Feb 23, 2013
Free 2TB USB Flash Drive as Reward for Anyone that Solves the Issue of Failure/Dirty Drive.
I am good at searching out fixes and using them. This, I believe, in spite of some (years) old posted issues and a few new similar ones - is new. I am certain these drives are 'good'. These are not 'fake' [some, from bad sellers were, and are - these are not those]. An important 'key' here - is these work on latest build of Windows 10!
China has these very cool new 2TB USB Thumb Drives. Time after time, they fail after a single good write on my windows 7 64 Ultimate install. I can write through ONE Windows Session and it works just fine through the session - but after (right protocol) removal - and re-insertion - the drive shows 'dirty'.
I can see the files, sometimes add a folder or file ON to the drive ... but if I try to move one OFF [copy or move] the drive - it fails with that dirty error. Of course, I researched it and tried the fixes - to no avail.
Then I considered that it might work on Windows 10 - and the results seem positive. I have one in windows 10 machine which I structured for daily back up ... and it is live and functioning every start up. Seems fine.
So, windows 10 knows how to use whatever file system is on these things. It is reported as eFat.
Now, on Windows 7 - to explain it clearly, after its reported dirty - it seems I can wipe it, add files to the [now, newly] 'cleaned' reformatted drive ... and it works just fine ... again, through - only one session.
It's maddening. Does windows 10 load different USB Hub Drivers? It has something ... but I need help to understand what the real work around is ... using it for one session is not a good outcome [although better than a fully dead drive]. These are sweet drives! Large enough to back up or images most any PC - at a remarkable price. These are not 'fake' where all of a sudden they read a few gigabytes instead of the proper 2TB [1.9TB writeable]. I am stumped. I'll happily send a new one to anyone that can solve the problem.