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    How to Choose the Right MacBook for Your Usage

    There is no shortage of MacBook options on the market. The shapes may be similar, but the storage sizes are not. The screen dimensions differ from model to model, along with battery life. In addition, different processors with varying clock speeds run the system, and there are extras such as...
  2. L

    Solved! Windows 10 Update needs disk space - previous updates filled disk with trash and it's now stuck

    What the title says on the tin. I keep getting constant alerts of Windows Update not being able to download updates because of lack of disk space - however, I have NOTHING else I can delete. Disk is filled to the brim with Update trash and it keeps trying to download more updates. It's stuck on...
  3. M

    Forgot password, no disk space to reset

    Forgot windows password,not enough space to reset to factory settings. Help
  4. G

    Login failed for user 'sa'

    I'm in the process of converting an old sql server at work. We need to keep the data for 7+ years by law. I'm doing this by using vmware esxi and it worked perfectly other than for the limited disk space ( ~36GBs of space left). The problem however is we found out we can't access the databases...
  5. A

    Need more disk space

    How can i fix my hard drive to get more space it is a HP Stream Notebook PC 11 that has little disk space and i have no idea how to add more.
  6. C

    How do I get more disk space

    I downloaded a casino game an try to play it an every time I open it, it says no more space, free up disk space an restart
  7. D

    HELP! I need more disk space in brand new laptop.

    Hi folks, I hope someone can help. I bought a Asus Vivobook 402wa and on first windows update it was low on disk space..what a joke! My question is, can I simply gain more space by inserting a ssd into the spare slot, and rebooting? Or do I have to clone the emmc 32gb flashdrive with a new...
  8. L

    Not enough disk space to update.

    I have a Toshiba LX0W-C32 tablet that only has a 32gb SSD. I can't update to the latest Win 10 1709 because there is less than 8gb available. I have used Disk Cleanup and deleted everything I can think of and still can't free up enough space. My Windows folder is showing 26.4 gb of files...
  9. T

    How do I get back to having more free disk space?

    How do I get back to having more free disk space? I have a 32 GB HD but it has only 3 GB of space left. After Win 10 updates
  10. H

    Can I play Sims 3 AND Sims 4 on one laptop?

    So I am a HUGE sims fan. I LOVE the Sims 3, and play it way more than Sims 4. However, with the new Cats and Dogs expansion coming to Sims 4, I would like to be able to reinstall Sims 4 and play it, but still be able to just play Sims 3 whenever I want. My laptop runs Sims 3 at the moment with...
  11. M

    Laptop completely lagging

    Audio pops and crackles, everything is slow, cursor movement is choppy and disk usage is always around 90%, even with no applications running. I've tried disabling services in command prompt and still nothing has changed. I suspect it may be a hardware issue as at one point the fan sounded like...
  12. T

    Just installed, used, then removed 5 antivirus programs. How to free extra 3GB leftover disk space?

    I installed, used, then removed Spybot 2.4, AVG anti-virus free, ad-aware 12 free edition, malwarebytes, and avast free. Ran the deepest scans of all the programs, nothing wrong was found so uninstalled all of them. However before the installation of any of them I had 680 GB free disk space...
  13. B

    Low Disk Space Windows 7

    Constant warnbings that my Drive D is nearly out of Memory. Unfortunately, i'ts partitioned, I cannot get into it Issue: 1. annoying 2. the only solution Windows presents is to empty trash can-it's always empty 3. I used to be able to eliminate older backups but now it won't allow it- I have an...
  14. T

    Low Disk space Malfunction?

    i have a HP 15-RO30WM LAPTOP WINDOWS 8.1 64 bit it says i have low memory. but this laptop is basically brand new. i have barely anything on the computer. only 11 programs. i have ran a disk cleanup and it was barely anything to get rid of. im not sure why its saying its low. the ODD part is...
  15. E

    How to free up disk space??

    I have a brand new Lenovo IdeaPad 110s. It has 32GB of storage. I followed the set up screen instructions and then checked for updates. It gets 95% through the updates then says there isn't enough disk space. I haven't loaded anything onto this laptop. No photos, no videos, no music, nothing, it...
  16. H

    Help! My computer is freezing in safemode

    I have a vaio laptop model svf15nb1gl running windows 8.1. I've only had it for about 2 years. I was experiencing 100% disk space problems and I followed instructions on other threads on this site (turned off windows search, ITS, adjusted the virtual memory, etc.) these things would help...
  17. K

    sharing disk space

    can i cascade the free disk space of two laptops and represent it as the available disk space of one of the laptops? if so how?
  18. B

    recover deleted outlook express emails

    During an automatic "To Free Up Disk Space, Outlook Express Can Compact Messages," on my XP, SP3 computer, 2 years of emails vanished (current = 9/15, most recent email = 1/13). No invisible "bak files" to restore from, and, no files are in my trash can. Is there a "file recovery software"...
  19. TheJJBman11

    avast! Using 100% Disk Space!

    Hey! Since upgrading to Windows 10, amongst a plethora for other issues and bugs, I have found that avast! is using 100% of my disk space. I was always under the assumption that avast! was a lightweight program; however, apparently not: http://imgur.com/tusKx6K Thank you all for reading :)
  20. vn_mnm

    Please help converting unallocated disk space into Recovery Partition

    Hi everyone, Yesterday, I tried to be a lab rat and bit the M$FT deal to upgrade my Dell XPS 13 2015 from Windows 8.1 Home to Windows 10 Home. I would say I was extremely disappointed. But more problematic was, as I tried to factory reset it to Windows 8.1 using Dell's factory image, when the...
  21. S

    C-disk full after uninstalling BitDefender

    Hi! Okay, so; quick pre-story: - decide to do some PC maintenance - free up 20 GB of space - uninstalled Avast! since it constantly removed my CS:GO exe-file and rendered me unable to play the game - check the internet for new antivirus, decide to try out BitDefender - I install it - it's all...
  22. S

    Samsung 840Pro in ASUS N53

    I need more disk space (largely for gaming) but I know essentially nothing about computer upgrading and tech stuff. Can I replace my ASUS N53 laptop's internal hard drive with a Samsung 840Pro? Alternatively, what would be a good external hard drive that can connect with USB 3.0? (Price is a...
  23. C

    Laptop for University. ($400 budget.)

    I have been trying to acquire a laptop for my classes, which are approaching soon. I don't really know too much about laptop platforms, honestly. I'd like a run down of some of the basic knowledge and buying tips for laptops. (Are there brands to watch out for, or avoid?) So! My primary...
  24. G

    Getting rid of "invisible" fraps files that take up disk space

    Before fraps, I had 150.8 GB of free space. Ever since I had fraps, whenever I delete the videos (plus empying out the recycling bin) and defragment my hard drive, I end up with 1-2 GB less space than when I had fraps but did not use it yet (and each day, when I record and delete the files and...
  25. J

    Rendering twice with the same codec

    As an example lets say i take a bunch of 30 second clips and render them to save disk space. After i have enough of these i would compile them into one video and render them with the same process. Would this cause any loss of quality using the exact same rendering process as i did when i...
  26. J

    Solved! Freeing up disk space

    Help, I can't free enough disk space to defrag my Inspiron 910 notebook. How?
  27. Marcus Yam

    Google Runs Out of Disk Space; Spams G+ Users

    You'd think they'd have a few more arrays in that box. Google Runs Out of Disk Space; Spams G+ Users : Read more
  28. P

    Solved! Upgrading HardDisk on Thinkpad T61

    My Thinkpad T61 originally comes with a 120G Hitachi HDD. Left with only 5G for free disk space, I'd like to upgrade the internal HDD to a bigger capacity. 1. What off the shelf internal HDD can I buy to replace the old one ? Any particular brand ? 2. Are there any special setting on the HDD ...
  29. H

    Where did all the disk space go?

    Hi all, I own a 5 year old Dell Inspiron 510m. Not the greatest machine around but it fills its purpose. The machine runs XP SP2 and has a 60GB HDD. I have 29GB of data. The recovery partition of the HDD is some 9GB and presumably Windows and components consume the same amount of disk space. I...