Apr 8, 2015
Three days ago I was writing a LaTeX document in Windows 8 and the screen of my Thinkpad T410 turned off for a few milisecond and then turned on again, and it did that like ten times in one hour. Then, all the screen looked awful (like bigger letters and things like that) so I turned it off.

After thirty minutes I turned it on again and it worked fine. But some hours later the same happened. Then, I turned it on again and worked fine for like 8 hours.

The next day, the computer worked well for 4 hours and started doing the same.

The next day, I turned it on, it didn't work for a few minutes (black screen, white dots and blue lines) and then Ubuntu 14.04 started working but firstly it said:
[ 0.814713] ACPI PCC probe failed
[ 0.837643] tpm_tis 00:05: A TPM error (6) occurred attempting to read a pcr value

Here are some pictures (I can't upload them to the thread):




Now, it doesn't turn on. It shows a black screen with some white spots on the left side and some big blue lines that appear from the top for a few minutes and then it gets completely black with some lights trying to come but that can't (I don't know if I can explain that better)

Yesterday I was using it perfectly but it stopped working when I moved it (I didn't move it in a very hard way...)

What can I do?