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  1. A

    Solved! Smartview does not see TV

    Samsung UN55J6300, Comcast Internet, Dish TV w/ Joey for TV programing, Windows 10 Enterprise.w/ WMP. on PC. PC & TV both connected to the Internet. Both have latest updates. PC allows full network sharing privileges. Smartview does not find the TV. Would appreciate any assistance. Many...
  2. G

    Solved! Enterprise vs personal URL blocked

    Hello, I have a weird problem at work. I am supposed to use a document online, pdf. It is the SIA registrant list on the official Bahamas government website. The 2018 list is blocked at work, http://www.scb.gov.bs/documents/Firms%20%20as%20at%2030%20September%202018.pdf But the 2017 is...
  3. W

    I need the guest access password for D-Jays enterprise Co-guest wifi can you help me?

    Looking for guest wifi passward
  4. D

    Fake enterprise ?

    Hello I would like to know if this enterprise assurefinances.fr It's not a fake enterprise. Many thanks
  5. M

    How slow is my laptop compared to current laptops?

    Hi, I have an Asus U46SV laptop which I think is about 5 years old now. Specs are as follows: i5-2410m 8 GB RAM Win 10 Enterprise Cucial m500 480gb SSD Geforce 540m The battery has passed is prime. Even if I don't open for a few months, it drains. The PC has been upgraded from 7 to 10...
  6. kanishmarsh

    How do I hack "Folder Lock 5.2.8" ?

    How do I hack "Folder Lock 5.2.8" without knowing Master Password or any of passwords ? I tried to use few tricks on the internet..but I faild.. I use Windows 10 Enterprise
  7. T

    ssd with data moving to like PC

    I have an SSD on an enterprise imaged PC with data on but want to move to another PC without loosing data. How to do this? Let me be clear. Laptop with smaller SSD with enterprise image (encrypted) Post encryption a secondary larger SSD added to PC as a data dump. Have taken data dump drive...
  8. T

    How to remove Hapara Highlights Extension on a school Chromebook.

    A new extension was installed on my school chromebook, and it's called Hapara Highlights. It's an extension that let's teachers watch what is going on, and I don't know how to remove it, and can't remove it. It says "Installed by enterprise policy." I tried ending the process with the task...
  9. H

    OK to change install directory for academic copy of office enterprise 2007?

    I have a 9 year old HP Pav dv9500t notebook with 4 Gb RAM originally running Vista but now running a clean install of Win 7 Pro 64-bit. The directory suggested by the office 2007 install program is C:\IUWareOnline\Office Enterprise Edition 2007. I normally like to install all programs in the...
  10. D

    install Bit Locker on Windows 10

    how do I install Bit Locker on basic Windows 10 without Enterprise, etc.
  11. OnionKing

    Antivirus Debate: Symantec vs. Avast

    In order to get the W10 Anniversary Update, i will have to remove my now outdated version of Symantec Endpoint Protection. My question is this: Should i hold off the update for a few months in order to get a new copy, or should i just uninstall and use Avast? What are the detection rates, and...
  12. S

    cCleaner free Space Wipe problem

    im on win 7 64 sp1 enterprise .. i used cCleaner's wipe free space feature and the 50 Gigabytes of the system partition is gone and cant get it back .. i tried to move some files their size were around 35 gigabyte so i should see that there is 35gb freed but there was only 20 gigabytes . this...
  13. P

    Best freeware and easiest to use cloning for Windows 10 Pro or enterprise

    What is the best and easiest to use clone program for windows 10 pro version or enterprise? I use trueimage but also looking for an alternative to the paid ones. One that I can put on a USB like True Image and start from there to restore my HD if needed.Thanks
  14. D

    Need help Choosing a Laptop

    Hi people, my current laptop Lenovo G580 is getting to an age where I need to replace it. It's making hell a lot of noise, and the cpu is on high temperature, around 60 + on idle which is not good. It also start to get slow when I use it for work. I would prefer to prolong using it and not need...
  15. M

    Upgrade or buy new?

    Hi I have the following laptop: -Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz -2 GB RAM -Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7600), 32-bit Video Card Intel(R) HD Graphics Manufacturer Intel Chipset Intel(R) HD Graphics Dedicated Memory 64 MB Total Memory 761.3 MB If I...
  16. D

    microsoft office 2007 enterprise corrupted

    All of my office programs have difficulty running and I would like to repair or reinstall them. I cannot find the disk but I do have the key. Can I download from somewhere and use my key?
  17. M

    Microsoft office help

    Hey guys so i was installing Windows Office 7 Enterprise and my PC shut down, now when i try to reinstall or configure it it fails in installing. Can you guys please help me?
  18. M

    Looking to buy a new Gaming Laptop

    So I am looking to buy a new Gaming laptop for school. I am going for Animation and technology, and my current laptop does not have the power to keep up with the modeling programs, etc. The requirements are as follows: Must be Windows 8 64-bit Enterprise or Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise...
  19. N

    I need drivers for toshiba Satellite L675-10V

    Please help with drivers, i reinstalled Windows- Enterprise edition - 64bit version, but can not find drivers, everything that I tried doesn't work
  20. R

    No sound in HP laptop running on Win 7

    HP dm4 1063 cl running on windows 7 Enterprise. Suddenly the speakers stopped working.. Updated BIOS and also downloaded the latest audio drivers from HP. But still no sound from speakers. Can you please help. Have chked the playback tab and everything. But still nothing is working. Its working...
  21. S

    How do I uninstall a Chrome extension labeled "installed by enterprise policy"?

    I recently tried to stream a football game and foolishly installed the streaming program that it made me install to watch it. After cleaning off most of the malware that came with it I'm still left with an extension that I can't seem to uninstall. The extension is called "live player 3.2" and it...
  22. A

    Cannot Install Office 2007 on XP

    Hi all, I am in deep trouble and I badly need your help. I have just formatted my PC and installed Windows XP SP3. After this, I tried installing Office Enterprise 2007, but windows is generating an error each time. Initially I thought that there was something wrong with my installation CD. I...
  23. M

    How to restore microsoft office enterprise 2007 deleted from 2007 MacBook Pro

    Microsoft office enterprise was deleted from my Macbook Pro by "mistake" and the time machine cant pull back far enough to retrieve it. How do I reinstall/retrieve this software without the disk.
  24. V

    Difficulty with SQL Server 2008

    Not sure if this is the right forum but I am running out of ideas. I am trying to install SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. I get this error. I am taking a class and I need SQL Server 2008 installed for it. I am running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. C Drive is a SSD drive and D is my HDD. I have...
  25. JMcEntegart

    RIM Denies Reports that It's Leaving Consumer Market

    Research In Motion insists that plans to focus on the enterprise market do not mean the demise of its consumer efforts. RIM Denies Reports that It's Leaving Consumer Market : Read more
  26. danawesome89

    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i VS MSE?

    I can get access to a perpetual license of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise ver. 8.7i for free through the University that I attend. I have never heard good things about McAfee, but I don't want to pay for antivirus. Basically, this "paid" McAfee could be free for me through my university, but is...
  27. Kallapiran

    Antivirus sugession for Corprate office

    Hello Folks, I want to know what would be the best antivirus for enterprise. I heared about Sumantec protection suite enterprised edition, Also i heared about Mcafee Total protection. I am bit confused now. I want to know which one is best. Or if there any other Antivirus application please let...
  28. K

    Not be able to send email

    I try to install send email program that develop using VB.net, it blocked by McAfee Enterprise Edition, it can get thru in PC install with McAfee Home Edition, why?
  29. G

    DIY Pneumatic Star Trek Door

    Wearing your Spock costume won't feel so silly when your house feels like the bridge of the Enterprise. DIY Pneumatic Star Trek Door : Read more
  30. Tlechem

    Transferinf Office Enterprise 2007

    I built a computer for my mom. Her old commuter had Microsoft office enterprise 2007 that she got from my dads work. She has to have all the programs from that for her job. How do I move office enterprise 2007 from her old computer to the new one using the same product key. Thanks Thomas
  31. G

    Hands On: Top 10 Products At CTIA

    At the CTIA Enterprise and Applications show in San Francisco this week, we saw more than just phones. Here are mobile products worthy of your attention. Hands On: Top 10 Products At CTIA : Read more
  32. G

    Active sync an sd card to a pc

    active sync an sd card to a pc vice versa help please its an ipaq enterprise thanks nick
  33. exfileme

    Enterprise Apps for Apple's iPad On the Way

    It looks like tech pros are picking up on the iPad as a use in the enterprise space. Enterprise Apps for Apple's iPad On the Way : Read more
  34. exfileme

    Starship Enterprise Built at One-Billionth Scale

    So what's the size of Captain Picard and his crew? Starship Enterprise Built at One-Billionth Scale : Read more
  35. C

    Microsoft Enterprise 2007 will not install on Windows 7 computer

    I am running a Windows 7 upgrade on my computer. I had Vista, then the 7 beta, and now I have 7. I ran Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 on both Vista and the beta. However now when I try to install, I get an error message right after selecting the download location and information. I have tried...
  36. 10hellfire01

    Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Installation Issue

    I just got Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise. Unfortunately, whenever I try to install it with my product key on my computer, it gives me an invalid key message. I tried it also with my brother's newly purchased which has no Microsoft Office software. I continue to get the same message with his...
  37. exfileme

    Second Life ''Enterprise'' Now Testing at IBM, Navy

    Linden Labs announced an Enterprise, "behind-the-firewall" version of Second Life. Second Life ''Enterprise'' Now Testing at IBM, Navy : Read more
  38. P

    MSDN Subscriptions Enterprise?

    Hello there. I have a boxed software kit marked MSDN Subscriptions Enterprise. We were cleaning out old office buildings and this was being thrown out along with other software. I was wondering what this is really for? Its sealed up and a tag on the top reads... MSDN ENT 7.0 WIN32 ENGLISH...
  39. G

    Companies Group Together To Push Macs To Enterprises

    Chicago (IL) - Mac's growing market share apparently is causing IT professionals pause to reconsider Macs as a business tool, helped by the so-called enterprise consumerization trend. Companies Group Together To Push Macs To Enterprises : Read more
  40. G

    Dell To Push Its Entry-Level Notebooks In Low-Cost PC Market

    Dell will let the entry-level segment of its consumer-based Inspiron and enterprise-based Vostro notebooks tackle the low-cost PC market, according to Stephen Felice, president of Dell's operations in Asia Pacific and Japan. Dell To Push Its Entry-Level Notebooks In Low-Cost PC Market : Read more
  41. velocci

    installing visual studio .net 2003 on D: drive

    hi there, i need to install visual studio .net 2003 enterprise on the D: drive. when i'm installing it, it wants to put it on the C: drive and doesn't let me change the path. anyone know why that would be?
  42. T

    Deep Freeze Enterprise

    This question is basically going to those that have worked with this program before. My questions are is what the minimum and maximum bandwidth Deep Freeze Enterpise would take up when running on a large network covering over an entire county would take up (somewhere around 100 different...
  43. G

    Grrr, Missed Last Two Episodes of "ST Enterprise"

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) Well I had my 5040 all set to record the last two episodes of "Star Trek Enterprise," but when I went to watch 'em, all had recorded was 1 minute of "blue screen - no signal" for each show. For some reason, channel 8 in Lansing...
  44. G

    Two hours of Star Trek: DTiVo knows about it, SA TiVo does..

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) Here it is, at 2am on Friday, and www.zap2it.com still does not have the correct schedule for 9pm tonight. Two consecutive episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise are being shown at 8pm and 9pm on Friday the 13th...
  45. J


    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Did Enterprise move? I just watched a new episode while staying at a hotel but my VCR recorded nothing on Thursday.
  46. J


    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I take it there was no Enterprise feed yesterday?
  47. G

    BES Errors with CDO Calendaring

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?) Getting numerous errors in Blackberry Enterprise Servers Event Log coming from 2 users who use the BB 7750 series. MAPIMailbox::ProcessResponseFromPager - SetCDOMeeting (0x8000ffff) failed. MAPIMailbox::ProcessResponseFromPager -...
  48. G

    REQ: Enterprise season premire

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) Aired week of Oct 10th? 5040 00004-54832-36606 Linus Thanks (not being carried locally this year) :(
  49. J

    Did someone say Enterprise is moving to Fridays?

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Seems like a bad idea to me since SG-1 and Atlantis are aired on Fridays.
  50. M

    REQ: Enterprise 5/26 "Zero Hour"

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) Power was out due to storms and I missed the recording :( 00055-09166-63589 ReplayTV 4160 Thanks, Mudtoe