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  1. K

    Solved! How to control embedded sound clips in Wordperfect?

    I'm using Wordperfect x7 and x9 (on different computers). I have a Wordperfect file that lists a lot of song ideas I've jotted down. I recorded each song idea as a wav file when I saw that you can insert a sound clip into a Wordperfect document in wav format. However, it seems VERY strange to...
  2. M

    How to get the more button on "notes"

    Aim is to scan a document from my canon mg3600 printer and access the document on my iPad
  3. R

    How to Type Smileys and Other Characters on the MacBook Pro

    Smileys are a part of any form of text messages, even formal ones. But otherwise if you are messaging your loved ones, it is quite obvious to use smileys. There was a time when a smiley meant a ‘: )’ or a ‘: (’, but technological advancements have taken us to the point where we can add over...
  4. A

    How to send Fax from Computer at free of cost.

    Hi Today, I m going to show you exact process how to send a fax from a computer at free of cost. Commercial Spam removed by Moderator.
  5. G

    Solved! Enterprise vs personal URL blocked

    Hello, I have a weird problem at work. I am supposed to use a document online, pdf. It is the SIA registrant list on the official Bahamas government website. The 2018 list is blocked at work, But the 2017 is...
  6. K

    Please help me from my Android smartphone lenovo vibe short deleted my photo video document i want to back into my phone g

    Please help me i was deleted my photo video document from my Android smartphone lenovo vibe short mobile,i want to back my all document photo video into my phone gallery that i was deleted
  7. M

    How to remove coloured ink on a name

    Its a wirriten document but has information hidden with some colouring ink
  8. viveknayyar007

    How to Enable Trackpad Feature On iPhone Keyboard

    While typing some long text in your iPhone, if you want to change any part of your document, generally it’s challenging to place the cursor exactly at the point of error. However, with the help of trackpad feature, this navigation becomes easy. Here’s how: ■Bring up the virtual keyboard Open...
  9. S

    Solved! Problem with cut and paste in Word 2010

    I cut and pasted a paragraph from one location in a document to another location in the same document. A solid line clear across the page and about a 20 point space appeared between the original text and the pasted text. How do I eliminate the line and extra space?
  10. D

    Surface pro usb mouse and keyboard issues. Both show cursor moving but I can't click on anything.

    I have a surface pro and I have a usb mouse and the keyboard that clicks on. All of a sudden the mouse and keyboard won't work. I can move the cursor with both but neither will let me click on anything, even to save my document. I have tried control, alt, delete and it bring up the menu...
  11. G

    Same problem with the previous,but in my case I left my laptop for a while with an open document and it is still running but w

    Same problem with the previous,but in my case I left my laptop for a while with an open document and still running,but when I came back the screen is all black so I thought its the auto sleep so I didn't bother but when I tried to open it it won't....I need a help...
  12. S

    Solved! hello does any inkjet printer have tracking device for tracking documents?

    Any inkjet printer have tracking device for tracking documents to find where and when that document printed?
  13. S

    Lost 6 months of work in a word document

    Help please, something crashed and it restoret to this thing , anyone will be able to fix that please? I uploaded it here <REDACTED by Moderator>
  14. A

    iPad-Pages-lost my text

    Why did my iPad suddenly lose alot of the text I typed? I was working on a document in Pages for iPad and flipping back and forth between apps. One time when I flipped back to Pages, it had suddenly lost a lot of the text I typed. Is there any way I can restore this text? Does anyone know why...
  15. R

    Forgot password in Excel 2013

    Hi guys, i forgot my password in an excel 2013 document, and I cannot find a way to open it. Do you have any steps on how can I use my file again?
  16. S

    The Find Command on an IPad Pro.

    I have a math textbook that I have downloaded into Notes on my iPad Pro. I would like to use the find command to go to a specific page but I am unable to figure how to do it. Any ideas?
  17. L

    Need to Recover Document

    I'm in a situation where I need to recover an older version of a current document I've been working on. I've gone to the version history, but the version I need is from approximately 11:00 pm on February 19th, and the only two available are from 1:00 am the next morning and 2:00 pm the day...
  18. M

    .RAR is stuck as Microsoft Word!

    Whenever I download a .RAR file, it always downloads as a word document. This started when I (accidentally) selected the "use word as default app" whenever a .RAR file is open. But, now I can't get it back to normal, please help.
  19. Z

    Large Doc Software

    Hi Smart Tech Peole, I am looking for software that can handle a 400 plus page document with a lot of photos inserted into it. We used Word for such a document before, but it was extremely slow on more than a few computers that we tried. Does such a program exist?
  20. N

    Just want save my pictures and videos on my phone and not delete any of them or have to put them on a disk?

    I am 63 yrs.old and trying to put my pictures and videos on a file or in a document that I can look at them anytime I want or show them anytime I would like. I do not want them put on a disk, so if someone would help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. K

    how to transfer word document to any folder

    I tried dragging, control c and x and v nothing happens except for when I use control x the document disappears then nothing Windows 10 and Microsoft office 2010
  22. J

    Images Print Larger Than In Document

    Hi, I've been having this issue for the last few months. When I put images into a document (in either MS Word or Publisher) and print them they print larger than they are in the preview. I've found a workaround, I can open the image in MS Paint and go into the menu like I'm going to resize it...
  23. T

    I have a dell latitude locked up on a word document

    Help. I'm in the middle of a document I don't want to lose
  24. V

    my all document

    Plz my all document file delete how to recovery
  25. S

    Deleting files from internal memory without deleting from sdcard

    I have several thousand pdf files that are in both the pdf folder and the document folder. If I delete a pdf from one, it is also deleted from the other for some reason. I created a pdf folder called Ebooks on my sdcard. If I put my pdf files in that folder, then erase them from the other two...
  26. D

    How to unlock a encrypted .docx document file?

    An old document file is needed important for my school projects but I have forgot it's password. Is there any way to crack it? It's important, that's why. I know it is a combination of alphabets and numbers... But can't remember it. Please help.
  27. S

    how to view MS Word edit history?

    So I recently came across this article: According to this article, not only does Microsoft Word give the option of tracking who made what changes to a document and when ... but it actually does...
  28. L

    Security when sending email attachments from my library

    Hi, I have a question about security. I am emailing an attachment which is a Word document from my library. When this person opens the attachment, will they be able to click "file," and then click "open," and view my entire library of Word documents? Thanks!
  29. C

    how to repair a damaged pdf file

    Hello, a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded a PDF file from my tablet, and began to read,( I found it very interesting) but suddenly some days ago I tried to open it, and poped up a window with the following: "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be...
  30. E

    access my document invaid directory

    I have just purchased OffIice 365 using it on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. After typing a document I cannot access it. It say directory invalid. Go to settings
  31. viveknayyar007

    How to Scan Documents with the Notes App in iOS 11

    In addition to helping you take notes of important things, the Notes app in your iDevice also allows you to scan the documents. Once a document is scanned, you can share it with your friends or create a PDF and save it for future use. Merely a few taps on your iPhone or iPad are needed to scan...
  32. T

    document managment workflow software

    I am looking for software for my small business. I have a main office with a sever running SBS 2011 standard. The server hosts our exchange, our contract/client management and field deployed service software (Hindsite) and our shared files. I have satellite offices and am using laptops as...
  33. O

    How Can I work on one Word document by 3 different users ?!

    Hi , I'm med student and I want to make an efficient note taking method which requires me and another 2 friends to edit at same time on one word document . I have tried word online and google doc online but both ended up with distorting my original word document any one please have good way to...
  34. A

    Solved! Associating an email address in order to send a document

    Hi...I'm not the most Technically minded.....I'm trying to send a document to my e-mail address. However, I am not able to because '' there is no e-mail address associated ''.....I'm directed to go to my DEFAULT PROGRAM at my control panel and make that association..... I have a Toshiba...
  35. D

    Just can't convert a Word document into PDF

    Just can't convert a Word document into PDF using MS Office's 2007 version feature to save file as pdf. I know its not the file's fault or windows fault because i maintain them at the best. Can someone please tell me if somebody faced this issue and if so, how did you fix it?
  36. J

    Malware. Save document?

    Malware on Samsung R540. Important document is there but I cannot open it ?How can I save this document?
  37. C

    Document on flashdrive somehow renamed itself to "&" - can't open document - can't find on computer

    I have a document on flashdrive that suddenly changed to working marvelously to not opening at all. Somehow the file name changed to "&". when I open the file I get this: " & refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be saved to a harddrive on this computer or network." I have...
  38. L

    Solved! I want to stop defaulting to a specific app when opening a file

    If I select a document from My Files (Samsung Tab S TM 800 v6.0.1) I want to choose the app to use instead of the default app opening it but I can't see where to clear the default setting for this in the application settings
  39. C

    How to search an exact phrase in Word 2013?

    Hello, Is there any way to search in Word 2013 for an exact phrase? If I have a document containing "Room 100, Room 101 and Room 10", how do I search for "Room 10" so my result would be ONLY "Room 10", without the other words containing it (Room 100, 101) Thank you in advance, Cristina
  40. K

    Copy Paste problem in Windows 7. Weird!

    I am unable to copy and paste a document or sentence from MS Word or any document application. Wen I try to copy a sentence or word, the screen shot is pasted instead of the word/sentence.Using shortcuts also same problem Windows 7 32 bit Hasee HEC41 Laptop
  41. J

    Is my Thinkpad T410 dead? HDD?

    Three days ago I was writing a LaTeX document in Windows 8 and the screen of my Thinkpad T410 turned off for a few milisecond and then turned on again, and it did that like ten times in one hour. Then, all the screen looked awful (like bigger letters and things like that) so I turned it off...
  42. D

    Best Document Scanning / Management Software for Home Use?

    I'm in search of the best home use document / record scanning software / management package. What I hope to find, with input from the community here, is a software package similar to NEAT (OCR) but without the proprietary restrictions on the saved image/copy. I was leaning towards getting a...
  43. G

    File specs print ahead of document

    when printing from MS Word, the specs for the file are printed ahead of the document. How can I turn this off?
  44. N

    how to copy malayalam document from excell document to notpad

    while copying documents (malayalam font) from excell work sheet to another notpad it shows like A-Pv-ao-dn-se kpÂ-¯m³ How can i solve it? Thanks in Advance
  45. M

    Microsoft Office Problem - "There was a problem while sending the command to the program"

    Hey there everyone, I recently purchased Microsoft Office, but i'm actually having issues with it and i can't figure out the problem. Basically whenever I open up a document, I get the following message "There was a problem while sending the command to the program". I've done some research, and...
  46. V

    Header and the paragraphs grouped together in MS Word 2007

    I want a formatting such that it kind of like groups the header with the paragraphs together. Thanks~
  47. F

    Managed file transfer solution - REQUEST

    Good day, I work for a shipping company as an IT guy and I'm looking for a solution. We have about 30 vessels that have a unstable / sometimes expensive data connection. The vessels have safety documents on board, which change often. When a document is changed, we at the office have to...
  48. S

    HTML Editing another HTML

    I want to make a html document that when runned (or button clicked) sets off something to edit another html document. The point is I want to use a modified school program to change everyone else's program to make it look better, without requiring other stuff. I want to be able to add code from...
  49. D

    clipboard does not copy office document

    When I try to copy a MS office file, I receive message "Item not collected; format not support by Office Clipboard. Would like to fix this.
  50. tarmiricmi

    Word 2003 automatic page numbering

    Hello, is it somehow possible to set automatic page numbering in Word 2003, so that every document that is created is page-marked? I suspect something has to be changed in template but don't know exactly how. Thanks.
  51. D

    nothing will open because of word

    I use word document all the time and it asks me to log on every single time i use it however if i get my password wrong it will show a small pop up that does not let me exit word what i usually do is open task manager but now task manager wont open either.. nothing will open only microsoft...
  52. T

    continuous wavy red line in word 2013

    hello... lately, while i am busy writing a document, entire paragraphs or even pages get covered with a continuous wavy red line, like the one for spelling mistakes, but continuous, even under empty spaces ....nothing seems to work either than rebooting.... i only have check spelling and...
  53. S

    Need some assistance with choosing a laptop.

    Hello, I need a laptop for quick document keeping / writing and the occasional video / researching. No gaming or anything, found this laptop at my local bestbuy and wanted to make sure it would fit the bill. This laptop is replacing a very old mac, so it will be a worlds difference either way...
  54. HudsonGTV

    Can a Microsoft Word Document File Run Macro Viruses on iOS 9.3.5?

    Is it possible for a Word document to install viruses on a non-jail broken iPhone and have full access to all files (without those pop-ups asking for permission to photos, etc of course)? Just wondering in case I open a word document from an email.
  55. T

    Edge missing from document when i print or copy and paste

    When I print an email like a holiday ticket, the edge is missing and I can't see it. I have tried to copy and paste to Word but the same happens. It only happens with emails. Help
  56. V

    "Browsers" Text Document in my "C:\ProgramData" folder has all my saved passwords.

    So i was going though all my folders today to clean up my hard drive, and when i went into "C:\ProgramData" there was a text document called "Browsers" and it has all the passwords, user names, and a "Password Strength". It's pretty much just a list of all the passwords i've saved with any...
  57. 1

    Reduce full screen mode for Word

    MS window documents have gone to "full screen". If I click on the reduce screen symbol in the upper right the document reduces down to a single bar. I cannot reduce the page by going to the side. top, corner or the bottom. I want to work on 2 or 3 documents at once by reducing to the sizes I...
  58. L

    Unable to download swf file/document

    Hello I can not download to my computer and print this file Suspicious link removed by Moderator. using Chrome. Please help
  59. S

    Word document locked ( MS 2013)

    I accidentally pressed my laptop's touch pad for quite long and later pressed escape key for quite long and got my document locked, I am not able to edit or save it now. I have a dell laptop which has a lock feature on escape key. I don't know how to unlock it now.Can anyone help.
  60. B

    Laptop - downloading files

    Hi, I very recently bought at HP Stream laptop but whilst trying to download a word document file it freezes and doesn't download. It just constantly says 'starting'. I don't think it's the Internet connection as I'm able to download it on other devices. Is there something wrong with the laptop...