Just installed, used, then removed 5 antivirus programs. How to free extra 3GB leftover disk space?


Jun 9, 2017
I installed, used, then removed Spybot 2.4, AVG anti-virus free, ad-aware 12 free edition, malwarebytes, and avast free.

Ran the deepest scans of all the programs, nothing wrong was found so uninstalled all of them. However before the installation of any of them I had 680 GB free disk space. Now I have 677 GB free disk space after uninstalling all of them.

Where's the 3 GB located at that I'm missing? I've ran Windows disk cleanup and ccleaner and nothing helped. Tried Revo Uninstaller and that turned up nothing either. Also tried Geek uninstaller aka UninstallTool and that didn't help at all either. Also ran Windirstat and it found some extra files but nothing I could or would want to delete that I'm aware of.

Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks. I know 3GB seems petty but I don't want any left over stuff that I don't know about remaining on my computer.
Have you tried going into the Temp directory and made sure nothing is in there? Often, even when you clean up, there is something or another left there.

Also, anything you have installed will leave residual items on the device. There could be folders for any of those programs left.