Mar 2, 2016
A little backstory for this trainwreck. I have a 25Gb ssd on my Lenovo y510p and i wanted to use it as a boot drive. After I did it, suddenly 14Gb left my 1TB Drive and just float there in the partitions. I don't know why and how, and I couldn't extend the drive, but i could extend the SSD, and so I did. Don't ask why. I couldn't find anything better to do.

Please note that when I got the laptop I set a password for the BIOS, and stupidly I forgot it and I don't know how to reset the password. So far so good? So after a few readings, people said that 25Gb is not enough, and also lenovo doesn't support Windows 10 yet, so, since I was gonna do a clean install again, why not put Windows 7? And so i downloaded the iso, burnt it on a usb but the pc wouldn't read it as a bootable option, people had various opinions, but the most common was that i had to change the boot mode from the bios. Well, i can't cause i don't know the password and i can't find a way to reset it.

The last thing I tried was to mess with msconfig then boot options, maybe a miracle will happen and all will run smoothly, but it did not. It got worst. Laptop starts, passes the Lenovo logo and at the login page, i see everything except the tab to write my password and login. Also i get an error, 0xc0000428 about a winload.efi, I've noticed in the msconfig options that i have Windows 10 as the current OS and another Windows 10 as the current OS and default OS, but it has some weird letters, it's not just Windows 10 as the first.

Thank you for reading this far, and sorry for the bad writing, but I am on my phone at the moment.