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    Question How do i delete the files from the "Others" category in storage?

    The "Others" category probably contains unremoved cache, failed downloads/updates, failed backups, etc... It doesn't matter whether I download or delete files/apps. the amount of free space always decreases. Even if I just use the phone and don't download anything, the amount of free space will...
  2. J

    Solved! Curtis DCR8335 DVD/VHS recorder combo- Question?

    Hoping someone can help me here. I want to use the above machine to copy some old VHS tapes onto DVDs. Does anyone know if I can record MORE than 1 tape onto a DVD if there is still free space available on the DVD? Or, am i limited to just 1 tape per DVD, regardless how much space it takes up on...
  3. K

    Asus tp200s reset

    When I attempt to perform a reset, I get the message “Additional free space is needed on the drive where Windows is installed. Free up some space and try again.” I’ve deleted everything I can find but still says the same thing. Please instruct me as to how I can get past this.
  4. K

    Freeing up space

    I have a Z750C phone. I was trying free space so I clear8 some cache. My stora6 went from 312mg to 107mg. It did the opposite. Instead of freeing up space it used it up.
  5. D

    There is not enough space on local disk C. Increase the amount of free space and try again.

    i cant install the feature update version 1803 even with my external hard drive. the local disk still needs 4gb of space. I have a hp stream 14 with 32 gb ,i tried disk cleanup temp folders and everything help will be appreciated thank you.
  6. tarmiricmi

    BitLocker drive encryption questions

    Hello, I have two PCs that I wish to encrypt with BitLocker (system drive encryption). Windows 10 64bit 1607 on both PCs, identical 256 GB SSDs with similar free space. On first PC, encryption went OK. It offered me to save a password (or whatever that is). There is no option for BitLocker...
  7. T

    What are Hangouts?

    I'm trying to free space on my Moto G. I don't know what Hangouts are. Are they crucial? Can they be deleted/uninstalled?
  8. B

    Can't install Windows Server 2016

    Well. What the title says. Everytime I try to install Windows Server 2016 on a 165GB partition it won't let me, saying that the partition does not count with enough free space (even though it is 100% free space). I have 2 physical 465GB HDDs in my computer partitioned like this: DISK 1 -System...
  9. H

    "Not enough space on SD Card" despite 121GB free space

    I have a SAMSUNG phone. Of my 125 GB SD Card, I have used 4 GB. This is also correctly shown in the Settings-Storage. However, when I now try to save anything to the card, I get the message "Not enough space on the SD Card", or with smaller files "Your SD card is almost full. You may not be...
  10. C

    My galaxy core prime is out of storage ,anything I can do to free space before buying a SD card?I plan to download alot more m

    Galaxy core prime download ing from NAPSTER to Googleplay w/Googlechrome.
  11. D

    Issues with app installation into external storage on Alcatel Elevate

    I have an Alcatel OneTouch Elevate running Android 5.1.1 with a 32GB microSD external storage. Despite having 330MB free space on the phone and 27.44GB free space externally, i keep getting prompted with a menu to delete apps when i try to install an update for chrome. The menu lists all the...
  12. C

    HTC 626(s) and Facebook Storage Issue

    A few months back my phone had to do a system update. (It's on 6.0.1 right now.) In that update, all I could notice is a slight change to where things were located in the Settings. Except, I can't move Facebook, Tumblr or Youtube over to my SD card anymore after the update to save space. How...
  13. S

    cCleaner free Space Wipe problem

    im on win 7 64 sp1 enterprise .. i used cCleaner's wipe free space feature and the 50 Gigabytes of the system partition is gone and cant get it back .. i tried to move some files their size were around 35 gigabyte so i should see that there is 35gb freed but there was only 20 gigabytes . this...
  14. P

    HDD not mounted after Erase Free Space

    HI everyone, I urgently need help. I went into recovery mode because i wanted to coean my MacBook Pro. Then I chose Disk Utility to delete the other partitions I had and I chose after the normal "Erase" also "Erase Free Space". AFter it finished to erase free spwace, some hours, I came back I...
  15. A

    Storage shredding vs filling up the device on Win 7 and later

    As the title says, I am curious about the difference between shredding and maxing out the space of HD, flash drive, and other storage devices using Windows 7 and above. When I shred files, of course the files are hopefully unrecoverable or at least mostly. I hear that this is because the...
  16. T

    There is not enough space on local disk C. Increase the amount of free space and try again.

    I have 148gb of free space on C. and the program im trying to install is really small
  17. D

    Can my laptop run GTA 5

    can my laptop run gta 5 without laggy at all. i have: intel inside core i3 4gb ram 87 gb free space and i have windows 8.0 please help me!!
  18. K

    Play Store Error

    I have a LenovoA369i And it has a 8 gb sd with 6 gb free space but when i install any app from the play store the eroor comes that the app cant be installed because of inssuffiecient space
  19. G

    How to Earn Free Space on Dropbox

    Dropbox has revolutionized the way how files are stored by allowing individuals and businesses save their files in a single hub on the Internet. However, if you have a lot going for you, especially for businesses, the initial free 2GB isn't enough. If you want more space you have to upgrade to a...
  20. technoboyhrishi

    Create partition Without Data loss

    how to create a partition in exciting partitioned drive without being data loss ? means my hard hard drive is fully partitioned and no unoccupied space is available as unused but can i partition another drive using free space of other drives ?
  21. G

    Getting rid of "invisible" fraps files that take up disk space

    Before fraps, I had 150.8 GB of free space. Ever since I had fraps, whenever I delete the videos (plus empying out the recycling bin) and defragment my hard drive, I end up with 1-2 GB less space than when I had fraps but did not use it yet (and each day, when I record and delete the files and...
  22. N

    Skype full disk problem

    Hi! I have had problems with my Skype for a while. I couldn't uninstall it so I had to find the files and remove it manually. Now that I have done that, I can't install it. My main disk is D and I always have like 12mb free space on my C disk. Basiclly, I start the installer and select language...
  23. H

    hi frnds my memory card is not working properly when i insert it into my phone it shows 0 free space and 0 gb but my card as c

    windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (code 43) card
  24. R

    Auslogics reducing free space

    I ran a defrag last night and my free space was reduced from 104 GB to 96,6 GB.Does it keep temp files or sth and how do I delete them?Any help appreciated!
  25. E

    Can't reinstall windows

    Hello, I wanted to reinstall windows, but i can't reinstall it. When i try to it says that there is not enough space on the system partition? But i have alot of free space :( I have tried on all drives .. Even the full free one says no .. Pic of the drives & Partitions ...
  26. P

    How to get unallocated space instead of free space

    how can i get unallocated space instead of free space???
  27. T

    Hard drive capacity shrinking!

    The laptop came with a 70GB hard drive however over the past 10 weeks i have lost about 500mb from the total capacity (Not free space, total capacity!)
  28. A

    How to create multi section on dvd using lg burning tool

    how to create multisection on dvd so that next time i again can use free space on dvd.
  29. exfileme

    4Sync Cloud Storage Launches with 15GB Free Space

    4Sync is now out of beta, offering 15 GB of free cloud storage and a chance to earn 25 GB more at no additional cost. 4Sync Cloud Storage Launches with 15GB Free Space : Read more
  30. S

    Any public free space to store contacts like zyb

    hi, earlier there was a web site called where i used to store my contact, and i use to get all those contacts when i lost my mobile or change it. The site is not available, I would like to know is there any such web site available to store contacts safely.? regards sagar
  31. S

    How to shred free space on Nikon camera

    I have some personal photos on a camera I deleted, but I learned that the photos are actually still present but hidden in the background as free space. So how can I shred this free space? I tried FileShredder but it didn't detect my camera. Note: my camera is a Nikon Coolpix L11. ... With the...
  32. joe2cool

    Erase The Contents of Free Space?

    Hi erasing the contents of 'free space on your hard drive' as well as giving you extra GB, security of erased documents etc, will it actually improve the performance of a PC? Also how often is it safe to do this? Thx
  33. R

    Cant install microsoft office 2007 not enough space where wants to be installed?

    I have downloaded Microsoft office 7 to my PC (the files). I have Windows XP SP2 as an operating system. When I go to click on the instillation I get this pop up message.... "the install location you selected does not have 1734mb free space. Free up space from the selected location or choose a...
  34. G

    Defrag detecting 300gb hard drive

    even after defrag of hard drive, drive c and drive d, when i reboot and look at what i would think should be updated free space, it is not showing me that when i gain access to that area... why? shouldn't i have seen an increase in my free space after defragging those areas???
  35. G

    How to get unallocated space instead of free space

    How do i get unallocated space instead of free space in windows 7
  36. G

    63% installed and got stuck

    Hi, I'm trying to install RON on my toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 laptop. Im almost past halfway through it but on the 63% installation part I got an error message saying that I do not have enough free space on my hard drive, though I'm pretty sure I got 2gig of free space. Please help.
  37. G

    Unused space on HD - how to determine.

    Archived from groups: (More info?) How can I determine if there is free space left on my HD for additional recording, i.e. I am losing programs after only 2-3 days. Since I only have 8-10 one hour programs on my list to view, how can I be running out of HD space and...
  38. J

    Symbol PPT8846

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone could tell me what the free space was that I could use on the 8846. The website tells me there's a 32 and 64MB version. Assuming I get the 64MB version, how much free space do I get ? (64MB -...