How to control embedded sound clips in Wordperfect?


Jul 28, 2014
I'm using Wordperfect x7 and x9 (on different computers).

I have a Wordperfect file that lists a lot of song ideas I've jotted down. I recorded each song idea as a wav file when I saw that you can insert a sound clip into a Wordperfect document in wav format. However, it seems VERY strange to me that when I click on an embedded sound clip, it plays but there are ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROLS. No way to pause, stop, rewind or anything. You are forced to just listen to the whole thing, period. I am frankly shocked that there'd be a way to embed sound files into a wordperfect document, but no way to actually control them when they play.

Now, when you go into the "insert/sound" menus, it brings up a pop up window where you can access the embedded sound clips without clicking on the embedded link in the document, and THIS pop up does have sound controls. But that's it. Nowhere else.

This is so mindboggling stupid to me, that I am inclined to think I'm missing something, that somehow there are controls that are inadvertently hidden due to some setting I have that I don't know about. However, when I Google online or use Wordperfect for help on sound clips, I can find zero discussion about the sound controls. (though some of the discussion seems to imply that there ARE sound controls that pop up when you play a clip).

I have the same problem opening this file in WP x7 and x9.

If, in fact, this is really the case, there the only way to actually have sound controls when you play an embedded sound-clip is to use the menus to navigate to insert/sound/... and play the clip from there (which defeats the whole point of embedding the clips -- the convenience factor), then I guess I'm wondering if there is a way to program a macro or something in Wordperfect to add controls for the sound clips. I have never programmed a macro, so I am very noobish as far as how, what, where, etc, for that.

Any advice?

I'm afraid you're using wrong tool for your project. To start - Wordperfect is good word processor, period. It is no multi-media creation tool. On top of that - you've probably noticed that your file with embedded .WAVs has became quite heavy.

For example - Microsoft' PowerPoint has what you want. CHeck with similar WordPerfect tool, id might have similar capabilities.
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