Windows install on laptop after HD replacement


Aug 2, 2015
Laptop info, ASUS ROG GL552VW. Windows 10, i7 7600HQ, 16 RAM, GTX 960, 1 TB HD. It has a DVD ROM.

I think I fried my HD after a hard restart by clicking on the power button for 60 seconds. The laptop is not responsive any more. So my question is how to install windows 10 once the only HD has been removed and a new one put in place.
I chatted with Microsoft support and they directed me to this website. The agent also told me that the windows key code is embedded on the motherboard. So as long as that is not changed, I don’t need to buy new windows software.

- So can any please direct me to an appropriate YouTube video or give me some instructions on how to install the OS once a new SSD or HD have been put in place?

- I would also appreciate it if you could tell me how to know which HD or SSD are compatible with my laptop. I will be buying it online.


Thanks in advance


Oct 9, 2006
First of all, pressing the power button for more than 5 seconds should have only shut down the laptop and not damaged anything.

You might try to reset all by disconnecting the battery and wall power.

Your laptop specs show both m.2 and 2.5" sata capabilities.

If you do not have a ssd, this would be a good time to install a ssd like the Samsung 860 m.2 evo. 240gb or larger
The 2.5" version should cost the same.
You download windows 10 from MS and put it on a usb stick.
Boot from that stick and install windows onto your boot drive(disconnect the HDD or any other drive during the install)
The tricky part is to locate and have available drivers for your particular laptop.


Aug 2, 2015
Thank you for your reply.
Was the link I provided earlier the correct website to download windows 10 OS? Is it an ISO file?
Can I just go an download it on an 8 GB USB stick? Will Microsoft charger me anything?
I will not be able to do it on the laptop with a damaged hard drive. I will use a different computer.
As for the drivers, I will just go to the ASUS website and download them one by one. Can this be done on the laptop with a new storage device and fresh windows install? Or do I have to download the files on a different computer and install them via USB onto the laptop with the new storage device?
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