Question Lenovo Thinkpad T570 problem

Jan 5, 2023

problem with Lenovo ThinkPad T570.

Specs: Intel i7-7600U, 32Gb RAM, 1TB SSD SAMSUNG EVO 980, NVIDIA GTX 970M (turned off to decrease temps, I don't use it)


  • started occuring ~3 months ago
  • occurs every 24-48 hours, sometimes twice per day (maximum)
  • screen does not freeze, but sometimes becomes PINK, sometimes it is just like on the photo (white "lines"), sometimes it happens with buzzing sound (I removed/cleaned RAM installation slots, cleaned RAM "heads", buzzing sound never happened since, but it wasn't a rule that it always happens)
  • To solve the problem I have to long-press POWER button, and restart the computer. It usually power ups right away. Before I cleaned RAM sticks and purchased cooling pad + vacuum cooler, I needed to wait a little to start it up (it was going into boot loop). Needed to wait like 1-10 minutes.
How I tried to solve:

- Recently moved to tropical climate (hot, +30 C), so I noticed with CPUID HWMonitor that CPU gets hot (sometimes 79-81 degrees). I associated that freeze with heat, so I've purchased cooling pad + vacuum cooler + decreased POWER MODE to Balanced (instead of Performance). I get 35-50C degrees CPU temp, for some reason it sometimes jumps to 70 degrees, but I can't identify if when freeze happens it is on the highest temp or not, but I monitor it like every 30-60 minutes, looks fine.. But jumps happen. I don't do any resource intensive work (books, youtube/video, TradingView)

  • Removed/cleaned RAM slots (2 RAM sticks 16 Gb each)
  • Turned off NVIDIA GPU (I suspected it might be the problem, so I shut it down, using integrated INTEL graphics now)
  • CPU thermal paste changed ~5 months ago
What it can be?

For some reason it does not allow me to insert photo, here is a link to ImgBB:
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Jan 5, 2023
CPUID HWMonitor indicates ~78C for CPU in red color. I am not sure if it is software setting or it bases coloring based on the CPU model.

SSD is split to two partitions:

C: (where Windows is installed) - 251 GB free of 349 GB
D: (data) - 97.3 GB free of 603 GB