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Oct 7, 2017
I am looking for software for my small business. I have a main office with a sever running SBS 2011 standard. The server hosts our exchange, our contract/client management and field deployed service software (Hindsite) and our shared files.
I have satellite offices and am using laptops as remote desktops for my offsite managers and sales staff. I want a local install vs, cloud based solution. SAAS is not out of the picture but prefer a perpetual license.
I need a solution for document management and disposal that will standardize file names, control storage and user access and schedule destruction per current best practices. I also need task/workflow system. I need it to be event and date triggered and a method of tracking all the things that keep us running. I want it to be form driven in that if the task initiator does not have everything they need to submit they can save and return to it when they have all of the information. Event based tasks/workflows that come to mind are: requests for supplies/purchase orders, requests to new hire orientation, requests for bid proposals, tasking to complete a document or project. Date based tasks would be equipment maintenance (with a checklist of items to complete), seasonal equipment exchanges, equipment inventories, annual subcontractor searches, choosing insurances on time for open enrollment, rolling out open enrollment, etc. any advise would be amazing!


I googled "document management software" and multiple websites were provided.

Limited the search to one year.

Found the following links (there are many others):,2817,2490969,00.asp

Easy to refine the search criteria as you climb the learning curve.

Itemize/list the requirements provided in your post above in a matrix (similar to the pcmag link) and then all you can do is start checking off the requirements met by each considered software product.

Prioritize the requirements and consider possible trade-offs.

Take advantage of any free trial offerings. Hopefully full featured so you can set up some testing with regards to both end-user needs and administrative support. Look for and consider any manufacturer support and training options as well. Remember to verify hardware requirements as well. Minimal spec's are probably not going to be enough with respect to your described environment.



Dec 7, 2017
You can use for team collaboration and managing documents. It's a free cloud based tool. Fluxes is very simple to use and has excellent features. You can save the documents in their checklist card inside project board which can be shared privately or to everyone in the team. Inside a project board you can add tasks with given deadline and assign it to a team member. I like this tool and recommend it to others.


Dec 7, 2017
I also work in a small business and know what your talking about. What really helped me and my colleagues is a new application called Hop. Its a free business communication platform that works on top of your existing email enhancing what you can do through email. We have separate channels for our distributors, clients, and coworkers and it really helps with organization and improves our workflow... its free so give it a shot
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