Question How to upgrade sd card that is formatted as Internal Storage?

Aug 21, 2023
I have a Motorola Moto G Pure running Android 12. It has a 16MB SD card installed that I formatted as Internal Storage. The 16GB card is near full. How can I upgrade the SD card to a larger memory SD card without loosing any data stored on the old card? Please note this would be a transfer of data from an Internal Storage SD card to a larger SD card that I also want to use as Internal Storage. The new card is not yet formatted. Please help me with step by step instructions. I have been searching for help with this for months and have not yet found any instructions online to do this. Is it safe to turn off the phone and remove the old card, then insert the new card, turn the phone on, and format the new as Internal Storage. Then connect an OTG USB C SD card reader to the phone's USB C port, insert the old SD Card into the reader, and use the file manager to copy all files to the newly formatted larger card?
backup important files to cloud or an USB pendrive

the apps you installed on the smaller card wont work and you will have to install these again on the new card

also you could backup your phone completely with an app to an external device or cloud and get it back with the new card installed afterwards