cCleaner free Space Wipe problem


May 30, 2016
im on win 7 64 sp1 enterprise .. i used cCleaner's wipe free space feature and the 50 Gigabytes of the system partition is gone and cant get it back .. i tried to move some files their size were around 35 gigabyte so i should see that there is 35gb freed but there was only 20 gigabytes .

this thing is driving me mad and i cant find a proper fix online and cant recover the deleted free space MFT files or whatever they are .. ugh !

i need your help pls to recover the lost free space .. cuz i wont reinstall windows and fyi : no restore points exists and the recycle bin is empty .

Bit confused about what happened, are you saying the free disk space is lower than it used to? Or are you missing files? Hard to make out exactly what happened from the post.


OK, so if you don't need to recover files you just need to find where the free space is. Open Disk Manager and post a screenshot of your drives.