Lower fps after gpu oc revert on laptop


Feb 14, 2017
Laptop specs
Amd A10 5750m
Radeon HD 8650g
8gb 1600mghz ram
1tb hard drive
Around 5k rpm internal fan
3200rpm external fan

This is very long and detailed explanation of my problem, I put as much info as I possibly can so someone can help me solve this issue since I have no clue what's causing it, alot of the stuff (bench marks) were done while I was writing this so it may sound odd or not well structured.

So ik the obvious.... Don't oc laptop GPUs ik

But I still did it
It was not a oermentant over clock (used amd overdrive/ MSI after burner), it was only for this session (turning off laptop removed the overclock completly restoring systems original clock)

I'm not even sure the over clock worked entirely since I haven't seen fps increase really. But it showed a higher clock.

The speed of the igpu is 720mghz,
I was running for a very long time at 800mghz (maybe like half a year) just fine with no problems, I did not touch the voltage, it was controlled by the computer it self. Now I deside to bump my clock speed to 900mghz which seems stupid since it's a igpu with 768mb of ram that it takes from the ram stick.

Now I'm not sure if MSI after burner runs in the background without starting it or not but when I had it running it sometimes bumped the GPU clock to 1040mghz and laptop did not seem to mind it as it was not doing anything that might show some kind of damage being done, I played fallout 4 for around maybe 2 hours with those settings, hovering around 30 fps on a shitty resolution (very low custom 16by9 aspect ration resolution) and it seemed fine where the cpu/GPU temperature was not going over 70°c (I have external fan to help cool it down which reduces the hear by around 5-8 degrees so 70 is as low as I got.

Now ik 70°c sounds high AF but it's both GPU and CPU working at the same chip so it produces more hear I guess, and the thermal margin of the cpu hits 0 at around 65°c so it was -6°c thermal margin which is not too bad i think.

So from these 2 hours of gameplay I dident experience any sighns that my cpu/GPU is being killed and everything ran just fine as it would without the over clock.

(Not sure if this is important but I'm a trying to give as much info as possible) Afterve also installed a few Splashtop software since I was just messing around as tablet to be my second monitor, (closed and disabled their prosseses later on)

Put the laptop to sleep mode

Next day
My windows menu (when you press the windows key that menu) had it's icons flicker so I just did the normal think and restart the computer which fixed it

Reapplied the 900mghz overclock as yesterday and launched fallout 4,

I was interested to see my frame rate in the game so I had MSI after burner running with the overlay of fps and the GPU temperature and when I loaded in the save file I was inside the building and everything was fine, (40 fps) but when I went outside looking forward my fps was odd, it would be normal but looking left or right will cause a drop in fps, same as moving. But standing still and not moving mouse would jump to 25 fps which was somewhat lower than my avarage before.

I quit and restarted laptop,
Second boot of fallout 4
Went into the game and now I can't even look straight the fps is from 0-5.....

Odd I close it and restart my computer again but this time I let the sit for a bit untill the boot completly finishes and the disk usage drops from Windows programs.

Same result in fallout 4

I launch GTA 5 to see if its the game or the hardware

(At this point the GPU is running at 800mghz)
(Loading times were exactly the same as before for both games)

GTX 5 also had a heavy frame drop, not as bad as fallout but noticible lower fps and constant stuttering

(Game used to run solid 30+ fps 800x600 medium and some high settings)

Standing still I feel the lag somewhat but driving is where it gets bad, driving at the start just lower fps, going fast and the textures begin to appear low resolution and lag is more intense, teleporting around the map (trainer) concluded that texters were very slow loading, (usually when I tp somewhere in the map it renders the scene pretty quickly and if it doesn't I just click esc and it instantly renders when I click back in) this time it froze, did not render at all for a few seconds I clicked esc and menu took longer than usual to load but when I click backed into the game it still had the low res textures and was lagging.

Closed the game

This is really odd and anoying,

Restarted and waited a bit again, launched fallout 4

Getting really stupid results, interiors run good and I can argue they run better but sttuter more, the wasteland runs horribly.. looking in one direction and moving the mouse around withing a small space (not turning just moving the aim a bit) it performs normally, Moving to the sides drops frames.

I did update drivers after this and even the and catalyst software along with AMD's bloatware (rapt, gaming evolved thing) but that did nothing ,

I did not update windows between the 2 days,
Only software installed was the Splashtop streamer trash (deleting it now

Windows it self does not seem to be slown down, I could say the start menu is slower than normal, but that always manages to be slow through out my time with windows 10

But using the explorer/ controlling panel and things still works just as well as it used to web browsing still works normal,

Began a bench mark from MSI combustor... Yesterday when I was messing with the over clock on the exact same segment I got 10-11 fps

This time (without overclock) 800mghz I got about the same result but the score was like 60 points lower which is not large, (yesterday score was 10 fps and around 650 points) (ok it's low ik but is ur avarage laptop not a gaming machine)

This time the score was 10 fps with 606 points, but it stuttered often skipping a frame (not sure if it was stuttering because it just looked like to was skipping drama constantly (ever 1-3 seconds)

Ran the second bench mark segment I ran yesterday as well as today,

Exactly the same result but more stuttering/ frame skipping

Don't know if this is hardware of software fault,

I did ran memcheck and that showed no issues which means the ram is fine

I did open the computer to see the ram maybe dust or something but nothing unusual (can't access the cpu without removing a billion screws of different kinds and taking my chances lifting the entire back)

Looked for capasitors in the case but did not see any so idk the state of them.

No other issues besides insanely odd gaming performance.

Cpu has its own protection where if it gets too hot it drops the frequency untill it can be within safe temperature

(When doing light activities/ gaming the cpu stays around 3.2 - 3.5ghz)
When playing heavy AAA games it usually goes down to 2.4ghz without external fan, and 2.8ghz with external fan.

Not sure what is causing the problem exactly

Cpu never usually at 100% games like fallout 4 and GTA never use or have used use more than 60% cpu

GPU is 100% in pretty much all games always unless it's a low demanding game. (Accept GTA 4 where it weirdly only usess like 30-60% while giving me shit frame rate but that's normal)

Disk usage is retarded as always... 100% for no reason then calms down and sometimes just goes back to 100% but calms down shortly

Ram has never been seen at 100% (not even 90)
Usually around 83 is the max it goes and that's with either a million tabs open on chrome as well as programs or running games like fallout 4

This is extremely detailed ik but I tried to give as much information as I possibly can to improve my chances of someone helping me solve it.

Testing more games that I don't have to update (don't feel like updating them)

Postal 2 - ran exactly the same as before
Outlast - exactly the same as before
Csgo - better than before?!?!? Ran exactly same as before usually but I and an issue where playing with bots would give me low fps for no reason (25 fps with bots) (60 fps online) (now it ran 40-50fps with bots) (60 fps online) so idk if that's windows updates or this thing
Minecraft - cpu intensive game, ran terribly (20-35 fps) usually (60-80 fps)

Starting to think this is related to cpu rather than GPU, but idk for sure since cpu never uses its 100% but GPU does, honestly this is the worst case since I left bough an egpu that's is on its way here along with a GTX 960 only to find out my cpu went to shit....
(Ok I should build a desktop but I'm 16 and broke AF, (GTX 960 and egpu along with a monitor were gifts from my parents on my birthday.....)

Idk is there any way to check the health of cpu?

Infact idk if it all was even caused by the over clock or just some retarded prosseses windows randomly started

Why do some games run better now than before... damn -_- confusing

I'll try to download a game without steam and test it..... Idk if it's steam causing trash

Noticed that steam liked to use 50mb/s of disk for some reason, which would cause slowdown with steam


Feb 14, 2017
So I managed to fix it....

*Splashtop xwired display client*
Was causing this to happen.....

Honestly idk what it was running besides it self but it really killed performance in games.

After in installing I ran fallout 4 just incase, and bam the fps was back to normal.

I think it may have interfered with my display driver as uninstalling it restarted the graphics display several times (the 1 second black out screen that happens when u installing a driver or editing clock speeds)

Fallout 4 went back to my 30 fps constant
Minecraft went back to 75 fps
Gta 5 went back to 31 fps with proper fast texture loading.

Weird how this one program destroyed my gaming experience for the day..


Feb 14, 2017

downloaded my self, i was messing around using my tablet as a second monitor for fun