play it the download failed because the external storage is full I have deleted some stuff but to no avail
  4. R

    Solved! An app doesn't move to sdcard even if the move button is available

    Even if I try moving an app to the external storage, it doesn't bring its data with it. The fact that it has lots of megabytes of data (and more later on) makes it even worse.
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    Solved! how to move apps from internal storage to external storage in micromax q391

    I cant move apps from internal (phone)storage to external (S.D card) in micromax canvas doddle 4 (q391) any suggestions or solutions can I get.
  6. M

    Apps in external storage

    Some apps with more than 100 MB size stored in external storage are performing very slow in my android phone. Whereas when they are moved back to the internal storage they are doing extremelt well. My phone runs on Android Oreo. Any suggestions?
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    Solved! Which SD is good for Nokia 5

    External storage is not works SD card is not working
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    Burning DVD video without laptop/from usb

    I have a lot of family videos that I have recorded onto DVD in .vob format using a VHS to DVD recorder. They need some editing so Ive spent a month purchasing, downloading and uninstalling many editing programs, searching web for answers about formatting options and burning discs that won't play...
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    Did all the steps correctly but still download is not taking placee on sd card

    I want to download an app on 1.47 gb and my external storage has more than 29 gb free but my internal storage is full , I want to download it on external memory and I have tried the ES File Explorer but still I cant download it on external memory. Please tell how can I resolve this issue.
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    Windows 10 does not recognise my Samsung S7

    Ever since the last Android update my Samsung S7 Active is not recognised as an external storage device and now I cannot transfer videos to my PC. MTP keeps failing and Picture Transfer Protocol only recognises JPG Image files not mp4's. ??
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    How do I play music from my sd card on a LG Q6

    Google play is set to external storage and still doesn't find music.
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    Solved! How to store videos and images to external storage

    My phone is showing memory full and I still have memory in external storage, so how can I store in my external storage
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    Ellipsis kids tablet external storage issue.

    How do you set the default download location for Apps on the Ellipsis kids tablet? The model number is QTASUN2. Every app I download goes to the internal storage even though the SD card is set up for internal storage as well.
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    help me help

    My phone storage was showing internal storage and external storage but today i am not able to see extenal storage in my phone st9rage it shows only internal storaje but not external ,even the images which were about 2600 are also not visible in the gallery .what shall i do please say me.
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    how to move app from internal storage to SD CARD vivo y65 1719

    I dont know how to Move app in vivo 1719 "Nougat" From internal to external storage
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    recovered pictures with recuva and saved in a box, but i don't know how to recover them now

    I run recuba to recovery the pictures i cancelled for mistake, selected the picture i needed, and recovered in a box in an external storage. The pictures are all there but I am not able to open them, can you suggest a way?
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    Whenever I try to copy or move files from my phone memory to the SanDisk external storage , the copying process gets failed ha

    Whenever I try to copy or move files from my phone memory to the SanDisk external storage , the copying process gets failed halfway. My phone memory is about to be full and I need to move some files onto the SD card. Why is this happening? Please help!. IM USING A XIAOMI MI A1 RUNNING ON...
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    Internal storage to External storage.

    On my Samsung Galaxy J1 Android, my SD card is setup as Internal storage, I want to change it back to External storage. But don't want to loose my apps and files, I have in sd card. How can i move my apps, files and data, from my Internal SD cars storage, to External storage. Can anyone help me...
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    How can I install games from playstore directly to external storage

    When I go to instal a game it all ways says delete apps ton free more space and I have a 32GB SD card but it won't let me install it because it all ways wants me to install it on my tablet storage please help me
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    how to make my external storage into internal GALAXY Grand Prime

    I can't make my SD card internal pls help.
  21. K

    External storage ASUS zenpad Z500

    Going for an expedition in some months. Will bring some cameras, my pad and have a need to store pictures and movies from my cameras SD cards. How can this be done? Is it a good way to connect a hard drive to the pad and transfer my data?
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    nextBOOK suddenly can't find SD card

    I have a nextBOOK tablet running Marshmallow version 6.0.1. I've been using a 32GB SD card since I bought it (less than a year ago.) All of sudden, it can't find the SD card external storage. It will be working fine, then suddenly my playlists have "no songs," can't find books, etc., and...
  23. C

    To switch internal storage to external storage

    I am running out of space need to switch internal storage to external storage
  24. D

    Moving apps to external storage (memory card) permanently

    I have the Samsung J7, my problem is that my apps won't stay on my external drive (memory card). How do I prevent them from going back to my device's internal storage?
  25. A

    looking for external storage for LenovoPad TB3-850F tablet

    I have tried a Sandisk 32GB micro disk that did not fit. Any suggestions.
  26. S

    How to swap internal storage to external storage in smtv561

    How can i make my external storage to internal storage for smt 561 thx
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    How do I make downloaded files go directly to SD card and clear phone storage - Blu R1 HD

    I have 16GB memory card in my phone still play store says that there is not enough space when I am about to download an app. I have turned my external SD card into internal storage by formatting it. However, even though it is basically empty and I have moved the few apps that could go on it...
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    Reboot won't work

    Anoc 10.1 won't update I've factory reseted then rebooted! Won't read internal storage, or external storage I cant find adb side load on Google play?? All because it said there was an version update! Updated rebooted now nowtAnoc 10.1 won't update I've factory reseted then rebooted! Won't read...
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    how to connect external storage to cloudbook 14

    i have an aspire one cloudbook 14 and want to add storage with wd easystore. how?
  30. S

    Looking for laptop

    I need a good bcheap laptop that I can stream stuff from my main PC to. Needs to have USB 3.0 (for a hub to connect headphones, keyboard, mouse, external storage, etc), 8gb of ram (minimum), hd screen (1080p is best but 720p is okay), internal storage isn't important due to using an external...
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    The Best External Hard Drives for PS4 and Xbox One

    Looking to easily expand your console's storage? Here are the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One. The Best External Hard Drives for PS4 and Xbox One : Read more
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    How to enable install on external storage SD card on Xperia C1

    Dear gents, I am fighting with annoying problem! I have traversed several forums for solution. They advised to enable app install at external SD card. But once I hit settings>enable external storage there is no such option in storage menu. But funny thing I have my mini opera app installed...
  33. K

    No play, just dumb questions

    Bought new pc. Clicked on DVD. "Choose app". Did so & installed. VLC just keeps asking: What would you like to do? v Use external storage as media library v Copy media to the internal storage This in no possible way makes any sense to me. I would be expecting: v Play v Rip And none of the...
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    Lg l62vl external storage space

    Who do I use external storage space for apps
  35. G

    Android phone won't me transfer apps and games to external card

    I recently got a smartphone and I bought an external microSD for it (32gig) but for some reason it won't let me transfer apps to the SD. It has enough space and the option to move the apps is there but I get a message stating there isn't enough space on the card. The card is completely empty so...
  36. K

    Storage issue, need more, is external storage possiblity?

    purchased: CUK MSI GE62 Apache 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (i7-5700HQ 16GB 256GB SSD 1TB 7200rpm HDD NVIDIA GTX 960M 2GB Windows 10) for my son last Christmas. He now says he can not play new games, that the computer does not have any more storage. How can I increase his storage?
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    Issues with app installation into external storage on Alcatel Elevate

    I have an Alcatel OneTouch Elevate running Android 5.1.1 with a 32GB microSD external storage. Despite having 330MB free space on the phone and 27.44GB free space externally, i keep getting prompted with a menu to delete apps when i try to install an update for chrome. The menu lists all the...
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    Download things directly to an external source of storage

    I am trying to download extra files for a game on my laptop and it says the disk is full, so I went out and bought a terabyte of external space and I don't know how to download files directly to that external storage space. Please help and thank you.
  39. S

    How can I get all games and apps from Google Play to go to external storage on onto my SD card from this tablet

    Can't get my games off the tablet onto my SD card please help
  40. J

    Using your external storage

    I don't know how to set my music to my SD card
  41. S

    Apps to SD card

    I need to know how to move apps from internal storage to a micro SD card. Because what is the use of external storage if you can't use it? My phone is an LG K10.
  42. M

    Moved downloads to external storage but still using internal storage

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab a, I won't to run everything off external sd card storage to save internal storage. I've downloaded bbc I player and moved the application to sd storage. Everything I'm downloading for my holidays is going onto internal storage... why? How do i change this?
  43. Z

    My Galaxy S5 will not run apps from my sd card

    I have moved several apps to my external sd card using the "move to external storage" button in the applications manager. When I did this, the icons became gray generic Android icons and when I tap them, I receive an error message that says "application not installed." I am running Android 5.0...
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    How to fix a corrupted SD card

    SD flash memory is about as convenient as external storage gets. It’s solid state, very small, comes in large capacities, is cheap and getting faster all the time. However, like any technology, things can go wrong. So if you need to fix a corrupted SD card, this post is for you! SD cards can be...
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    Asus UX501 external storage options

    Just ordered an Asus Zenbook UX501VW for photo storage and processing and have concerns about the lack of storage (1-512GB SSD). With the USB Type-C Gen. 2 with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 port there seems to be plenty of options. Any suggestions or experiences with external ssd or HDD?
  46. M

    Why no external storage on a Alcatel cell phone

    How do I get more storage
  47. A

    Why when i try to move an app from internal storage to external storage it says that there isn't enough space on my sd card wh

    Can't get movable apps to move to sd card. It says "not enough space "? I have like 27 gigs free.
  48. A

    can i install the 64 gb of sd card but my phone only support up to 32 gb

    i want to install 64 gb of sd card in my external storage phone but my phone only can support up to 32 gb only..how wiil i did it...please help me guys..
  49. K

    There is no option of move to sd card, how to move apps

    my external storage or sd card have 4 gb free but i m not able to move because my apps are not really moving in it pls help and also when i try to move apps the option move also doesnot come
  50. V

    How to make an external SSD into a internal one and use it for OS?

    Can you change you external storage device into a internal one by playing with the drivers?
  51. G

    how to update su in recovery mode if Adb and external storage disabled?

    how to update su in recovery mode if Adb and external storage disabled?note 4, android 5.0.1, rooted successfully. Installed superuser and it asks for updating su.in recovery mode there are ADB and external storage update options, but that both are desabled. What should I do? Thank in advance.
  52. K

    How to install apps directly to the external storage without rooting on Samsung Galaxy Young S6310?

    My phone does not have the option of moving apps to Sd card or installing them directly there. My phone is not rooted and I don't even have a PC. What to do?
  53. D

    Storage Problem on Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

    Hello I tried to download Heartstone on my Smartphone. I had enough storage to download the file but not to install it (apperantly). I can't seem to find where the file is located but it does use 650 mb of space. I also wanted to ask if i can take the sd card as the default download location.
  54. S

    I have connected an external storage device to my new MacBook pro but the operating system isn't recognizing the device's cont

    Connecting an external storage device to my new MacBook pro but the operating system isn't recognizing the device's contents. It asks whether I want to format the device. Why might this be happening?
  55. G

    external storage on sd card

    how do i set download games from google play directly into external SD card on android table. i have an android tablet and my internal storage is full. i try to tell it to go to sd but it will not.
  56. B

    how to install apps in external storage

    How to install all apps to external SD card
  57. O

    fix insufficient space on external storage

    When i try to download a game it will tell me insufficient space on external storage
  58. J

    how to switch your internal storage into external storage

    I want to download stuff directly to my sd card not my phone
  59. A

    i dont have move to external storage option in my galaxy core vat 2 do

    i dont have move to external storage option in my galaxy core vat 2 do
  60. E

    Convert ExternalSSD to Internal SSD

    Hello, I am new on this website although I have used this forum many times to get useful information. I am building my own desktop computer using an external Western Digital My Passport Storage Drive USB 3.0 / 1TB (it is a ''Basic'' My Passport formatted NTFS for Windows 7, 8) and obviously an...