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  1. L

    Don't have SD card available but want to know other options on increasing internal storage

    I don't have access to a SD card but want other options for increasing internal storage on my Alcatel pop star device
  2. E

    How do i turn my Alcatel phone off safe mode

    How do I turn my Android smartphone off safe mode
  3. M

    how do I use my ALCATEL one touch mobile phone after completion of contract , the phone is not working .

    I had my ALCATEL one touch mobile on contract in Spain , I have returned to the UK and the contract was completed in Spain , How can I continue to use the mobile in the UK.The mobile is not working and I have lost all my contacts. Has anyone any suggestions on what I should do .The mobile is in...
  4. A

    repetitive txt coming in on my alcatel pop d1phone

    have an ongoing problem with 1 text from 1 person every time I turn my phone on, has been doing this since 26th dec. provider couldn't see anything at their end, sim was put into another ph but txt didn't come through on that ph, only on my ph. technician tried a couple of things but it still...
  5. PhilipMichaels

    All Alcatel Phones Will Have Full-View Displays in 2018

    Alcatel says all the phones across its midtier and budget lineups will feature full-view screens with 18:9 aspect ratios, matching a feature found in higher-end flagships. All Alcatel Phones Will Have Full-View Displays in 2018 : Read more
  6. G

    Got same problem with alcatel tablet pixi 3 10 inch...cannot move anything to sd card!!!!!

    Got problem with sd card in alcatel pixi 3 10 inch...cannot put anything on new sd card....even helpline alcatel doesnt help me in anyway....strange... Removed
  7. K

    Format an SD card

    Correct way to format an SD card Please. I have a TMobile "Alcatel" Revvl 5049w 7.0
  8. L

    Alcatel one touch pop c2 sim lock

    Hi dear Experts! My Alcatel one touch pop c2 is sim locked on Orange, Ivory Coast. I've been trying to unlock it but, no way! I couldn't! Please, I need your help! Below are the device details: <<Personal information removed by moderator.>> Thanks in advance!
  9. E

    How to unlock metro pcs alcatel fierce 4 to att

    Have a metro pcs alcatel fierce cellphone but have my cellphone service through at&t
  10. K

    Cannot root alcatel 4047G (U5 3G)

    Hello, I have a Alcatel One Touch 4047G and when I start the process of "root" in kingroot or another application always throws a failed error or just a black screen appears and does not continue, try it without pc, with pc and with recovery in .zip files and always aborts the root processes ...
  11. 2

    How do i upgrade my alcatel one touch 9007t from android 5.1.1 to at least android 6.0.0 without having a cellular provider

    I have an Alcatel One touch pixi 9007t that is running 5.1.1 and has no cellular service so i only use it on WiFi. Is there any way to update the os or am i sol?
  12. S

    how to charge my alcatel if the light is blinking

    I have an Alcatel and at first, it charged but now my phone died and I tried to charge it but instead of the light being steady and not flashing, it started flashing. it has been doing that for a few days and I don't know what to do. Someone, please help.
  13. A

    i bought a alcatel 9003x phone only 8gb.i have a external card 16gb inside .But i dont knw to to transfer photo and movie to m

    Bought a Alcatel phone model 9003X 8gb memory .But have a 16gb external inside ,but how to transfer photo n movie to it pls help ....
  14. S

    Why will it not let me save anything to my SD card on my Alcatel one touch?

    When I'm trying to save things to SD card it won't show up with a option for some reason. When I go on apps there is no option to move things to SD card ?? Do I need to do something?
  15. R

    SD card won't allow storage

    Alcatel phone won't let me move anything to sd card. Card is new and shows almost 16 GB of empty storage space.
  16. S

    How do I set main download location on SD card on the Alcatel one touch

    I'm trying to download games to the SD card because I have more space on the SD card, I have set the default setting to SD card but it still keeps saying I need space
  17. K

    Where is my sim card located on my a564c

    Sim card location on a564c alcatel
  18. H

    alcatel one touch tablet won't read sd card

    alcatel one touch tablet won't read sd card and doesn't open apps moved on it
  19. R

    Transferring appsfrom internal memory to SD card

    I have an Alcatel fiece4 and I would like to be able to transfer my apps onto the SD card without having to basically format a blank one that would only be able to be used by this phone
  20. F

    recover deleted text message from alcatel A564C one touch

    How do I recover deleted text message thread from Alcatel A564C one touch android
  21. M

    My wifi shows I'm connected,but my Alcatel onetouch says authentication failed

    My phone connects to a wifi hotspot but authentication failed sign still pops up on screen
  22. K

    Solved! My alcatel phone wont comunicate with google servera

    I turn on phone I press English it serves for Wi-Fi. It scans Wi-Fi then says software update the says checking connection then says google server is not communicating with phone. What is the problem Thanks
  23. D

    track mobile phone by serial number

    Alcatel u5 serial number 354492080794358 can you help please would really like to get it back it has alot of information on it
  24. M

    Alcatel pop 5 unable to send stuff to sd card.

    G'day all. I have an alcatel pop 5 with a 16gb sd card and cannot transfer anything to it. I have read some suggestions that I should go to the card in settings use the three dot menu which I have done. However, my options are: Rename, Eject, or Format as portable. Should I try ejecting the card...
  25. A

    lost external storage function alcatel pixi 4 7"

    My phone (alcatel pixi 4) suddenly did not read my sd card. i turned it on and off a couple off times and it still doesnt work. i refused to believe that my sd card had a problem. and i was messing around with the phone and saw this button that says "forget this storage" and accidentally tapped...
  26. B

    Android wont pass optimizing apps

    My alcatel one touch feirce xl turns on but stays on tbe optimizing apps how cxn i fix this issue
  27. P

    problems with my alcatel fierce 4

    alcatel fierce 4 non removable battery, it wont turn on and when charging it the light blinks and no charge
  28. W

    Help retrieve deleted text messages

    How do I retrieve deleted text messages on my Alcatel phone
  29. E

    Alcatel one touch pop c9

    OK .. My problem here is that .. My phone internal storage say that there is no space ..and this message appeaer (low on space ) .. and I swear that all my apps,photos,and my downloads are on my memory card.. Please solve that inaccurate information!
  30. G

    Alcatel A30 Plus Review: A Blah Budget Phone

    Available for less than $100 if you buy it as an Amazon Prime Exclusive, Alcatel's A30 Plus gets the job done, but its camera, battery and design underwhelm. Alcatel A30 Plus Review: A Blah Budget Phone : Read more
  31. D

    Where can I buy a SIM card for my Alcatel Tablet pop7

    I need a SIM card for my pop7 Alcatel Tablet.
  32. P

    How do I I get deleted messages and call logs from my flip phone

    Need to retrieve my text and call logs that were deleted on my alcatel metro phone
  33. M

    How to root alcatel 6.0

    Does anyone know of a toolbox for rooting an alcatel 6.0?
  34. T

    Move music from internal storage to sd card

    I'm not so youthful anymore Surviving in Hillcrest? I hear skaters from Hillcrest saying there's no spots there anymore. How would you deal with that? There are numerous spots, simply take time to look. They're continuously around here so new spots keep appearing. Your last Real ad was you...
  35. S

    Alcatel at&t I reset the dang thing before adding my gmail account now I do tv has be a clue as to the previous account so I'm

    I'm screwed and can not find the gmail account associated with this at&t cell I'm sick of getting had led four the simplest of things my GOD please if anyone can help please do so asap
  36. R

    Hi! My Alcatel Pixi 4 cannot send messages, keyboard does not come up at all. I removed sim, checked wi-fi, all ok, I can rec

    HI! My Alcatel Pixi 4, not old, cannot send or receive messages, the keyboard does not come up all of a sudden. I opened phone, put chip back in, Wi-fi working, can receive and make calls. Just cannot type, can't send any messages on What's App, nor Gmail, Yahoo etc. NO keyboard!? Can anybody...
  37. G

    Alcatel A2. Xl. Make sd card default storage

    How do I make my 32gb sd card my default storage. I can find very little for this phone anywhere.
  38. S

    alcatel one touch fierce 4 sd card

    internal storage will not allow apps? older model works fine .
  39. rutherfordsc

    Alcatel Idol 5S Review: A Stunner with One Spoiler

    The Alcatel's Idol 5S style, bright display and sweet sound bring it so close to being a great value, but weak battery life holds it back. Alcatel Idol 5S Review: A Stunner with One Spoiler : Read more
  40. I

    How can i unlock my smartphone

    I purchased a smartphone at auction, but it was blocked. How can I unblock it? Cricket Alcatel Idol 4 Unlock IMEI: 014658000376565 Model: Alcatel Idol 4 6055U Email: [don't post your email address on the forum]
  41. T

    Sd card for A573VC

    Trying to free up internal storage space on Alcatel A573VC. Wondering what sd cards might be compatible.
  42. S

    Nothing on my phone but no space!!

    I got the Alcatel pop4 2 Years ago and upgraded to a 16mb card shortly after. I got some games on the phone and deleted them to get more, but eventually I lost space and had to delete all of my games to take pictures. Now I have absolutely no gaes and I just deleted most of my pictures and I...
  43. C

    i need help please alcatel onetouch

    my alcatel onetouch wont power on. when i plug the charger in only thing happens is the light flashes white
  44. L

    Solved! Alcatel pixi 4 sd card problem

    Alcatel pixi 4 sd card problem. My sd card is set as default memory and is working fine when plugged into my laptop but when the phone locks the sd card is ejected and I have to take it out and re insert it for it to work is there a setting I can change to stop this
  45. J

    How to i use a new unactivated phone bought from straight talk with another carrier

    I bought a new phone from straight talk just for hte phone off their wevsite and now i cant use it. they haven't activated it although i bought it outright and now i'm being told i can't turn the phone to an active status with ANYONE. I have a sim pin but that's grayed out. What the heck...
  46. C

    Missing microSD card slot on this phone?

    Hi. I have a Alcatel Onetouch Pixi Unite. I cannot find the microSD card slot on this phone. I've seen no diagrams or videos of the inside of this phone to indicate a microSD card slot, eventhough it's specs indicate that it is "expandable". Any feedback, would be appreicated, and thanks in advance.
  47. S

    Internal memory remount

    I have an Alcatel one touch pop 7 and have accidentally unmounted the internal memory card any ideas as to remounting it.
  48. J

    how do i get my text messages and other info off my android alcatel one touch when my screen is broken and i cant see anything

    how do i get my text messages along with other info off my android alcatel one touch when my screen is broke and i cant see anything on my phone
  49. J

    Alcatel one touch 4079D

    When I boot up my phone I get a warning "Battery temperature low - unplug your charger" even when my charger is not connected. If I don't dismiss this rapidly the phone shuts down. It can take several dozen attempts to restart it over an hour or so. The Alcatel support site is about as much use...
  50. A

    Help with my phone

    A couple of days ago i bought a kingston SD card 8G for my alcatel onetouch because the storage was full so i move the important things to my SD card but for some reason my whatsapp dont want to move so what should i do
  51. H

    wont come off start up screen

    my alcatel android phone wont come off the start up screen did a master deleted and now it want do anything but stay on the start up screen
  52. S

    How to add words on the Alcatel One Touch 20.45?

    Hi, just bought this phone, Quick Start guide is way too quick! How can I add words to the predictive texting dictionary?
  53. R

    Alcatel One Touch Pixi cell phone needs more memory

    Tell me the whole procedure to add a 32GB storage SD card to my cell phone.
  54. A

    Alcatel one touch pop4.

    I have an Alcatel pop4 phone and want to turn off the 'one touch' system. Can this be done?
  55. F

    Phone won't ring

    I had my phone on the charger and i didn't hear it ring i have a Alcatel one touch android phone can this issue be solved?
  56. C

    I don't how to get more storage on Alcatel one touch. I don't have a SD card

    How do I get more storage on Alcatel one touch I don't have a SD card
  57. S

    Solved! How to reboot Alcatel Dawnn

    Went in and set SD card as default. Need to know how to reboot. As phone is not working right
  58. A

    What's my phone number to an Alcatel one touch

    Can't find my phone number and don't know it to a Alcatel one touch