How slow is my laptop compared to current laptops?


May 30, 2004

I have an Asus U46SV laptop which I think is about 5 years old now. Specs are as follows:
Win 10 Enterprise
Cucial m500 480gb SSD
Geforce 540m

The battery has passed is prime. Even if I don't open for a few months, it drains. The PC has been upgraded from 7 to 10. However, when I visit some websites (example steam), the pc fan spins loud and even when the forum page is loading, it is slow. I think the laptop specs are decent for what it is. I have reformatted it to windows 10 recently since I thought it was slow. There are no additional software slowing it down. Since I cannot game new titles and it is quite slow on it, this is my backup work computer which I open about once a month. However, how to tell how slow is my laptop?


Putting 10 on a 5 year old system is s step I would have recommended against. Updating an OS on same hardware is technically a "downgrade" as it can only be expected to run slower. . Win 95 was 40% slower than its predecessor and since then, Win ME and Vista were the only times this could be justified


That should be a pretty QUICK computer for basic browsing. you have a good CPU and an SSD.

So I'm not sure why it would feel slow. My dad has a laptop with lesser specs and it's pretty snappy for bootup and web-browsing.

*Frankly, the ONLY thing I can think of is that the FAN or other part of the cooling is malfunctioning, or another SETTING is causing the CPU to throttle a lot.

Run TASK MANAGER (right-click Start)-> Performance-> CPU (look at the "SPEED" value)

When you are on a website how fast is the CPU running at when using:
a) Wall power, and
b) battery only

(POWER OPTIONS has settings on how much to throttle the CPU on battery)

Your CPU should be roughly 2.5GHz under load. (2.3GHz base, 2.9GHz max Turbo), but if its throttling due to overheating (hence high fan noise?) it may be dropping well under 2GHz which would explain the slow performance.

Right-click the CPU graph (if only one shown) and change to show ALL graphs. I just want to confirm there are FOUR since it's a dual-core, hyperthreaded CPU (so FOUR threads).



I've upgraded MANY older computers..

My dad's 8-year-old laptop has a lesser CPU and only 2GB of system memory. I got a $40 upgrade to W8 where it ran much better then upgraded to W10 where it runs as good or better than W8.

W95 shouldn't even be mentioned since it's not comparable to modern OS's at all.

He's got a modern CPU, plenty of system memory, and a dGPU that has W10 video drivers. He probably had Windows 7 (possibly W8) and frankly W10 is better than both in practically every way. That includes memory management, SSD support, Security and more.

There ARE exceptions but not in his case. In fact, he's got HIGHER SPECS than many W10 laptops that are brand-new.


I have Win 10 running on a much older Toshiba laptop. 2009 era Celeron 2.2GHz, 2GB RA. It is 'slow'. But it was slow with the original Win 7.
Win 10 is no worse, and possibly a teeny bit better than it was originally.


May 30, 2004
I have run novabench and got a score of 684. Is this considered high or low? The windows upgrades were free when Microsoft gave free win 10 upgrades. Not sure if the cpu is throttling, but where the exhaust air comes out is quite warm. You could use it for a portable hand heater. I don't think there is throttling, but there is aggressive heat management by the laptop. I could not upgrade the laptop higher as I have maxed all upgrades. Only changing the ssd, but that is minor solution to current problem


Generally speaking, the i5-2410m would be less powerful than the i3-7100u. Additionally, if programs make use of newer instruction sets that do not exist in the i5-2410m, then the i3-7100u can potentially have much higher performance than the i5-2410m.

When is the last time the laptop was disassembled to have the dust cleaned out of the fan(s) and heat sink fins? When was the last time the thermal paste was replaced on the CPU? If none of these things have been done for a couple of years or more, they are most likely the cause of the laptop running so hot (and possibly causing throttling of the CPU).
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